Your Suffering Is Producing a New Chapter of Faith

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Melinda Richardson
Date Given: September 10, 2023

Melinda Richardson – In Genesis 1:3-4, God separated light from darkness. He’s calling the body of Christ to be remembered. This morning, this body was the birthing canal to which nation, not just this nation, but nations will begin to come together. Life must come forth in the body of Christ. Life must come forth to the dry bones. For the Father decreed it in Genesis and in Revelations. He let the fourth angel trumpet a sound that then begin to take things out, make things right that were wrong. God, we thank you that this body listen to the word of the Lord. That this sound, that of worship, will begin to resound in the outermost places of the earth. God, we thank you that healing is your portion. Body of Christ recognized that our sufferings, Jesus himself learned obedience through suffering. We will suffer, but it’s how we determine, what perspective we take that we move forth. It cannot be only good times. For out of the bad, times we are strengthened. Our muscles, our body, our faith is strengthened in a way that we’ve not known. And if I never say another word, I’m gonna say, don’t let your suffering be in vain. Get up with a new energy, get up with a newfound faith in the Father. Let his breath give you what’s necessary. Let not last season be a wasted season in time in your life. Move forward in the Father. Doors are not opening, gates are not opening for no reason. “For you are the ones “that are heralding my sound in this season,” says the spirit of the Living God.

– Whoa, wow!

Keith Pierce – And the Lord would say, “Cast down your agendas and water up your outlines. “The yellow pad that you have used is useless this season “’cause I am coming. “And I am coming in a way that you least expected “to show you that I am the author “and the finisher of your life, “but of your book.” He said, “Take your topic sentence and cast it under your feet. “Remove your topic paragraph. “Stop that chapter because I have come to refine “and redeem what you have been written.” The Lord said, “The enemy has whispered in your ears long enough, “but today is a day the still small voice “behind you will break the whispering of the evil one “and will light a path before you. “Redemption and recovery is in your hands. “Claim it and claim it now.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Spirit of God’s here.

Barbara Wentroble – “And I say, “the last chapter of your life has not been written.” “I say, I’m writing a new chapter, “I’m writing a new history,” says the Lord. God says, “I’m going to cause you to rise up.” “And that that I spoke to you so long ago “that you thought would never happen, “it’s because you had not gotten “into that chapter of your life. “But I say, “I’m opening the door “and I’m opening the pages to the next chapter,” says the Lord. “So this is not the time to hold back. “This is a time for a fresh new vision. “For I say, “I’m going to cause you to see that that you saw so long ago “and yet you thought that it was too late. “You thought that you had missed the best that God has.” “I say, the best is not behind you. “The best is in front of you.” “I say, “Let me take my pen “and let me write the new chapter for your life.”

Chuck Pierce – It was one more sentence in that tongue. It said, “I am going to water you and the horse you rode in on.” “You come drink first, “then bring all your horses to let them drink deeply “’cause I am going to fill it all up,” said the Lord.

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