Old Seeds Are Producing New Fruit

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Janice Swinney, Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce
Date Given: March 3, 2024

Keevy Phillips – The Lord is going to remember each and every person who has a heart to give, no matter how much it is, no matter if you don’t have a dollar or anything, the Lord is going to remember you. He is going to remember every seed, every dollar you gave to the homeless man down the street, the Lord remembers. Every single act of kindness, the Lord remembers. And the Lord is saying today, I have seeds that you have sown, that have been brought up before me this hour, and I’m getting ready to pay in full those seeds that you have sown many years ago. And the Lord says, the seeds have come up before me, and the Father is feeling generous over my people, says the Lord. The Lord says, as you are giving, remember that those seeds you have sown in the past are not forgotten. I say it is harvest time for my people. You shall be the lender and not the borrower. You are the head and not the tail. You are above and not beneath. I say this offering that we are giving today will bless you. It will remember you. And the Lord says I will remember my people this week on my behalf, for my namesake, says the Spirit of the Lord.

Keith Pierce – Chuck has always represented the tribe of the line of Judah. He’s always represented that prophetic roar. He’s always represented that apostolic establishment. But above those he’s always represented giving. And we’ve gotten to this place because of cheerful giving.

– [Congregant] Amen.

Keith Pierce – But we ain’t going to get to the next one without cheerful, sacrificial giving. You gotta give above and beyond to see this next breakthrough.

– [Congregant] Come on.

Keith Pierce – You gotta pour out and pour out again and wonder where it’s going to happen. Today is the day Jesus has come to break the curse of giving, to remove a false assignment, to release a new grain. If you believe that, I want you to lift up a hallelujah.

– [Congregation] Hallelujah.

Brian Kooiman- The other day I was listening to a BBC report and it was talking about seeds and they’re talking about the seed banks they have up in Iceland or whatever it was, and how they study the seeds and they have hundreds of seeds. And the seeds, some of them can be stored for hundreds of years and still be viable. And it was, it wasn’t a debate, but they were talking about, are seeds alive? Are they not alive? Do they need an environment to be alive? But the thing I wanted to add is seed is supernatural. What you have sowed today is supernatural. What you have sowed over the years, it is supernatural. And the Lord can breathe on your seed and he can cause it to come to life in an environment where it would not be conducive. Or you’d say it’s not spring, this seed can’t bloom. In God’s time, in God’s ways, his seeds are supernatural.

Janice Swinney – Oh, I’ve gotta testify to what Brian just said. I was raised in a pretty legalistic denomination, but we did study the Word. So as a child, I studied the Word, had the stories in me. I must say for 12 years past that, they really, I couldn’t tell they were doing me any good. And then I got filled with the Holy Spirit. And the moment I did and I began to pray, scriptures were coming outta my mouth that I had not thought of in 12 years. This is how alive the Word of God is. They are seeds. They’re like those seeds found in the pyramids for thousands and thousands of years. And when they planted them, they were alive. They grew. So Lord, we thank you for the power of your seed, the power of your Word, that forever and ever and ever produces.

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