I Have a Ram in the Bush for Hawaii

Voices: Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 10, 2020

  • Keevy Phillips

The Lord is even saying to the state of Hawaii now I have come to make your voice a whole lot louder than it’s been in the past This virus has tried to stop your economy through tourism and through food and the Lord is saying I have a ram in the bush for the state of Hawaii says the Lord. The Lord says, even now, the traditional chiefs in that land begin to rise up and begin to pastor your tribe again says the Lord. Begin to lead them economically again says the Lord The Lord says I do indeed have a remnant in Hawaii with the ram in the bush and the sound of that state is gonna begin to lead the whole entire west coast says the Lord Hawaii your day has come, thriving is on the way, says the Lord

  • Leann Squier

There is a purity, there is a purity and there is a fire that are coexisting together that are so unusual in Hawaii and I just really see that they’re, that is going to be a new model for the west coast is purity and fire. And so, Lord, we just, just raise your hands right now, let’s just bless Hawaii.

  • Keith Pierce

And Leann, before you do, the Lord so spoke to me the same thing that the purification of the kidney had tried to be captured and clogged in Hawaii and the Lord said the curse against the kidney in Hawaii, I am breaking this very moment because it is an inheritance of that land to bring forth the purification for nations upon nations upon nations to see that truly what has attached itself to the kidney in that land I am removing with the whirlwind of my finger right now.

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