Prepare a Table for the Next 3 Weeks

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: May 3, 2020

– [Keith Pierce] – Chuck, the Lord spoke to me when Isaac’s song, and then He spoke to me with Chad’s, and then He spoke to me with Leanne’s, and this is what He said. He said, last week I asked, and I asked diligently, if My church would rise up in a fast. And they honored Me and they submitted to Me, and the fourth day, I brought forth a new revelation. But today is a day that three days have turned into three weeks. And I am asking today, will you prepare a banqueting table before Me the first week? And look at that table, and you will see resemblances of yesterday’s table, but as you move through, you will see new change for tomorrow’s table because I have come to set My table in the presence of My enemies, that they will look and they will not understand, but it will be changed. And then the next week, will you prepare a new banqueting table that looks different from this week’s? Because I have come to unlock the Mephibosheths that I can bring them to the table, that truly, inheritance can be restored. But on the third week, look, look again, and look beyond because I am preparing a table that will bring the prodigal in because there is a day of celebration at the end of the third week. You will see a rejoicing happening in three weeks that your heart has longed for over the last three months. He says so, today is a day, My son, you have honored me, look at your table, prepare it well, then look again and prepare it differently, then look again and set it one more time because when beyond occurs, you will see Me come on the horizon with a cloud that has never been seen before, with a release that will shock this nation to it’s knees in My holy name.

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