Receive a New Backbone of Authority

Voices: Amman Beeftu, Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: August 22, 2021

Amman Beeftu – The Lord was showing me a picture of angels standing behind people and he had a large sword and he was sticking it back behind their spines. And He was saying, “Allow me to heal you. “Allow me to structure your spine.” People who have that disease that curves your spine, He is realigning your spine. And it may look scary, but allow Him to stick you and recenter your spine.

Keith Pierce – You know, when Chuck and Barbara was releasing the word of the Lord, I saw angels come down in the place. I wanna give this as a testament to what Amman just said. And I said, “Lord, what are you showing me?” He said, “Look and see that I have sent angels “to minister and to war on your behalf. “Look and see, turning point. “Because I have sent turning point with many “that the situation that they’re in, “I am turning through the ministry of my angelic forces.” He said, “Look and see safe passage “because many are on a journey “that I’m bringing them out of into a new place.” But He said, “Look and see the redeeming angel “that has caused super lock.” And I said, “Lord, I’ve never seen this before in my life.” And He said, “What you’re looking at today “is the angel that I release “to lock yesterday from you, “that you may receive today “to have the perspective of tomorrow “that you may go forth in Me “and be lifted up a seated in heavenly places with Me.” And I said, “Lord, release your angels “that we may see because today’s a new day.”

Chuck Pierce – Put your hand on someone’s back, on their back Decree right now that God’s giving them a backbone. He’s reinforcing their backbone. He’s sharpening their stand.

LeAnn Squier – So I have to share this. I’ve held this for over a year now. In January of 2020, the Lord began to speak to me about the year was ahead of us. One of the things that He said was… Boy, I’m afraid to release that right there. He told me there was a pestilence coming and it was going to be manmade. This was in January before I knew anything. I don’t watch the news, I don’t watch TV. I don’t watch anything. And then He showed me a washing machine and it was circling dirty water. And He said, “That is man’s inhumanity to man.” And so I thought He was talking about the Book of Revelation because He said the pestilence. And I thought, “What is that?” And it’s man’s inhumanity to man. What it did, though, it let me know that God is good and He’s always good. And nothing that happens in this earth realm that is really authored by Him. He’s perfect, He dwells in an unsearchable light. He doesn’t give disease cause He doesn’t have it to give. Right? He doesn’t give it because He doesn’t have it to give. So that sort of set the stage and I’m just going to leave that right there with no further commentary.

Then we went, the backbone tour, that I guess that was in February. Was it in February? So we went to the Carolinas, I stepped out on the platform to lead worship with the team. And as I stepped on the platform, I had a vision and it was the woman who was bent over with a spirit of infirmity. And here’s what I saw. She wasn’t bent like this. She was bent all the way down like this. She looked like a hairpin. Like she was completely bent. And I saw Jesus take her hand and raise her up. And I just was like, “This is the backbone thing. “This is about the backbone.” So as He’s showing me that, He not only raised her up, but He crowned her. He put a crown on her head. And I want you to just think one moment. You can’t wear a crown when you are bent over with a spirit of infirmity. You cannot wear a crown. It just won’t stay on, you know? It’s just, boom, there it is. So I saw Him raise her up.

And then I was so stunned that I couldn’t sing a word the entire worship set that we had. I just stood there just, like, in the presence of God. So He raised her up and He crowned her and He said to me, “This is about getting a backbone.” He said, “This is going to be a year “for you to get a backbone.” And you know, later this year we wrote a song, Girl, Get a Backbone. I was like, “Y’all we got to write this song.” It’s called Girl, Get a Backbone. And we did. And so the other aspect He showed me was that she had been bent for 18 years. And He said that is a stage or a marker of maturity. Okay, so I want to say this. This last year and even now, the process that we’re in is God is raising us up and giving us a backbone. He’s bringing us to maturity so He can crown us. So the crown will stay on our head because we’re upright.

The backbone is also a plumb line. It’s a plumb line. So I’ve just been pondering this for so long. And I just didn’t feel comfortable about just putting it out there, but look, we’re in this now. God is saying it’s time for you to come to maturity. Come on through the developmental processes. I’m telling you, this last year, if we didn’t want to grow up, it didn’t matter because we just had to grow up. But we are at the place now. We are a plumb line in the hand of the Lord. We are coming to maturity. We’re walking upright in the earth. He is crowning us with His spirit, with His virtue, with His goodness. He has us as representatives. and the word Corona means crown. So I’m just going to leave that right there.

Chuck Pierce -Put your hand one more time on somebody’s back Now, put the other hand on your head. Say I’m getting a backbone and I’m getting a crown.

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