An Invitation to Know and Move with Holy Spirit!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

The Lord is regathering and realigning us to know Holy Spirit in a new way.  Our Firstfruits Celebration for Sivan was an incredible invitation to experience His movement as we have not in the past. Do not resist the Lord resetting your order.  Only the Spirit of God can remove the scattering about us and enable us to embrace our new identity in this time of gathering.  Align with His order and agree with His immersing movement!  Declare you will not come into agreement with scattering or going backwards!  Get to know Holy Spirit in a new way as we approach Pentecost, and allow His colors to rush through your heart all week long!

This will be a different week for us.  We may not be certain where we … for we are progressing differently now.  This is not just about a Pentecost message, but a time to embrace God’s Spirit and boldness in a new way.  Watch and re-watch this replay to allow the Lord to minister and speak to you.  Then plan to join us this Thursday at 6 PM and all-day Friday for our online-only Pentecost Celebration.  You will hear from many incredible leaders, as well as Robert Heidler’s message on “Unlocking Pentecost Provision” that he had prepared for yesterday before our service was redirected.  Allow your expectation to grow –  we have already begun an incredible new journey. 

A Time to Honor

Today is Memorial Day for the United States.  I want to encourage you to take time to honor the men and women who fought and gave their lives for this nation’s freedom, and thank God for the liberties we still enjoy in the USA.
Chuck D. Pierce

Important! New Vision and New Changes Ahead!

Dear Changing Ones:

I hope you are enjoying our daily Worship Watches. Yesterday, I taught on the Restoration of David’s Tabernacle for Today. The Lord dealt with me all day and into the night.  I finally got up at 1 AM and viewed our Wednesday Watch.  I said to the Lord, “I feel like I’m going through something but don’t know what.”  I also told Pam, “I don’t want to go back to where I was, but I’m not sure how the Lord wants to lead me forth.”  The Lord spoke to me, “I Am trying to get your attention!  I Am ready for a new identity to come into My people. I Am ready to create a new move of My Spirit in My Tabernacle.  Therefore, remove the last eight years and allow Me to start new and fresh at this Pentecost with a new display of My power.”

Please watch this video – it’s very important.  We are preparing a new place for you …  whether you join us onsite or via the web.  I want you to gain new vision for your life ahead!  The Lord pulled us aside to bring us into a new place of trust; He restrained us to give us vision for this new era. 


Chuck D. Pierce

Preparing for Pentecost!

Dear Advancing Ones:

This is a season of visitation!  As we press from Passover to Pentecost, the Spirit of the Lord is creating a rumbling within us so what has been locked up can be poured out in a new way.  Yesterday’s Celebration Service was an incredible movement of sound and revelation to prepare us for Pentecost!  The cycle of feasts provides an opportunity to enter into new levels of restoration every year.  This Pentecost is a time when God is equipping His people to receive the provision we need to prosper in this new era.  Be sure to watch Robert Heidler’s teaching on “Preparing for Pentecost: Experiencing the Power of Restoration!”  Declare that you will welcome the rumbling of the Lord, receive the blessings of Heaven, and be restored!

A Time for Miracles!

Benjamin Kooiman
Perhaps more than any other person, Benjamin Kooiman enjoys coming to the Global Spheres Center.  When it was raining all day Saturday, Brian brought his son here so he could walk and worship throughout the building.  Benjamin has spent hours and hours walking all over this Center, but until Saturday, had never tried to enter the Miracle Center.  That day, he found his way in and began to loose a sound filled that area.  As we press towards Pentecost, declare your voice for miracles is being activated and filling your atmosphere!
Chuck D. Pierce

Standing in the Gap as an Issachar Intercessor!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I often stand amazed at how Holy Spirit orders, administrates and causes the Voice of God to be heard in the nations.  Only the Lord could have orchestrated the flow of revelation and prophetic release that came forth to speak to the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the Body of Christ worldwide.  He has a plan for each of us to mount up and speak LIFE into the atmosphere.  Whereas the enemy has attempted to scatter and separate us, God is taking a stand to scatter the enemy.  Although the enemy would desire to hold us captive, the Lord of Hosts is advancing as a King who goes out to war.  Shout and decree that things in your life are opening up this week! 

Revival is Coming with the Church “Out of the Box!” by Robert Heidler

It was such a joy to see some familiar faces in church this Sunday, now that the lockdown is being eased.   At the same time, I feel that the last few months have been such a significant time for the body of Christ worldwide.  Thousands and thousands of people who had never experienced worship in their homes were now gathered before their computers and TVs, joyfully praising God with family and close friends.  It struck me that for the first time since the early church, the majority of Christians were not going to a “church building” to have church.  We have, in fact, witnessed the biggest “house church” movement in church history!  (A friend on Facebook said their kids are calling it, “pajama church!”). The church is finally “out of the box” and will never be the same!

