I’m Unwrapping You Into Your Future

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: March 28, 2021

Chuck Pierce – I want to prophesy over you for all of us and all of you on the web. It’s been about seven years ago you came, how long, how many years ago?

Isaac Pierce – Oh, it’s been almost 10.

Chuck Pierce – Almost 10. You had to come into the Lord to have life. And what you did was you wrapped yourself so tightly in Him because you knew your boundaries had to be really narrow if you were gonna make it into your future. So what I see the Lord’s done in you the last couple of weeks, He’s unwrapped you. And He’s saying, “I can trust you. I can trust you. And I have so many riches for you. You have been faithful these 10 years.” I remember Nigel saying, 2011, “You’ve been faithful the last 10 years.” And he’s saying, “Now I’m unwrapping you ’cause I can trust you to be everything I’ve asked you to be.”

Keith Pierce – The Lord spoke to me a verse and said, “I am persuaded that what I’ve submitted to you you’re perfectly capable of keeping until the day of your return.” And then about a few weeks ago the Lord spoke to me and showed me this picture of Isaac and I didn’t share it with anybody. And the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’ve taken the last 10 years to fatten him up on My word and My spirit and My song. Now, in order for that to be produced, he’s gonna have to go through the narrow place like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and you can’t touch it.”

He said, “Can you truly let go of him again that he can come through the narrow place and be everything that I’ve called him to be?” And I said, “Yes, I can.” And for the last two to three weeks, the enemy bombarded me with old fears, old shortcomings, old failures about Isaac. And this is what the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “If you can’t trust in the One who died on the cross for you, how can you ask him to trust in the One who died on the cross for you?” This will be a season at Passover that you will see many come out of the cocoon of yesterday where I fattened them and they will press in and press through so that every ounce of My word, My promises and My song will go into the tip of their wings, that they will fly and soar to a new height that will change a people, change a nation, change a heart and be a salvation to many.

Chuck Pierce – I’m telling you right now, hold that gift up. God says today, “I’m unwrapping you at this Passover. I’ve got things for you to accomplish. I am not concerned about all you have done in the past. I’m concerned about what you’re about to do in the future. And now I am setting you free to go forth and prosper.”

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