Three Healing Angels Have Been Released

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: November 26, 2023

Keith Pierce – The Lord showed me three angels, and He said, “The first angel that I have sent, listen to the fluttering of the wings because I have sent him here today to heal the joints of many in this house and on this well and where joints have gotten dry and inflamed, listen and receive the fluttering and you will see a new movement in your body where you haven’t moved before.” I looked again and saw a second angel, and the Lord said, “I have sent this one here for it’s a healer of the emotions. Many emotions have gotten out of whack. They’re out of a balance and they’re out of My timing and My placement. I have come. Listen to the flutter of the wings and you’ll see time heal, what yesterday traumatized will be brought forth in a solidarity for tomorrow.” I saw another angel and I said, “Lord, who is this?” And He said, “This is the one that is sent to heal the hearts of many.” He said, “There is an impurity that is run through the vein of My body that I have come to touch with insight, revelation, and wisdom that will bring it out of a place of despair and restore the faith. But there is a sword from this world that has been placed in this heart, and I have brought My angel to replace the sword with the healing finger of their God. Today is the day. Lift up your hands if this is you, and you will receive the fluttering of the wings over you that will bring a life changing effect to you, that you’ll be able to arise, step, step, and step again, and when you put your foot in the Jordan of death before you, you’ll see a split and the fullness of the promise begin to pour out for you in My holy name.”

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