Northern Ireland Update: Revisit Revival!

Dear World Changers:

What an incredible night here in Belfast at the Gathering for Harvest hosted by Rose and Kevin Sambrook.  Over 16 years ago, the Lord brought me to Northern Ireland for a Celtic Wildfire gathering where revival was uncapped.  I saw the Lord now order my steps to return and prophesy that this is Ireland’s time to REVISIT REVIVAL!  An awakening revival is coming into God’s people that will bridge borders and boundaries.  This is not like redigging a well, but getting under the portals of heaven and pulling down revival.  What has been covered up and delayed will be restored!  We ended our meeting by anointing all the attendees with water the Lord had me bring from the Gihon River.  Join us in declaring a new beginning is being activated from Ireland to the nations!

Here I am mantling Kevin and Rose Sambrook for this harvest season.

Tomorrow morning, we fly on to England for London Awaken: A Time to Watch! On Thursday, we will be in Tübingen, Germany for King of Glory!, and then I conclude this 10-day assignment on Saturday morning in Spokane, Washington for The Right Time!

Shabbat Shalom,
Chuck D. Pierce