I remember 14 years ago, when God told Chuck to begin doing church on the web for those people who could not find a church to go to.  He got such flack when he announced it!  Many Christian leaders criticized him and said, “You can’t have church on the internet!”  It makes me smile to think that every one of those leaders is probably now webcasting their services. Even in the midst of a pandemic, God is working in mighty ways.  Fasten your seatbelts.  Revival is coming!

The Power of Agreement and Alignment!

A great example of those who have followed us on the web is Susie Zeigler and Anne Romanello from Charlotte, North Carolina.  For many years they have tracked with us online, and now serve as incredible visionaries in pulling together the remnant in the Carolinas in intercession, revelation, fellowship, and warfare strategies.  I encourage you to hear and receive their exhortation for this time of advancement. 

The Power of Alignment


Chuck D. Pierce

Creating a Supernatural Atmosphere: Unlocking Mysteries and the Angelic Hosts!

We have entered one of the most mystical times in our modern history, which will result in a dimension of supernatural encounters beyond what we have ever known. Don’t miss joining us on May 14-15 for CREATING A SUPERNATURAL ATMOSPHERE!  We have an amazing team who will help unlock mysteries and the angelic hosts, including Blake Healy, Bobby Connor, Daniel & Amber Pierce, James Goll, Kent Mattox, Kevin Zadai, Robert Heidler, Tim Carscadden, and Tim Sheets. 

Statement Regarding Freedom

This week is a time for reflection and choice. The week ahead is a week for us to honor and appreciate nurses, who confront disease and death on a weekly basis, not just during the time of Covid- 19. We thank you for your bravery and loyalty and your freedom to face death on behalf of so many.

This is a time for wisdom and freedom. Let me bottom line something about this Covid situation… I appreciate the caution to danger. What if many nurses had chosen to be a conscientious objector. I think of the movie, Sargent York. Though he was a conscientious objector, he fought and caused liberty and freedom to advance for a nation.

We still need the freedom to choose and be accountable for our own actions. No person must be forced to blindly agree with every restriction initiated by a public source. I must respect Costco’s decision to place a requirement on all customers to wear masks. If I choose not to wear a mask, I must eliminate Costco from my choice of shopping. Real simple. Costco should be free and so should I.

I am free to stay home or press through into a new outward norm, respecting other’s liberties but not giving up my own.  If parents want their children to play baseball, they are responsible for the well being of their children—not the government.

Your will and conscience is important. Respect others but don’t violate your freedom to be who God made you to be in a nation whose reputation is valued and respected for freedom.

There is so much conflicting information in the world right now. Much political interjection to influence thought and choice. Therefore, I must lean into wisdom not fear and trust God to protect me and guide me. Do the same!


Chuck D. Pierce

“Never Stop Dreaming! Never Stop Breaking Through!”

Stir Your Faith!

Stop and watch this video that will stir your faith and help keep you continue advancing, little by little.  Daniel and Amber Pierce also share to help you find your enlarged boundaries in this new season!   

Never Stop Dreaming!  Never Stop Breaking Through! 

I just had to share what my daughter, Rebekah, wrote! This is awesome! 

When I was a little girl, there was no one in the world I adored more than Judy Garland.Well, unless you count my father. He was strong and intense and brave, and he was my fiercest advocate while also being my greatest challenger. We were very alike. Still are.  

Today, he sent me this dress in the mail. When I opened the box, unfolded the plastic wrap and unfurled the fabric from confinement, I felt by breath catch. It reminded me of a dress Judy Garland would wear. There were ruffles and polka dots, and I could almost hear her singing “Meet me in St. Louis, Louis…” on a streetcar filled with strangers. 

I cried when I put it on. Because I want to wear it somewhere, out there, somewhere beyond my yard. Because it was more than a dress to me.Still, somehow, my dad sees me as the little dreaming girl who wanted a beautiful dress to go off and become a star in.Still, somehow, I actually am that girl – woman now. 

We’re in a moment and it feels endless. Like we’ve touched the edge of a blackhole and time is warped, slowed down and maybe even broken.Don’t lose sight of your hope in the future.Never stop being the little girl (or boy) playing dress up when the whole world tells you it’s silly. Never stop dreaming, and most importantly, don’t stop doing everything you can to breakthrough. 


Chuck D. Pierce