Aligning with the Army That Is Advancing into Tevet!

Join Tonight’s Special Hanukkah Celebration!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

Tevet is a time to celebrate!   Our Firstfruits Celebration not only unlocked a “stomp” in the earth but an activation of faith for miracles.  In this year of divine recovery, do not miss the power of rededication and sustaining grace found in Tevet and the Feast of Hanukkah.  When we celebrate that LIGHT always overcomes the darkness, His anointing grows brighter and yokes are broken off.  If you could not join us yesterday, I encourage you to watch the replay and see yourself in the army that is advancing.  Robert Heidler’s teaching on Hanukkah will help you enter this “Feast of Miracles” and then be sent forth into Tevet with hope and power!

Firstfruits is an incredible time of bringing our first and best in worship to the Lord.  You are not only giving from what you’ve received but are also sowing into your future.  As you advance in your Tevet Firstfruits giving, I declare the Spirit of God will surprise you and allow you to see and hear in new ways. 

A Special Hanukkah Celebration!

Our faith for miracles will go even higher tonight with our special Hanukkah Celebration!  I have asked James and Robyn Vincent to lead us forth by ascending in worship.  The Lift will be a prophetic outpouring of song and declaration that connects heaven and earth.  If you cannot join us in the Tabernacle at 7 PM CST, this service will also be available by live webcast and replay.  After celebrating the Desire of the Nations in worship, we can then be sent into the Israel Prayer Garden for refreshments and joy.  Strolling through the thousands and thousands of holiday lights, you can enjoy our complimentary hot chocolate, wassail and cookie stations, warm up by our fire pits as you make s’mores, and enjoy a great night with family, friends and neighbors.  I encourage you to invite anyone in the community for worship, as well as this come-and-go time in the Garden to celebrate the Light of the World!

Aligning the Sounds of Heaven and Earth!

Three weeks ago the Lord showed me a picture of His angelic troop creating a “stomp” in Heaven.  I then spoke to our team to develop an expression of this in the earth realm.  What they presented yesterday for Firstfruits in the Little Drummer Boy was just incredible.  Watch the video and be anointed to advance with this sound and look!

Find Your Place in My Procession of Praise and War!

This is a time we must see ourselves in the Lord’s procession … seeing ourselves in the army coming to Him.  We will be an army with banners, moving in unity — a unity that produces an anointing that breaks the yoke.  Here is a portion of the amazing revelation that came forward from The Little Drummer Boy “Stomp”.

“I have rent the heavens and I have responded to your stomp and the vibration of the land. I will come to this land this week, with angelic help on your behalf! I have had the angels that begin to put their swords in their sheaths, and they have begun to surround this nation again. As you begin to vibrate, and as you begin to beat your chest, I will send help! Rend the heavens! Rend the heavens this hour!

“I Am quickening and readying My people; I Am equipping them and saying, ‘Get in My movement for My movement has begun!’  Don’t look to the right, and don’t be distracted to the left.  I Am mobilizing an army, and many of those that come into it will not be who you thought. They will have a great strength for the future even though they have misused strength for the past.  In this year of divine recovery, I will even recover what they lost from their sin and use it against the enemy!

“The four winds are blowing now, and they are breathing life on those dry bones in the past season. The army that you see is only dead. but with one quick word from My mouth I can revive anything! I will revive these dry bones and as these dry bones come, I will send them all across this nation and earth. From the four winds to the four corners, a troop is rising!

“I Am throwing open doors! I Am throwing open doors to the right, to the left, to the front and behind – doors of healing, doors of restoration, doors of recovery, doors of anointing, doors of sending! I Am opening the doors to your future!  I have a procession in heaven, and I Am bringing that procession to earth! Get in the procession as I bring it past your place! Welcome My angels into the procession as they accompany My movement.” 

(Keevy Phillips, Chuck D. Pierce, Anne Tate)


Chuck D. Pierce

He Came to Demonstrate!

Key Prophecies: Walk to a New Beat! Come and Sit at My Table!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I never want us to take for granted that HE CAME!  Father gave the best He had, and Yeshua was determined to demonstrate and teach us what Father was like.  In all of Yeshua’s actions, He never did anything He did not see the Father doing.  As I shared yesterday, Father made each of us so unique that there is a portion of Him that can only be represented and demonstrated by you as you follow His directives.  When you come into alignment with Father’s will, you are doing what He would be doing in the earth realm.  If you could not join us yesterday for worship and ministry, I encourage you to watch the replay, walk to a new beat this week and be anointed to hear and heed Father’s instructions.

Key Prophecies: Walk to a New Beat!  Come and Sit at My Table!

“YOU WILL WALK BY THE BEAT OF A DIFFERENT DRUM THIS WEEK! Get ready, and don’t think your walk will walk in the same rhythm it did last week! You will walk by a different sound, and by a drum of a different beat! Find your drum and find your sound and follow it this week! Out-step the loss in your life! Out-step the poverty that’s trying to control you! Out-step last season’s sorrow! Out-step your pain by the sound of a different drum!  Walk past that fear that you believe will surprise you. You’ve been expecting fear, so walk by the sound of a different drum so you can surprise fear!

