Your Day of Deliverance Is on You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Judy Block, Keith Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: January 29, 2023

Judy Block – This morning, Holy Spirit said, “I want you to wear your snake skin boots today.”

Chuck Pierce – A flare, I’m telling you.

Judy Block – And tell the people the story behind it. So several years ago, the Lord spoke to me and He said, there is a, hallelujah. I gotta slow down. There is a creature in the black lagoon. And He said, and I want you to kill it. I want you to skin it. I want you to eat it. And then I want you to wear it to remind yourself of the victory. And the Holy Spirit said, oh, oh, oh, then I went shopping. I said, well I’m gonna buy myself some snake skin boots, like He said. And I wanted to find, oh, they fell down. I wanted to find alligator boots, you know but I couldn’t find any. And the reason was because it was for today. He said, “Chuck, you drained the swamp. You drained that pond and removed all the gunk and the snakes. And He said, now this Passover is gonna be a great celebration and it’s gonna be a great victory. So I want you to know that the purpose and the plans that the Lord has for this house are being fulfilled because you have allowed room for His gifts and His talents to move freely here. And you have made room for the Holy Spirit to move and do what He wants to do. So the callings and the destiny of this house will be fulfilled. And you will see it.

Linda Heidler – I wanted Judy to stay up here because I have a testimony about her boots. Years ago, LeAnn would come to me periodically and she would say, “I don’t know how to say this to you but you have a seething pot of murderous anger inside of you. And I just need to tell you what I’m seeing.”

Chuck Pierce – Now, listen to this. This is what honesty and freedom does. Pam came to her and said you got an evil twin you’re gonna have to kill.

Linda Heidler – Yeah, and so, you know, when I thought, I trust LeAnn I mean, I really value her prophetic insight. I know she loves me. I just don’t see it. What do I do if I can’t, I can’t find a seething pot of murderous anger inside of me. And so one night we were actually doing a deliverance team training and LeAnn began to share a testimony of a woman she had ministered to some years before. And she said, as I was ministering to this woman I looked and I could see inside her this murky swamp. And she said, all of a sudden this creature’s head came up and it looked around and it submerged. And I thought, I have a swamp monster. And the Lord showed me what was happening in there. He said you must drain the swamp then you must kill the monster. And the next day I told Robert, I need to stay home today ’cause I’ve gotta take care of some things with the Lord. I told him what had happened and he said, “Do you want me to stay with you?” And I said, oh no, this was not gonna be anything you wanna see. And the Lord really began to, it was like lancing a boil. I mean, it was like stuff started coming out that I had no idea was in there. And I just spewed all over the place. And then I knew all that anger had come out. And He said, now you killed that monster. And I began to address a spirit, a spirit, a demon of anger that had resided in that murky swamp. And He said, now you kill that swamp. He said, now I’m gonna give you the thing that gives victory over what you had that anger over. And He took me to the word and He began to show me place after place after place. And it was a time when I knew that swamp was never gonna get reestablished in me and that monster was never going to have a place of residence in me anymore. So I just declare, this is a day the Lord’s gonna start to reveal those swampy places in you. He’s gonna say, drain that swamp, kill that monster, skin it, make yourself a pair of stomping boots so that this territory and your life will never be the same again. I have not had a evil twin. I have not had a swamp monster since that day. I’m telling you, believe for the miracle that God can do.

Chuck Pierce – Now you look up here. If you want to get delivered. If you want to get delivered, you’re looking at three people who did. And we don’t just get delivered, we stay delivered. And when those demons try to take us down, we say you ain’t coming in and taking over seven times stronger. Now if you want to get delivered, you know how we’ve all made it? Love. The love of God. But love doesn’t look like that sweet, sticky condemning thing that religion has. Love causes you to be free. And you’re free to be an evil monster until God says, kill it today. We loved her evil twin. We loved her swamp monster. But we always said, you gonna kill him, you gonna kill him.

Linda Heidler – Okay, so another part of this was the week before the Lord showed me that Pam said something to me and it wasn’t the full blown evil twin, but it definitely lashed out at her. And she said, “Well, that’s okay. We don’t have to do that.” But she went back to Chuck and said, “Linda’s ready for her next place of deliverance.” And they prayed for me that the Lord would show me my next place of deliverance, within one week He had done it. So I’m telling you, if somebody pops off at you, don’t get mad at ’em. Just say they’re ready for their next place of deliverance and ask God to show ’em. I’m so thankful for LeAnn who was, who loved me enough to tell me. For Pam who loved me enough not to respond back to me in the way I had responded to her. For Chuck and Pam loving me enough to say, “Lord she’s just ready for her next place. Take her into it.” And to the Lord for hearing and answering and showing me my next place of deliverance, which brought me to the next place of freedom.

Chuck Pierce – See, and why the Lord doesn’t let us judge. You don’t know what she’s lived through. You can’t judge her based upon an action. You can judge the action, but you can’t judge the person or it’s gonna come back on you seven times. That’s what the word of God says because you have no idea what she lived through and because of that, she took responsibility for what she had to regain ground for. And I got one word for you. I’m buying you some alligator boots this week.

Keith Pierce – You know, during that season that Linda’s talking about with Pam and LeAnn and Chuck, I was not one of of Linda’s favorite people. And Linda really didn’t even like me. But yet they called me to pray for Linda. And we were all meeting and I was just sitting in the room and I will never forget this. And this is for somebody. This is the reason why I’m sharing it. The Lord so gave me this and I wrote it down and I use it every day of my life. The Lord showed me when I was praying for Linda that fear opens the door to control. Control opens the door to anger, anger opens the door to rage and rage opens the door to murder. And if you don’t deal with that root of fear, something will eventually die. Now, I walked up, I was already out there and the Lord told me to come back in here and I want y’all to extend your hands to the internet. The Lord showed me a young lady sitting in her room desolate and alone, and fear entered into her over 10 years ago. And she has created a facade to let everybody know that she’s a woman of faith, when she’s much afraid. And the Lord spoke to me that if we would extend our hands to the screen, that He would release her of the fear that is causing her to control, that is causing her to have uncontrollable anger leading her into rage before murder occurred. Now I want everybody to look at that screen and say your day of deliverance is on you.

Chuck Pierce – Your day of deliverance is on you. Now put your hand on somebody next to you.

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