Keep Moving for You Are Almost There

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: September 12, 2021

Amber Pierce – I had a dream, um when I first married Daniel that I don’t know if I’ve ever shared, but I felt like I was supposed to share it now. In the dream, all of Daniel’s siblings and Chuck and Pam, Keith, Penny were in the dream. And we were digging. We were digging a giant hole in the ground. I don’t know if it was for oil or for water or what it was for. And we were workin’ really hard. We all had a shovel and everyone was diggin’ and throwin’ the dirt. And we were trying to get deeper and deeper and deeper. And we got down to a certain level and I just yelled at everybody and said, we are 50% there. We’re halfway there. We just have to go a little bit more and we’re going to hit what it is that we’re trying to hit. I know Keith has something

Keith Pierce – You know, even as Amber was saying that, I really saw something.

Chuck Pierce – That’s a word from God.

Keith Pierce – Yeah, here’s the deal. I had a dream and in this dream and this is so funny because I’ve never told anybody about it And in this dream, Chuck and I and Pam and all the kids and the grandkids had on those miners hat with the lights on it, and we were digging and we were digging deeper and deeper and deeper into a mine. And all of a sudden, we come up to this wall of rock and it was like, we’re tired, we’re weary, we’re worn out, And we had nothing to blast through the rock. And the Lord spoke to me very clearly. He said, “don’t look at it head on, but look at it from the side.” And I saw it from the side and what seemed to be massive was only a millimeter left thick.

Chuck Pierce – Now hear what these dreams are saying let me do this. Hear what these dreams are saying to you. You’re almost there. Say it out loud, we’re almost there. We’re almost there. What looks insurmountable? What looks too deep to break through? What looks too thick to go through. The Lord says, ” Look at it the way I’m seeing it. You are almost there.”

Keith Pierce – Lift up and shout!

Chuck Pierce – Keep! Keep on swimming. Keep on digging.

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