Lost Seeds Will Flower and Bear Fruit

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Mark Waldrep
Date Given: July 16, 2023

– Keith Pierce – The Lord would say to you, “The wind of the Lord is changing what was desolate as the wind blows over it will spring forth a new day. The seed that was sowed yesterday that you thought was lost will begin to spring up for you by the end of the eve. The Lord said, watch and see my changing wind because just like Holy Spirit comes as the wind I am releasing the wind to come not only from the west and the south, but I’m releasing it from the north and the east. Wind is designed to bring one thing but the other thing will be brought by wind that you least expect because the day of restoration has come over you.” In Jesus name.

– Mark Waldrep – I heard the Lord say that, “I’ve placed you in the archway. You’ve prayed for this. You’ve longed for the transformation. And now I’m extending my hand for you to walk into the place that previously you did not want to go. And by my spirit, I’m gonna give you the enablement to do that and to put on the clothes that you did not previously want to wear. My clothing, my clothing is all that you need.”

– Chuck Pierce – There was one sentence in that tongue that we need to grab. It said, “I sacked up your lost seeds. And I have kept them in a box of remembrance. I say, now I am shaking the box of your lost seed. And when I blow my wind and cast those seeds into the wind they will come back in a new way with many flowers and much fruits said the Lord.

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