I Will Surprise Sacramento

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: August 20, 2023

Keith Pierce – The Lord spoke to me very, very clearly. He said, “I’m bringing one from California that will understand the weather patterns of my name.” He said, “I have changed the course of time in California and I’m starting from the south and going to the north.” And he said, “I am restructuring and refreshing and renewing what has been lost in yesterday to bring forth the future of tommorrow.” The Lord said, “Don’t fear the rains, don’t fear the floods, and don’t fear the storms because when it’s over you will see a rainbow that California has longed to have.”

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, “I am going to surprise Sacramento. I am going to move in a way that will surprise them. I will come through a back door. I’ll open a new door, and I say what runs out the back door will be replaced by that which comes in my way,” said the Lord.

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