The Spirit Of Babylon Will Not Rule

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: January 21, 2024

Keith Pierce – The Lord spoke to me when we were out there, and he said, “The second Heaven has been class backlistic with the static of yesterday’s season. The words, the doubts, and the unbelief have grown rampant at the enemy’s pace in the second Heaven. Today is a day that I am dispersing Michael and the army of angels to go into the second Heaven and clear a pathway for all of your Daniels that have fallen on their knees to pray. I’ve heard your prayers over the last four, five, six and seven years. And the bows of Heaven are tipping, and the pathway is going to be cleared that they can pour through the second Heaven and hit the earth. And I will command, demand, instruct Babylon to give it up.” Chuck Pierce – Wow, wow, wow, wow. Keith Pierce – I want everybody in one accord right now. ‘Cause I heard it. I heard us release a shout.

– [Chuck Pierce] I’m telling you.

Chuck Pierce – Respect, come up.

Keith Pierce – Babylon, give it up.

– [Chuck Pierce] Babylon, give it up, wait.

Keith Pierce – Babylon, give it up.

– [Chuck Pierce] Whoa. Whoa.

Chuck Pierce – Four o’clock, the Lord awakened me, and he told me to write Israel. Now, I haven’t done that in a month or so. And he said, “I must set a wedge from Babylon, Yemen and through Jordan, so that the enemy is wedged out.” Now there’s something going on. God gave me a word about Babylon out of Isaiah 21. Keith would’ve never, who would’ve thought? Who would’ve thought? I mean he said, Babylon, He is going to blow on that whole Arabian desert. And then I got here, and I found out you are headed in to that area all over to minister. This is a divine trip. God is gonna show you lines you’ve never seen before. He’s gonna show you and connect you in ways you’ve never been connected before. We send you from this portal to carry the wedge that will cause the divination that is coming out of Babylon to break his power in Jesus’ name. The Lord said there’s divination coming out of there. It has to be broken, this week. I’m gonna tell you on the web, you stand, you watch, you walk steady. Do not listen to the voice of divination this week. The Lord said, “I am divinely setting your feet in order. Let go of your traditions, let go of your opinions.” And the Lord says, “You’re going to walk and hear clearly all week long.” I loose this anointing through this portal. That word got all the way to the Galilee, and God is setting a course. Do not think Babylon will rule you this week. Some of you, you might not know what that means. That means within the world, the spirit of this world, there is a divining spirit that will try to stop you, how you walk. It stands at your crossroads. And the Lord said, “If you’ll stand and walk steady at every decision you make this week, you’ll triumph by the end of the week.”

Keith Pierce – Now this morning, as Chuck was talking, I keep seeing the picture of Daniel getting up off of his knees and standing in the midst of Babylon. I see very clearly that many of you are weakened, worn down, your heart has grown weary. Today is a day God is pouring out his spirit to indwell in you, impart in you, and strengthen you, and anointing you to take your stand that Babylon will give in to you. Receive the favor, the strengthening, because Babylon is ready to give it up for you.

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