Praise and Fruitfulness Must Start Coming Together

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 18, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Now one more thing and I want you to hear this sentence very clear. The Lord spoke to me out of the word this morning, and He said this will be a week that My people must start coming together. Now, what that said to me was in all the division that is going on in our nation and other places, we have to lay down our differences and become a kingdom of God’s people. And so this week is very key. One of the ways he spoke it to me from the word was how there will come a time that Ephraim, we’re in the month of Ephraim, and Judah will realign. Robert and I will be doing something special to send out to you this week over what that means and how it affects this nation and how it affects you in a redemptive quality where praise and fruitfulness must come together. I decree it right now. We’re entering a week of praise and fruitfulness. We decree right now that the two will come together. Then we’ll send out praise, things that we’ve recorded to help you praise. I decree right now that praise and fruitfulness will become one this week.

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