“I Am creating a new percussive company. As I form these new drums, know that the heads of the drums are the hides of your enemies. Every time you beat that drum, it is a testimony to the overcoming power I have placed within you!  You are moving to the sound created by the defeat of your enemies, for those drums are covered with their hides.  That which is creating your sound was a sacrifice you made. When you make your sacrifice, know your sound begins to accelerate! As you give this week, listen carefully for the sound that you created!”

Come and Sit at My Table!
“I Am setting a banqueting table for you in the presence of your enemies – those life-constricting spirits that are trying to steal your joy and My life within you.  I Am about to set a table! Agree with Me because we’re about to blow this thing up and out of the water and it’s going to be done at the table. It is time for the enemy to recognize that when you feast on Me, you’re feasting on supernatural things, things far beyond this realm.  Watch and see what is going to happen this Christmas.

“Come out of the kitchen and to the table — come and dine in the presence of your enemies.  Come to the table and know that I Am able.  Let Me pour the oil and the wine … it’s time for your anointing in the presence of your enemies.  There’s glory at My table – take a seat! There’s a cloud over My table – filled with revelation.  Take a seat and drink of Me because there’s glory at My table.  I have a seat for you – don’t strive to get it in it.   My table is big and decorated and has international flavor … and covenant flavor in it.  I’ve got your seat if you want it – but I’ll choose who you sit by.  Taste and see and drink of Me — taste and see that I Am good. I have a remnant rising up from every nation, and that is who I will seat at My table, and the enemy will feed you.  This is My table of covenant and holiness.

“Tell unworthiness to go — you belong at My table.  Take your cloak of rejection off — you belong at My table. Take your cloak of judgment off — you belong at My table. Take your cloak of self-pity off — you belong at My table. I am re-seating My people because I put the pot on the burner and I’m getting ready to see who is going to eat with Me. Take off that cloak of religion because My stew has none of it in it.”  (Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Robyn Vincent, LeAnn Squier, Malik Edwards, Michelle Hadley, Lauren Awbrey)


Chuck D. Pierce

Chuck Pierce this Sunday: Waiting for Father’s Instruction!

“Gaining the Faith to Move From Season to Season” Shabbat at 6 PM!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I love being a burden bearer but hate being anxious. How can I bear a burden, yet remain free from the anxiety that the changes it requires seem to produce? This is the balance I have sought to find in my life since my mid-twenties. To stay simple and focused when being used by the Lord can seem impossible at times, yet that is exactly what Yeshua modeled for us. He took on the burden of mankind, but He never did anything that He did not see the Father doing.  So many things compete for our attention and seem to demand action though, like Yeshua, we must choose to listen rather than move in our own understanding.  The Lord has really been speaking to me about the importance of timing and waiting on the fullness of what He is working together for our good. I hope you can join our Celebration Service this Sunday at 9 AM CST for water baptisms, worship and “Waiting for Father’s Instruction.”  Apart from Him, we can do nothing!

“Gaining the Faith to Move from Season to Season” Shabbat at 6 PM!

Life is motion, but if we move too quickly or counteract the motion of His ordained life for us, we miss much of His Presence in our midst.  Shabbat is a time chosen by God to meet with us each week.  When we set aside this time to be refreshed and refocused, we gain a confidence for how the Lord sustains us from season to season.  Helping us develop a new measure of faith for the week ahead are Simon Lyons, Lisa Lyons, Isaac Pierce, Anne Tate, Susan Shaulis and Brian Kooiman.  We will also have incredible worship and time in the Garden with Tracey Liggett’s newest video. Whether you join live at 6 PM CST, or by replay, I declare your faith will be activated for the season ahead. 

An Opportunity to Serve!

We love to serve our community and region!  As you can see from this picture, AgriLife Extension Agents from across the region met today at the Global Spheres Center.  This marks the sixth year we have hosted their annual gathering and it’s a blessing that we can serve them by providing space for their training to better our environment and communities.

We have also been able to help one of our local outreaches, Our Daily Bread.  This non-profit ministry feeds, shelters, and cares for the homeless and at-risk in Denton, Texas.  They just moved into their new expanded facilities and, as Emily Taylor shares, they are so grateful for our investment in their work.  Thanks for being a part of enlarging their impact!

Every Season Declares His Praise!

The Lord is faithful in every season. This beautiful garden video by Tracey Liggett will help you enjoy the fall colors here at the Global Spheres Center.  On this Shabbat, may you find a new dimension of wholeness as you consider who is like the Lord … glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders (Ex. 15:11). 


Chuck D. Pierce

A Special Prophetic Message from Apostle Chuck D. Pierce!

The Pot Begins to Boil on December 10! 

Key Prophetic Empowerment at 7 PM!

Dear Watching Ones:

This is a time we must carefully watch and interpret what the Lord is saying.  Several months ago, I had a clear vision of the Lord setting a pot on the stove on December 10.  I always take any vision, prophetic word or dream back to the Word of God to make sure I get a life-giving interpretation.  We must stay very focused to accurately process and pray through the revelation the Lord is showing us.  For tonight’s Prophetic Empowerment, I look forward to sharing the prophetic vision about the boiling pot.  This special service is more than just hearing a word – it will model how to process revelation using the whole Word of God.  I encourage you to join me online at 7 PM CST to gain insight on what the Lord is saying to you personally, corporately, generationally, and nationally.  I declare the Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation and Understanding will rest upon you in a new way.  Let’s watch for the performance of the Lord’s boiling pot!


