A Time to Feast: Seven Days of JOY Worship to Produce New Strength for the Year Ahead!

A Time to Feast: Seven Days of JOY Worship to Produce New Strength for the Year Ahead!

Dear Joyous Ones:

The Feast of Tabernacles begins tonight at sundown.  Tabernacles is a time to enjoy the Lord and celebrate His goodness.  Leviticus 23:40 says, “Rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days.”  Deuteronomy 16:14-15 says, “Be joyful at your feast for the Lord your God will bless you and your joy will be complete.”  When this Feast was outlined in Leviticus 23:39-43, it not only remembered the Exodus from Egypt when the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, living in tents, enroute to the Promised Land, but also celebrated the abundance of God’s blessings in connection with the ingathering of the fall harvest.  This is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and rejoice over the Lord’s goodness and provision. 

The Feast of Tabernacles is a celebration of God’s glory.  This is a time to remember past experiences of His glory, to seek His face and experience His glory now, and a time to call out to God for a fresh outpouring of His glory in the new year.  One week a year, God asks His people to tabernacle with Him.  God promised a special blessing for those who would do this.   Part of celebrating Tabernacles is to bring an offering as an expression of thanks to God.  Deut. 16:16-17 says, “No man should appear before the LORD empty-handed:  Each of you must bring a gift in proportion to the way the LORD your God has blessed you.”  When we express our thankfulness in giving, it opens our heart to receive even more.

Tabernacles is a time to celebrate the fact that God tabernacles with His people.  He wants His glory to be a normal part of our experience.  He tabernacled with Israel in the wilderness.  He tabernacled on earth in Jesus and He continues to tabernacle with us today through His Spirit!  As you celebrate Tabernacles, call out to God for His glory to come and dwell with you.  Beginning tonight at 6 PM CDT and continuing each night throughout this week of feasting, we will post a video to help you enter into joy worship and receive new strength for the year ahead!

Contending for Joy!

The Lord has a purpose to move any desolation into a new level of abundance.  From the beginning, when God saw the Earth in confusion and chaos, He planned for a people who would move from chaos into multiplication. He spoke! Chaos subsided and abundance began. This is the essence of spiritual life. When Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth, defined why He came or was sent to Earth, He said in John 10:10, “… I came that they might enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, until it overflows).”  Many Christians, even those that are seeking to understand their earthly purpose, never realize that the One who was sent to redeem them purposed them to “enjoy life.”  Prior to this portion of the verse, we find Jesus declaring, I AM the Door! Anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (will live).  He will come in and he will go out [freely], and will find pasture.  The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy.” (AMP)   This is meant to help you enter the Door (called Christ) into a new dimension of abundance. 

We have approximately 75 people that work for this ministry.  Several years ago I was sitting in my office in a quandary because I knew I needed to give a Christmas bonus for those who had served so faithfully all year long. I know that the holidays can be a tremendous blessing, but very stressful as well.  I heard the Lord remind me of one of the key verses that have directed my life – the one I quoted above from John 10.  However, His voice illuminated deep within my spirit with the portion of that scripture that says I came that you might ENJOY LIFE.

I knew I had to move by faith. Faith comes from hearing … hearing when the Spirit of God speaks to us.  Faith’s counterpart is presumption.  Therefore, one must be sure they have heard the voice of God.  The Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “Enjoy those who have served, and bless them.”  I knew I was to take what we did not have and bless each one who had served.  Joy began to overwhelm me.  By the next morning, all that I had given (which was a substantial amount) was already on the way through the mail.  The real miracle was that something changed in me.  Anxiety from trauma that I had carried for years and years and years had lifted.  That old, bad friend was gone and the joy of the Lord had replaced that portion within my soul and spirit. 

We have been in great warfare.  Warfare is conflict, and in the midst of the conflict we can lose our joy.  Joy produces strength.  When we don’t sense the life of Christ flowing through us, we need to ask the Lord, “What has happened to my passion? In the midst of my circumstance, Lord, did I just get tired and quit withstanding?” In truth, we can pray until we are green. We can do all sorts of religious activities. But if we don’t resist the enemy in the midst of that trial (the temptation toward passivity and all other temptations), and if we don’t allow the trial to bring the working of the Cross into us, then we won’t really enter into the passion and fullness of life that the Lord intends.  Having God’s passion as we walk in wisdom and revelation is the key to protecting ourselves from becoming outwitted by the enemy. 

Yeshua, Himself, prophesied that a triumphant people, filled with Father’s revelation, would arise and prevail against Hell’s gates. This people will do exploits! They will take resources and multiply or change them into a new form to be used today.  These people are an apostolic people. They are a modern people, yet look very much like those who crossed over the Jordan River 476 years after God spoke them into existence when He communicated to their Father, Abraham. The Gates of Hell will not be able to withstand this people.  We are a people that will build a new prototype for today and unlock a Kingdom mentality that hell cannot withstand. We send this from this Apostolic Center.  May you be filled with the fire of His Glory and overwhelming joy.

Sow Into Your Joy!
I keep hearing the Holy Spirit saying, ‘The sound of joy is in you!’   As the people of God, we must release the sound of joy! No matter what our natural circumstances or situations dictate, and no matter what we feel physically, we have a sound of joy to release.  We must employ the law of sowing and reaping, and sow from the joy in us which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.  As we release the sound of joy from the earth, He releases His joy from Heaven based on Psalm 16:11, In His Presence, there is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures for evermore’.  That joy becomes our strength to produce supernatural victory!  Find the sound in Heaven that will produce joy in the earth today!


