Take Down the Old Religious Structure in Mongolia

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: November 4, 2018

– [Keith Pierce] As I was sitting there and I looked up here the Lord spoke something very specifically for both of y’all. He said, I’m sending you into Mongolia, but be ready for the rock monsters that will rise from an ancient religion that will come after you. He said, y’all stand in covenant but look at your right hand and look in your left hand because I put a sledge in one and I put a chisel in the other and when you bring them together the blow of My anointing will hit an old religious rock structure and bring it to its knees. Will bring it to its knees. He said, arise and see, hit it once, hit it twice, hit it three times, but don’t hinder if five, six, seven, eight, nine is needed. Before you leave the rock monster religion will be no more.

[Chuck Pierce] – Wow! Is that such an amazing word. An amazing word. Lord we say, the whole structure will come down by the time they leave. Now hear what Keith is prophesying. This is huge. Our native people, our first people came through the Bering Strait from Mongolia. That’s why you go to the prayer tower and you see it setup like that. I say, this blow is gonna liberate, liberate, liberate, the reservations of America.

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