Tomorrow’s Ministry Will Change Financial Structures

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: April 25, 2021

Keith Pierce – Chuck, the Lord would say to you this day “I have come to empty the old store houses. Because at the bottom they had grown mold and mildew. Today is the day, there is a washing and a regenerative angel that I have released. It is cleaning it like a whirlwind to remove the lid of the silo to fill it with a magnificence that has never been filled before”. He said, “I took you across the land. I introduced you to Kings and Queens, paupers, and even the poor ones. He said, “I gave you a ministry of yesterday, but today, I’m giving you a ministry for tomorrow, that will change the world financial structure”. Take your glasses off, take your glasses off. He said, “There is a removal of an old vision that is trying to re hinder tomorrows future that I am replacing it with the solidarity.

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