The Journey Begins!

Uncovering Prophetic Revelation to Understand Our Times!

Dear Advancing Ones:

What a Holy Spirit orchestration!  Our Celebration Service marked the beginning of a new journey for all of us … one filled with new vision, new fire, and a new burning and baptism!  If we are willing for the Lord to lead us, then He will send angels before us and provision that was captured in our past will be brought on the path of our future.  The revelation that poured through this portal yesterday in worship was just amazing.  And Robert Heidler’s teaching on “Uncovering Prophetic Revelation” couldn’t have been better to reveal the importance of prophecy and its multi-dimensional nature. His study of the prophecy in Daniel 11 and its multiple layers of meaning should cause all of us to ponder prophecy, pray for wisdom and understanding, and allow Holy Spirit to uncover the depths of His revelation.  Don’t miss this replay (or watching the entire service again) and advance on your new journey with the Lord.

A New Journey!  A New Fire!  A New Unlocking of Revelation!

One of the most important things a Christian can learn is that our God is a God who speaks.  He wants us to know we can hear His voice.  Prophecy is the basis for an on-going relationship with God. It deepens our walk and releases God’s power in the earth.  Here is a portion of the revelation that poured through this prophetic portal in yesterday’s Celebration Service.  My prayer is that as you meditate on these words, the Holy Spirit will unlock layers of meaning that reveal His plans for your new journey. 

“This is the beginning of a new journey for you. You will start journeying, and you will meet Me in a new way. Even if you choose to go your way, you will be on this new journey. Today is the beginning of a new journey for you and if you choose for Me to lead, I will send angels before you to get you there. I have provision from your past that has been captured to bring into your future. Get ready today because the journey begins.

“I Am going to give you new eyesight for those curveballs you swung at and missed in the last season. I’m going to cause you to watch what’s coming in a new way, and what you couldn’t hit the mark on last season you’ll knock out of the park this season.  I’m giving you a new posture! You’ve been slumping down, but I’m telling you to stand up, stand up, stand up in the earth! No more hanging over the shoulders! I Am giving you wings to fly over the powers of the enemy, stand upright, and even be a vav in the earth!”

A New Burning and a New Place of Offering!

“In this time, I Am causing you to burn in a whole new way. I Am taking My staff as the Angel of the Lord did for Gideon, and I Am touching those hard places on the altar.  A consuming fire is coming up from out of the rock to consume the hard places of the past season. You will burn, burn, burn, burn, burn with the new consuming fire of the Holy Spirit era. What the enemy meant for evil in the past season is being consumed on the altar of the hard place, and I Am consuming you with the fire of destiny.  I’m blowing in under your embers that are there. I Am blowing in under them, and it’s going to cause an uprising within you. Open your mouth and you will be stronger than the dragon who’s been breathing against you.

“I Am coming to those hard places — the place that you have created an Ishmael. I Am coming to the altar so you can lay down your Ishmael. I Am calling you back to the fire so that I can disrupt this cycle of you creating Ishmaels all throughout the earth. For I know the plan that I have for you and the plan belongs to Isaac, not to Ishmael. So come back to the altar and put your Ishmael on the altar so that you can see Me demonstrate My holiness, My plan, and My purpose that you are a part of. Come back with your desire and lay it on the altar so we can see Isaac burst forth.  That good thing you’ve created – I have allowed that for a season. But once you lay it down, you’re going to get the blessing that will go generation after generation after generation. Lay down the beginning of the inheritance that you thought you had so you can go into the multiplication of the next season.”

A New Furnace of Miracles!

“The Miracle Center has been in a Genesis 1 state – without form and empty. But My Spirit is now hovering over the face of miracles, the face of My fire in that Miracle Center, just as I hovered over the face of the waters at the creation of the earth. And I Am ready to bring its identity forth! You must know that now is an “in the beginning” time for that fire to fall. Now is the beginning when I speak, and I separate light and darkness in that place and cause the miracles to come forth. I Am visiting that place and visiting the earth out of the place of miracles.  This Miracle Center will be like the furnace of Daniel’s friends – it will be seven times hotter!  The Miracle Center will be so hot that when people walk in, they will have faith to overtake their enemy. They will not burn up, but they will be ignited in a new way! And when they go out, fear of the Lord will be upon them.  Everywhere they walk the fear of God will cause people to fall under its shadow!

“When those embers inside you, when those tongues of fire, begin to erupt with flames, let My wind breathe on you.  I have a backdraft that’s going to begin to blow those around you and wrap them in fire. You are in alignment with the truth. You are not by yourself, so realize you must be a burning one that will begin to erupt fires all around you.  This is even a time My baptismal will be filled with fire!”

No Time for Self-Sabotage!