Chuck D. Pierce

Stepping Back to See the Path to Your New Identity!

A Breaking Up and Blooming! Positioned for Outpouring and Harvest!

Dear Advancing Ones:

This is a time to step back and allow the Spirit of the Lord to show us a more complete picture of our surroundings.  If we are to advance on the path of our new identity, we must allow Him to show us a broader perspective of where He is calling us – as well as our position in the whole.  Our Celebration Service was an incredible opportunity to step back and allow the breath of Holy Spirit to blow on us that we might see from a new viewpoint. And Robert Heidler’s teaching from the life of Saul couldn’t have been a clearer picture of the path to a new identity.  Achieving our destiny is not automatic and can require leaving behind our old successes to pursue a new servant call.  If you could not join us yesterday, I encourage you to step back, watch the replay, and allow Heaven’s Wind to blow upon you.  The Lord works all things together for our good and as you choose to submit to Him in faith, He will bring you into your new identity.

A Breaking Up and Blooming! Positioned for Outpouring and Harvest!

I am so grateful for how the Spirit of the Lord communicates through this portal.  During worship, the Lord showed me land where the dirt was compacted.  It had all sorts of seeds, but was very hard.  That is such a picture of what happens to our land … our heart and our mind. The cares of the world get it compacted. Circumstances we go through cause it to become compacted. However, the Lord is cracking and breaking up our fallow ground.  This is a time to declare our land is breaking up and will bring forth new crops! 

John Dickson added that his dad had worked in the dry, sandy deserts of Saudi Arabia, and said that during the rare times when it rained, the desert bloomed. The seeds were all compacted down into the sand but with just a little bit of rain, they all blossomed.  Ask Holy Spirit to begin to come down and rain on those compacted areas in your dry land.  No matter how long the seeds have been lying there in that hard place, or how compacted they may be, Holy Spirit can breathe on it and bring forth new life!

The Spirit of God is saying, “You’ve sown many seeds and in the past they’ve been flooded away.  But now there is a rooting that is going to take place and come forth – accomplishing a multiplication in your life. Get ready … those seeds were washed, but they have gathered in certain places, and it will surprise you how your harvest starts coming up in a new way.”

Pour Out and Release Rain to Others!

“I Am now asking you to open the floodgates of heaven within you and allow it to rain on the land. Will you fully open up your heart and spirit and be generous, pour out, and open the floodgates of heaven so the earth can drink, and the earth can bloom? So the land can be fruitful and the land can be harvested?  I Am sending you out this week as rainmakers.  The rain I send inside of you as you let Me penetrate your fallow ground, you will carry to others.  You will be a quickening agent for the seeds.  Ask Me to throw open the floodgates of heaven that keep you constrained and restrained.  I can send you into every dry place and let My rain come! Speak out of the abundance of My rain and be the rainmakers that release rain to others!”  (LeAnn Squier, Anne Tate)

A Divine Repositioning for Harvest!

Daniel Arenas, our Beulah Acres Agroforest & Community Garden Project Manager, wrote and shared the following: When rain hits hard ground, water runs off and ends up carrying seeds that collected there to a different location. They stop at pockets, crevices or against rocks and ravines…. that creates confusion since there is not enough space for germination and seeds are crowded together, competing for soil nutrients.  Sometimes there is not enough sun light to warm them up and awaken germination.

You have to recollect those seeds and replant them in better soil.  Then when it rains, water stays in place and conducts soil nutrients to supply and provide what that seed needs to sprout.  When soil cracks open, mostly it’s because the ground is too hard. But those cracks will allow organic matter (nutrients) to replenish the soil and when it rains, water softens the ground from inside out, from the deepest layers in the soil horizon. Then you will have nutritious soil, with plenty of water, and when seeds germinate and sprout, they will have access to everything they need to grow!

That creates good soil quality so when you plant those seeds again, with proper spacing and time, they can grow with plenty of room – not just to sprout, but also to grow, multiply and prosper, bear fruit and generate more seeds for the next seasons ahead!

The Lord says, “My people have been fighting a fight without the right strategy — just planting and irrigating by their understanding. Stop and don’t resist when I crack open your hearts.  I will pour down My living water in those cracks, and it will cause your heart to be renewed from the inside out.  When you call back the lost seeds from the past, I will show you how, where and when to replant them in a way that you will see germination.  This will excite you to pursue the promise I have for those seeds.  Growth will occur, and perpetuate in time and preparation for the harvest I have planned, with plenty of room to expand and provide surplus for the days ahead.

“I have given you the strategy: be the tree planted by the water that will bear fruit and give shelter.  Your roots will be so deep that not even the turmoil of the world will shake you and uproot you out of place. The glory is Mine and I have given you the strategy to prosper in My fields!”


Chuck D. Pierce