The Lord’s Multiplication Produces Abundant Leftovers

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: June 25, 2023

Robyn Vincent – The Lord is saying that He’s ready to erase and eradicate worry and anxiety in this moment. He says, “I’m taking that worry and that anxiety.” But the Lord is also saying, at this time, you’re going to have to release, you’re going to have to let go. And He said he knows how hard it is in this moment. There’s certain things, there’s little foxes that are spoiling the entire vine. But the Lord is saying, “I am here so that you can give that to Me and that I can pour out My love all over you.”

There’s an extravagant offering that the Lord is wanting from you so that He can pour out extravagantly over you. And so Father, we thank you Lord. What James is saying is this. He’s saying that if you’ll take what you have and give it back to the Lord, He will multiply it over you. That is what He’s saying. Take it and give it to Him during Shabbat this week. The Lord said, “That is one of the spiritual principles that My people need to begin to regain once again. That which I’ve given them, give it back to Me, give it back to Me, dedicated to Me, and watch Me see what I will do with it.”

Keith Pierce – This week the Lord has had me pray something for all of us. I was sitting at work and the Lord spoke to me about the miracle of the fishes and the loaves. And so I began to pray it for each and every one of us. But the Lord showed me because of our fears, our anxieties, our familiarities, we want that miracle, but we’ve lost the expectation. And so I began to pray and pray and pray. And I said, “Lord, what are you trying to show me for all of us?” He said, “Look and look again at the scriptures.” And both times in the scriptures it represents that there was leftovers. We’ve lost the expectation that God is bigger than our fears, bigger than our shortcomings, bigger than our sins. He loves us above and beyond what we can hope.

But not only does He want to multiply, He wants to give us leftovers. If you’ve lost the expectation of a miracle with leftovers, lift up your hands, lift them up. Because I asked God, I said, “Even this morning?” He said, “You must break your limited expectations of the power that I have to multiply and to do a miracle. But when I do a miracle, there’s always leftovers to use again and again and again.” Now, if you haven’t given, this morning, when you sow your seeds, sow your seed with the expectation of leftovers. Look at someone else and say, “There’s gonna be leftovers for you.” And Violet the Lord just spoke to me.

Chuck Pierce – His multiplication will produce leftovers, baskets full. Shout, “Baskets full.”

Keith Pierce – Above and beyond. Say, “Above and beyond.”

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