“There is no more time for self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is over. You’re on the altar of fire, you are on a new journey, so do not self-sabotage. Do not say, ‘This doesn’t look right and I’m afraid to take a step’ or ‘I don’t know what direction to go.’ Take that step and move forward in a new journey, but do not speak words of self-sabotage.” (Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Becca Greenwood, Robyn Vincent, Lisa Lyons, DeeDee Roberts, Hunter Spears, Stella Timmons)


Chuck D. Pierce

Miracle Blessings Are on the Way!  Key GSC Update!

Dear Advancing Ones:

God is moving here at the Global Spheres Center!  We are now insulating the Miracle Center and will be painting its ceiling as well.  Then air conditioning units will be installed so cooling for the entire building is in place.  We want you to walk into a completed facility that is ready to host a miracle movement!  We also are finishing the new baptismal arbor.  In a month when the river is rising, we want to welcome His presence in every area.  As you watch this video update, join us in giving thanks and declaring COMPLETION to this 12-year journey of restoration and recovery. 

Your support in giving and prayers has been invaluable through this process of divine recovery.  When we first purchased the building that has become the Global Spheres Center, and the Lord assigned me to create a prototype apostolic hub, I could not imagine how He would take something that sat desolate for so long and create such an incredible testimony. We are now impacting the community as well as the nations!  You are helping develop a testimony of miracles since you are connected with us.  I encourage you to be a part of sowing into the miracle blessings that are on the way!

The River of Revelation Is Rising!

If you weren’t able to join our Shevat Firstfruits service, I encourage you to watch the replay of the revelation that the Spirit of the Lord brought forth on Sunday.  You can go to our website or watch on GZI All Access TV.  That entire morning was an incredible celebration of the River of God rising!  After the service, Penny Jackson sent this prophecy.

“This is a season where people will have to choose to hear. I am speaking in many ways, but I will not force people to hear. I didn’t when I walked this earth, and I won’t now either. In fact, I even spoke in parables so that those could only really hear who listened and pursued. Many didn’t. The same is true today. 

“We are entering seasons of great change. Much has already changed, and more change is to come. If you cling tightly to what you have known, to what has been, you can miss what I am doing now. Lay down what you have thought, what you have expected, what you have believed and learned, and let Me sort through. Let Me remove that which is faulty, and let Me leave that which is true. Let me add what I need to where I need to.  

“Since time began, there has been war to establish My Kingdom here on earth. There has been war for My people. As the world has changed, so has the battle. Because the enemy is often hidden behind organizations and within governments and even religions now, it is not as apparent as troops arrayed on a battlefield in days of old. But make no mistake. It’s there, and it is a fierce battle against My Kingdom. And there is great darkness. 

“The subtlety of this battle has allowed some to become deceived.  Because they don’t see it, it’s hard to believe it. Others see it but can’t accept it. It is too overwhelming for them, too frightening.  It’s such a different type of war.  Still others aren’t quite sure how to fight an unseen enemy. But it is war, and as in all wars, there are and will be casualties. 

“As you go forward, you will need to wait before Me in stillness like never before, completely open, ears and heart attuned to My voice and whatever I say. The battle lines have been drawn, and people must choose their side.  To not choose is to choose. I have marching instructions for those with ears to hear. I have strategies, and I have words of encouragement. I have protection, and I have mercy. And I am marching with you.”

Blessings,Chuck D. Pierce

Receiving the ROAR at Shevat Firstfruits!

THE LIFT with James & Robyn Vincent at 7 PM!

A Downpour of Prophetic Revelation for the Month Ahead!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

A filling! A pouring out! A time to receive the ROAR of the Lion of Judah!  Shevat Firstfruits Celebration was just amazing!  If you need to see your path forward, then get ready to be moved by His Spirit to your new place of feasting and fullness as you watch the replay.  In this month to “Let the River Flow”, choose to tell the Lord you are jumping in!

The Spirit of God is doing something as we allow His River to fill us.  Don’t be disillusioned over what didn’t germinate or mature in the last season.  What did not produce can flourish in new ways as His River rises.  Join us in speaking over every Shevat Firstfruits gift, “Our blessings are on the way!” 

A Downpour of Revelation for the Month Ahead!

What a rich river of revelation poured forth yesterday through this prophetic portal.  The Lord not only wanted us to hear His heart and mind, but also the intensity of His roar.  Here is a portion of the amazing revelation that was released:

You keep saying, ‘Somebody will help me, somebody will come to my aid’, but I Am already there! Look and see! Look and see what you hold was from Me – now multiply it and cause the basis of it to form a new foundation for your life. Do not hold back in a time of people holding back – multiply what I have already brought to you; I will be there all along the way.  You must begin to believe again in the power of binding and loosing. In your mouth is the ability to curse the tree that is not producing and what is causing disease to eat up the harvest that I’ve already given you.  Begin to believe in the power to bind and loose again. Just like I cursed the fig tree that was not producing (yet had leaves and the appearance of producing), you must again believe in the power to bind and loose. Quit spreading disease in your orchard!”

