I’m Breaking the Curse Set Against the Breath and Releasing New Movement

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: September 6, 2020

– Keith Pierce

I was sitting down there and the Lord was not having me move. Everybody else was moving. And I said, “Lord, why am I not moving?” And he said, “I want to look and let you see something.” And I saw very, very clearly your esophagus and your bronchial tubes. And they were very defined. And in the definition of them, there was a curse that was set against them. And in that curse, every time you get ready to bring forth a new movement, they arise to assault you. And I saw an assault come on you yesterday. And he said, “Get Christine, “and I need Celestine as well on each side of you.” And when Justin and them begin to sing this again, the Lord said, “There is a new movement that is fixing to hit your health.” It’s going to start at the top of your head and it’s going to go through your nasal passages and it’s going to pass through your throat. And it’s going to come down and where acid wants to rise up, this is the time that acid and acidity cannot rise up against you, but also where the curse of youth has come against your breath. Today is a day I am breaking that curse off of you. That not only will you breathe and breathe clearly, but your breath will be used to release a movement across the nation. I’m breaking the curse before the head of the year starts because many have wanted to shut you up, many have wanted to stop the movement that I have impregnated you with. Start playing it, Justin. Many, but today is the day I am releasing the sound of the islands over you. I’m releasing it, I’m releasing it, I’m releasing it. You will go down one way, but will you get up a different way. I want y’all to begin to dance, begin to dance around him. Lift up and shout! Lift up a warrior’s roar! Lift up a yell of pride. A distinction that says “No more! “I will not be captured, but I will move “and I will move with the freedom of holy spirit.”

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