Protect the Oil Reserves

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 22, 2023

Keith Pierce – Chuck, the Lord just spoke to me. You need to prophesy right now and I see it. I want everybody to lift up their hands. There is an oil, a new oil that’s gonna be released from the Houston, Conroe and Humble area and because Chuck used to work for United Gas and Pennzoil, he has a key in his pocket to unlease it for South Texas to flow again.

Chuck Pierce – Father, we say hidden resource. Hidden resource. Hidden reserves are coming up and coming out. Now put your hand on somebody next to you and say that’s gonna happen to you and I say to you, protect the reserves that are coming forth. I say, this oil will bring forth the future of this nation and I say decree over the refineries of the south that they are refined in a new way. Decree they rise up to get ready to refine in a new way and I decree right now, the supply line from the south is open.

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