Prepare the Place for My Miracles

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs
Date Given: January 1, 2023

Cindy Jacobs – Now, this is what I see. The Lord would say that you have prepared a banqueting table there at Global Spheres. And some of you also out there you are you are preparing your Psalm 23 for 2023 banqueting table.

Chuck Pierce – Oh, that’s so good.

Cindy – Yeah. In fact, I feel a huge anointing.

Chuck – Big anointing on this.

Cindy – Yeah. I mean, the Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want, he leads me besides still waters. Green pastures for his namesake. And the Lord just would say to Global Spheres that that you have prepared the table and the enemy is raging. Now, you can say this for you listening the enemy is raging all around but the Lord would say, stay the course. Stay the course. Don’t get pushed off. Don’t let discouragement push you off. And the Lord would say, prepare the place for My miracles. Whoa. Wow.

Chuck – Big anointing. Big anointing.

Cindy – Yeah. And the Lord would say, even now, and now let us explain to you, in this Boeing building and I’m saying this because it’s like a model. Okay, listen to me, you can do this too. There’s some, you’re watching, there’s some pastors there’s some leaders, ministry leaders are just, you know maybe you’re not, maybe you’re a business person and God is gonna call you to host the Holy Spirit. But the Lord says you have prepared this huge place in your building and the Lord says, I’m gonna fill it with My glory. Literally, I see a glory presence coming to the church, okay? That, that people are gonna run to the presence of God. The Lord says, it’s the time for the Evangelist. Call the Evangelist. The Lord says I will give you favor now to connect with the revivalist. And the Lord says you’ve been an apostolic prophetic center worship center, but Lord, the Lord says now you’re going to be the harvest center.

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