I Am Not Forgetting My Words Over Houston

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce
Date Given: August 23, 2020

Chuck Pierce – I pray for Houston all week. God said I am not forgetting my words over Houston. I have called you for an advancement. I’ve called you to move forward. I say you’re just beginning. Do not get discouraged. I say it looks big, take it section by section by section until you see breakthrough in the hole. I say this is the beginning of starting to move. I loose it.

Keith Pierce – Let the storm calm with all of it’s might because I ride in on the storm and you will see Me, you will see Me, you will see Me in the cloud, you will see Me in the wind, you will see Me in the eye of the tornado but let the storm calm ’cause I will change the whole city with My storm.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says to both of you, there is help in Beaumont, says the Lord. There is a connection, a divine connection coming out of Beaumont within the next six months to a year. So watch carefully, Beaumont, for the Lord says that is a been a dry place for that area but know this day, there is a divine connection and an altar being built in Beaumont through you, says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Actually this morning I prayed. It comes from Lake Charles to Beaumont and then up through Houston and then shifts toward Waco. I say that control force that has tried to control the move of God is coming off of that region in Jesus’ name.

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