Chuck D. Pierce

A New Wineskin for Harvest is Emerging!

The Kingdom Harvest Alliance is Beginning to Form!

Dear Harvesting Ones:

What a blessing to see so many of you at Head of the Year 5782: Building the House for the Future.I loved presenting Kingdom Harvest alliance.  These are days of alignment.  We need to know who is laboring among us because the harvest is beginning to ripen.  Over the past year and a half, the Lord has determined a Divine Pause to reform vision in each one of us.  When I heard the Spirit of God say, “I am shifting things around you”, I knew the time had come to initiate and make available to each one of us a new alignment organism. (Unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain.) 

Below, you click to go to the new Kingdom Harvest Alliance page and watch my introductory message on why we are headed this direction. This message will also be the first of the Head of the Year 5782 Replays that will be available on GZI TV.

Chuck Pierce - KHA

Over the last several seasons, many of us have been aligned and co-labored together.  Many of us have aligned our call and mission with Glory of Zion International, Global Spheres, Inc., and Global Spheres Center.  Those alignments have been invaluable as we have pressed through the last 30 years.  Those alignments are still very valid.  However, we must remember the time we are living in.  This past year was about covenant roots and returning to the blessing of the parent root. Now it’s time to evaluate our fruit.  We are living in a Passover Era so we must keep passing over “from -to” a greater authority to establish God’s mission and promises.  (I want you to understand the history of our alignment of spheres and related ministries.  You can read about this history here. We honor the past and keep moving into the Kingdom plan of the future.)

The Kingdom Harvest Alliance

We have now entered a harvest season. Each Passover in this 10 year era should be a road sign of us maturing in our harvest mentality.  Now is the time to initiate and make available a new organism for alignment: The Kingdom Harvest Alliance. This alliance will function from Global Spheres Center out of Glory of Zion International Ministries.  This will be a new wineskin that includes each one of us developing a harvest mentality for the sphere and calling we have. All wineskins usually have a seven year viability.  This new wineskin will include us each developing a harvest mentality in our call and mission.  You may choose to join us in this new season or you may feel it’s time to align elsewhere.


God’s Remnant Will Arise!

Recently, I shared again that God promised me His remnant would fully arise by 2026. However, we must remember that God has need of US to accomplish His purposes in the earth. Kingdom Harvest Alliance will help develop a structure that will help facilitate the development and deployment of God’s remnant for harvest. Some may ask – “but aren’t there other people and ministries doing similar things?” Of course, the answer to that is “absolutely!”  We are a Body with many parts and functions.  The foundation you align on helps you accomplish God’s assignment in days ahead. 

What is Alignment?

Sometimes we need to reexamine some of the terminology we use. So let us look at “ALIGNMENT”. The dictionary defines alignment as an arrangement in a straight line or in correct/relative positions. Alignment is also defined as a position of agreement or alliance. This includes covenant and relationship.  Alignment can serve as a foundation that helps you properly adjust to grow and move efficiently in the field you are called to accomplish your mission. In battle, alignment is how you are relating to the troop around you – both in position and function.


An Array Effective in Battle!

Kingdom Harvest Alliance will be a foundational organism that performs all of the functions and helps develop goals for sending you into your harvest field.  For example, earlier this year, we commissioned Dan & Janie Horst from Missouri. They have a church camp, but sensed they were to transition to a Kingdom camp. I affirmed their ministry call and sent them out as ministers for Kingdom purposes in taking their camp to the next level. We did the same for others at Passover and Pentecost.

As a remnant that is arising, we want to be an array that is effective in battle. This alliance can be a new foundational network that can help you make adjustments as you venture into your harvest field. The Kingdom Harvest Alliance is not a “covering” – but rather an organism to facilitate God’s remnant coming forth throughout the earth for the purpose of harvest!  As we stand on the right foundation, a covering forms over us for the harvest that is ripening. KHA can help you better relate to others in the army with regards to your giftings, callings, and needs. This will become a new foundation for you to stand on. 


Coming Soon…Aligning Your Spheres of Authority

  • At the beginning of October, 2021 we will begin a process for you to update the information we have on file for you.
  • Alignment to Include Harvest in Your Vision (Kingdom Harvest Alliance) Will Become Available
  • For those who are adding harvest to their vision we will have a NEW COMMISSIONING and RECERTIFICATION for ADVANCEMENT from Kingdom Harvest Alliance !
  • Our Goal is by Starting The Year Off Right (Dec. 31-Jan. 2) to have a major sending initiative.
  • This will advance a remnant troop toward CONQUEST of their spheres!

Giving and Covenant Alignment

My life revolves around the concept of Firstfruits. I love to recognize the Lord as the source of all blessings, and honor Him with the first of my time and finances. I also love to give to those who I recognize as more legitimate in their field than myself (Gen. 14). When we give our best He blesses all the rest.  Our honor is that you have chosen to bless and support this apostolic prophetic structure God has raised up in the earth. I hope you will continue partnering with us as we move forward in this new season of alignment.

We value you, your redemptive purpose, and your anointing which will continue to defeat the darkness which opposes His glorious Kingdom.


Chuck D. Pierce