A Word to South Africa!
“South Africa, bring your Firstfruits! Bring your Firstfruits into the house. There is provision for you and there is a blessing I want to put on the land, but you’ve got to bring your Firstfruits into the house. Even if it looks small, it carries much weight and is large in My eyes. Bring your Firstfruits into the house.  South Africa, I Am returning you to your original call that you have never entered into. I will recover your call to Kingdom expression for the world to see. South Africa, you will lead in a new way and you will move forward!”

Be Filled As a Vessel of My Glory!

“I Am calling you to house My glory, to house My presence like you’ve never housed it before. The world needs My people to begin to rise up and let My glory flow over all the earth! Open your mouth when I tell you to open your mouth and don’t say it if I didn’t say it. I call you to release My glory and My presence everywhere you go! Open up your mouth and release the glory!   It is I who made your vessel! And it is I who is longing to use it in a way you’ve never allowed Me to use it!  Know I’m going to shine your vessel, I’m going to fill your vessel, and then I’m going to pour you out in a new way!

“I’ve hedged you in, left, right, front, back, over, under, and no tactic, device or procedure of the evil one will be able to come nigh you. Rejoice and be glad that you are in My House and empowered by My Spirit.  Like a knife, I Am cutting your past, your failures, your ‘I can’ts.’  I’m cutting you free to go into your new path.  This is your season – move forward!  I am shaking the times!  I am shaking all the blessings out and I am shaking all the curses out.  The blessings in your blood will begin to blossom and glisten like the sun.  The curses in your blood will try to drown them out, but no – not this time!  This time the blessings will overtake the curse!”  

I Am Raising Up a Watchman Troop Who Will Feast at My Table!

“I Am coordinating the movement of My troops.  I Am bringing some in in My timing. I Am sending some forth to go ahead of the sound of the troops to spy the land. I Am creating a watchman troop that know how to move at the breaking of the new day. Ready yourself, for you must find your place in the movement ahead. I Am creating a new movement in the earth for you to enter into.

“Where you have seen enemies and been afraid to go into the land, I see a table in the midst of your enemies! I have a table laid you’ve not tasted of. Be not afraid of the enemies, but see the table and the spread of food I have for you! Don’t be afraid of the enemy — see the tableland. I have many delicacies you’ve not eaten of. Your ancestors have been afraid, but there is a troop arising that says, ‘I will not fear! I will rise, kill, and eat!’

“Did I not say your enemies are your food for the future? They are your food! Go, sit in the midst of them and watch them hand over your next meal. This is a day My people must be willing to eat what I Am bringing down from heaven for them! Watch the sheet come down! Watch the sheet come down! And watch it bring down what you have never tasted before. Remove your religion and eat what I bring you!  For I have sowers and I have gatherers and I Am activating a troop to gather what has been sown. Ready yourself, ready your hands and allow Me to anoint them so you grab hold of your future!

“I Am the Father of War, so see war as I see war. I know when there’s a time of war and when there’s a time of peace. See your conflicts the way I see them, and enter into those conflicts with My eyes! I Am the Father, I Am your daddy in the midst of war, so go forth with confidence!”

Receive the Roar of the Lion and Get Ready to Move with Me!

“You have asked for the Lamb this week, but it’s the roar of the Lion you need. For without My roar, you would be a lamb going to slaughter. So receive the roar and, as a lamb, prosper in your field!  Many of you have said, ‘I wanted the roar last season and I want the lamb this season.’ But your timing belt has been off. For when I send My Lion, receive what I send you at the time I send it to you. This month is the month to resynchronize and re-harmonize your clock with Me. Receive what I send you!

“I know when it’s time for My people to find their new way and to move in a different place. You get ready! The vehicle you thought you’d be moving on is not the one that will take you where you need to go! You get ready to move with Me and watch to see what I’ve brought in your path to move with. Get ready, because I will move you, I will accelerate you, and I will get you to your new place.  But it won’t be because you control the way!”(Tobias Lyons, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Sonja Spencer, Michelle Hadley, Ted Leigh, Suzanne Harrington, Maggie Wallace, Chenia Patu, Peni Patu, Amman Beeftu)


Chuck D. Pierce

Worship: A Key to Our Abiding Place!

Dear Advancing Ones:

God is looking for true worshippers who will worship “in spirit and truth” (John 4:24).  As He receives those worshippers, they are able to experience the reality of His glory.  We are positioned in the heavens, and secured in that abiding place we then walk with great confidence and faith on Earth (see Eph. 1 – 2). When the enemy tries to pull us out of our abiding place, or block us from ascending in Christ, we go to war by resisting him and drawing near to the Lord in lavish praise and worship.

