You Will See Victory Over the Three Headed Snake

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 30, 2022

Keith Pierce – You know, it has been a time these last two years where it’s so easy to listen to another voice other than to the voice of God. It’s been so easy to come into a place of agreement. I have a young lady who I work with and her husband has had cancer for seven years and we prayed daily and we walked through, et cetera, so on down the line and so he had gotten worse and he went and had a PET scan, and because of your health portals she got the report before they met with the doctor and they’ve been going to this doctor for seven years and the report was absolutely awful. The report said that there was more lesions in him that could be counted. So she called the doctor that she has a relationship with and the doctor said, “I’m not gonna talk to you about this over the phone, I’m just gonna get y’all in on Friday.” So she came and she sat down and she talked to me and she was crying and she was upset and everything. And you reached down inside of yourself to give out words that are edifying and exhorting and encouraging. And I looked at her and I said, “Now here’s the thing. You’re gonna have to face off death because death is the fear.” And she did and she cried and I prayed for her and she went on about, and they were at the appointment and it was raining and et cetera and so on down the line. At 2:41 on Friday, I walked outside, and when I walked outside, Holy Spirit spoke to me so specifically and he said, “He will live and not die.” And I felt tears well up in my eyes and I said, “Lord, I give you the glory, I give you the honor and I give you the praise.” He said, “But will you give me your voice to call and tell her and him exactly what I said?” All of a sudden I realized you can either keep moving by faith, or you can back up and justify in your mind why you don’t have to. So I picked up the phone and I called her and she answered and they were just been put in doctor’s office to meet with the doctor, he hadn’t come in yet. And she said, “Is everything okay?” And I said, “I got, I need to tell you something, put me on speakerphone.” I said, “At 2:41 the Lord specifically spoke to me that he would live and not die.” I don’t care what the report said yesterday, I’m living for what the report said now and the report said he will live and not die. She started crying and he said ’cause the Lord had used me previously in one time in his life and he said, “Thank you, I didn’t know who to call upon, but I asked God that you would hear His voice for me because I don’t know it.” Now listen to me, today is the day, get up outta yourselves. Today is the day and Chuck, you need to come out here, I want y’all to extend your feet to Chuck. I was sitting in the well spring in there with Chuck a minute ago and the Lord spoke to me very specifically for Chuck. He said, “Look at his feet and see the three headed dog that is rose up out of the earth to try to stop him. He has a foot for one head, he has a foot for another, but I have come to cut off the head of the middle one.” He said, “These last month on you has been a time of great stress, great pressure and the voices have swirled around your head.” He said, “Today is the day”, and I want everybody to extend your hands and I want you to look at your feet, then I want you to look at his. The subtlety of the enemy will bring one more thing. One more thing. And before I finish this, I want everybody to get in agreement and I’ll tell you why. I woke up this morning and I felt like, I said, “Am I having another stroke? Is my blood pressure high? What is this?” And the Lord spoke to me very clearly. He said, “Because I use you as a vessel on Friday, the enemy wants to stop you on Sunday.” He said, “Look at your feet and reach down in the middle and pop the neck of the wicked one and the subtleties and the lies that he has released over the last 30 days and you will see victory by noon tomorrow.” And the Lord says, “Spread your feet”, and now I want everybody to do this. I want you to reach down and I want you to look at that lie of the enemy where he comes to kill, steal and destroy and where he convinced you that what you are hearing is of him when it’s a lie, ’cause we fixing to pop the head off of it. And the Lord said, “Truly my son, today is the day that every seed that has been sowed, I am the sower of the seed and I am the reaper of the crop.” He said, “Look and see over the last year what you’ve sowed” and He said, “Name every seed because the rain fell on the latter day harvest and you will see the fruit multiply before your eyes.” He said, “What the enemy meant for harm, I’m turning for good.” He said, “Today is a day that every seed of last year will bring the crop of next year.” Let it rain.

Chuck Pierce – Give a shout, give a shout.

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