New War Garments Are Popping Forth

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: August 6, 2023

Keith Pierce – I grew up in East Texas. I know what cotton fields look like and sound like, but here’s the thing that people miss. When cotton gets ready to be pulled, it pops. It makes this sound. And if you’ve ever been in those fields, there is a sound. I hear the sound of cotton popping, and the sound of cotton popping is releasing hope, it’s releasing faith, it’s releasing love, but it’s causing the master’s hand to restore, rebuild, and renew. And what was lost will be found. What took its stand against Holy Spirit will be broken. The bronze gates are opening because the cotton’s popping today in Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says that sound, when it pops, is creating a popping war garment for the future. I am beginning to cause you to wear your garment from the past into the future, and you will begin to demonstrate triumph.

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