A New Movement of Deliverance

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Emma Moore, LeAnn Squier, Michelle Hadley, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: February 12, 2023

Robyn Vincent – James had a dream this morning, and I’m gonna put him on the spot right now because I feel the spirit of God all over this. Derrick Prince was the drummer, and in the dream somebody was trying to pressure James to get Derrick Prince off the drums, but there was a deliverance power that was coming off the drums. And I feel that right now, I can’t tell you how I’ve heard those drums going through me right now. And there’s some kind of reset the Lord is doing right now in this hour. He’s resetting us and getting us in rhythm. There’s a rhythm that’s coming back to the body of Christ right now. There’s a rhythm that’s coming back. And James knew that he wasn’t supposed to get Derrick Prince to speak, he just needed to get him to play the drum. And so I feel like there’s something right now that the Lord is releasing! He’s releasing it over His people. There is a reset in a rhythm of God that is coming back to your life in this hour.

LeAnn Squier – I wanna say something about this. Derrick Prince represents deliverance. Derrick Prince represents deliverance primarily. And here’s what the Lord said to me this morning. Many people are seeking healing, when it’s deliverance.

Chuck Pierce – I agree, This is God.

LeAnn Squier – Deliverance, And some of us have prayed. God, heal me of this. God, heal me of that. And then suddenly I’m seeing, there has been a root issue, a demonic issue there, a place of deliverance, something that needs to come out. Not just a mending, not just a stitching but a deliverance and a release. So Father, we loose that spirit of deliverance and the rhythm of the heartbeat of God over this place. Father, steady, steady steady. No fear, no fear no fear. Only courage, only boldness.

Chuck Pierce – Listen people, you can’t counsel a demon out. It has to be pushed out by the spirit of God. And the Lord said this very thing this week I am ready to deliver My people again. I am ready to deliver a new generation again. Lord, we loose a new move of deliverance.

LeAnn Squier – And I just saw this picture, visualize a thorn a thorn, that’s stuck in your hand. You cannot experience healing until that thorn is removed. So it has to be ejected. It has to be removed. Ask the Lord, what is my thorn?

Michelle Hadley – Let me tell you something. I can attest to this, because my anger issues and rage issues were so bad. My blood pressure had gone up to 168\134 and it was not coming down. They had to put me on meds. I told the doctor, I said, listen. I said, I’m gonna deal with this spiritually. And when I dealt with it spiritually I commanded the spirit of rage. And I commanded the spirit of anger, and stress and anxiety to come outta me. And I tell you, I do not take blood pressure pills. My blood pressure is 125\70 , and it has been for almost two years. Get rid of it, let it go.

Emma Moore – The Lord said, for everyone who’s come up here for healing and you believe that you’ve been healed to watch your mouth, do not let the enemy trick you into saying, I’m free for my this, or I’m free from my that. Because once you got relieved and healed it does no longer belong to you. Send it back to where it came from.

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