I’m Renewing the Soil of My Church to Bring Forth a New Harvest

Voices: Keith Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: July 14, 2019

Shatece Mcleod – Speaking in the Spirit

Keith Pierce – The Lord will say to you, I have come to awaken the fallow ground inside of you as well as on this earth. The parchedness and the dryness and the familiarity that is called a cracking. I will pour out my oil in a new way in you and around you, to heal what has been broken and cracked. I will release the Balm of Gilead through you in a way that you have never experienced before. Not only will it bring healing to you, it will bring healing to the ones that are around you. Get ready to receive the fullness of what I am pouring out because I will use you as a vessel not only to change you but to change others that my image and my name may be magnified and brought forth as a noonday. You will see things wither and you will see things bloom. Do not be shocked that when the blooming occurs, it is not the way you’ve seen it in the past because today is a day I am renewing the soil of my church and everything the feet of my church touches to bring forth a new harvest in days ahead. Give the Lord a praise.

Michelle Hadley – Also, in that tongue, when the tongue went forth, I heard the Lord say, You’re gonna have, you’re gonna begin to have a physical manifestation of oil coming out of your hands and out of other parts of your body. You’re gonna have a physical manifestation of the oil coming out of your hands and when you touch people they will be instantly healed.

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