Run Quickly Under the Shadow of My Wing

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jessica Rana, Keith Pierce
Date Given: January 19, 2020

Jessica Rana – Speaking in the Spirit

Keith Pierce – The Lord said, “Look, and look at my nail-scarred hands. “Those are the same hands “that I have engraved your name upon. “I know where you are, I know where you’re at. “And I will come down and pull you up, “out of the pit of despair. “And yes, where the enemy has circled, “and you have felt captured, “today is the day that that nail-scarred, “engraved hand is reaching down “into a place that you call forgotten, “and bringing you up in a place that I call redeemed.”

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, you are one of those that I couldn’t keep my wing over. You kept slipping out from under my wing. But like a mother hen, I am now saying, I am raising that wing again, run, run, run quickly! For I have a place of shelter only that I can cover you. I say run quickly under my wing again.

Keith Pierce – And let the pinions of my wings wrap around you in a way that you know not of. Hear, listen and receive the comfort of me as you run to me, this day and ahead.

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