It’s Time To Run With the Horses

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 22, 2023

Keith Pierce – I really just can’t express enough how excited it is to see people from different states come into the baptismal waters, ’cause it’s like Kentucky. Honey, it has come time. Ooh, Jesus, Jesus. It’s come time for the bourbon to flow and the horses to run afresh and anew. The bourbon and the horses have run for man. He said, “Now watch me redeem that whiskey “and watch me redeem the races of yesterday “and break forth of familiarity out men “and change the course of the race to heaven,” in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – Now Keith, keep Hadassah there for a moment. You know, this is a sign for us, because one of the first messages I gave early on this year was if you can’t run with the men, you’ll never be able to run with the horses and you’ll never be able to face off the lions at Jordan. And the Lord said, “Get ready this week.” We’re going to have to go up a notch so that we run with the horses and we go forth and we say, “We’ll just grab one, we’ll catch it, “we’ll ride on into that next level.”

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