As we heard last Sunday, this a time of breaking open our alabaster boxes — pouring out our worship and trusting the Lord with our future.  Therefore, we have prepared several opportunities to help you continue going beyond in your worship.

  1. Tomorrow (Friday) night is our Shabbat Service with the GZI Judah Team paving the way. These extended times of prophetic worship, sound and movement are some of my favorites and I frequently watch them several times over.  You can join online at 6 PM CST, or by replay.
  2. Sunday morning is our Shevat Firstfruits Celebration when we can bring our first and best in worship to the Lord.  Firstfruits is a time when the Lord releases fresh revelation for the month ahead and aligns us with His cycle of blessing.  I hope many of you join us at 8:30 AM CST as we begin with water baptisms, KHA commissionings, and then “letting the river flow in Shevat 2023!”
  3. Monday night is THE LIFT with James and Robyn Vincent.  All of you in the region are welcome to come onsite for this monthly prophetic gathering of ascending through the portal and reflecting the blueprint of heaven in the earth.  If you cannot join James and Robyn in the Upper Room at 7 PM CST, this corporate worship will also be live webcast, as well as available by replay and GZI TV All Access. 

Let’s continue to ascend in worship and commune with the Lord from our abiding place!


Chuck D. Pierce

“Forgiving the Unforgivable”

“From Disillusion to Peace Amidst the War Ahead” by Penny Jackson

Dear Forgiving Ones:

One of our greatest weapons against the enemy is true, biblical forgiveness.  When we choose to forgive, God’s healing and wholeness are released and the enemy’s access is cut off.  But how do we respond in forgiveness when the pain of offense is overwhelming and there has been no remorse or restitution?  As Chris Hayward asks in tonight’s Prophetic Empowerment, how do we find hope beyond the pain and forgive the unforgivable?  Chris is well known for his healing and deliverance ministry and, building on last week’s teaching of healing the orphan heart, will address how we can be free when someone else doesn’t want to forgive or even be forgiven.  I encourage you to join online at 7 PM CST for “Forgiving the Unforgivable!” 

From Disillusion to Peace Amidst the War Ahead

Some people are capable of capturing what they are feeling in the deep recesses of their Spirit-Man.  Penny Jackson is a gifted individual who is amazing in scripting what she feels in her emotions and allowing the Spirit to communicate through her. What she shares will help you greatly as you walk in a changing, sometime chaotic world around you.

Recently I have found myself a little jaded. It’s out of character for me, not who I really am. I don’t like the feeling. 

Someone mentioned to me that I sounded disillusioned.  I felt the rightness of that statement as soon as I heard it. I have been disillusioned. 

I’m very careful with what I read and what I watch. Much I hear I feel is dishonest, so I don’t bother to listen. I feel truth is being withheld in so many areas. But it’s hard to be completely immune from the world if you are out there at all.  

A homeless woman went door to door in our neighborhood a few days ago. It’s one thing to be approached as you enter a grocery store, but to have her walk down my driveway toward me as I got out of my car felt quite different. (The world is so full of so many in crisis.)

And driving … having to be aware of those around you because someone two lanes to your right might decide to turn left right in front of you.  I just feel lawlessness is rampant. 

But here is the thing. Yes, these things are going on. Yes, our nation and world are in crisis in many areas.  But I had lost sight of my filter.  I had taken my eyes off of what matters. 

Last night as I looked out my den window into my back yard, I saw a sunset, a marvel of pinks and purples displaying itself in the midst of the clouds, in the midst of the darkness.  And I know when the sun comes up, that the cardinals and blue jays will appear, dancing around each other as they search for food.  

This morning as I write this, I find myself thinking of the words of one of my favorite Christmas carols, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” particularly these two verses:

And in despair I bowed my head:  

“There is no peace on earth,” I said, 

 “For hate is strong and mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:

“God is not dead, nor does He sleep;

The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, 

With peace in earth, good will to men.”

It’s true.  He’s not asleep. Psalm 121:4 says He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is aware of everything.  There is nothing that escapes Him.  He is still in charge.  With those reminders, with my focus back on those truths, I can go forward in trust, confidence, and even joy to face this day.

Last year, as I spent time with the Lord, He began to impress me during my quiet time to write what I was seeing. The following is what He showed me…

“I see that something will occur, and people will be rocked by it. People will go through the stages of grief: shock, anger, and finally true grief. I see that then the Body of Christ called to it will move in with hope.  I see that many won’t be able to handle the emotions of it. 

“Many will know they were complicit in this, and it will destroy them. Some will find they were unknowingly complicit. Some just won’t be able to let go of what they thought. (Like the ones who chose to stay in Babylon). During the Great Depression, during Black Tuesday in 1929, many took their lives. Many lost hope. That was over finances only. This will be much bigger. Many will not be able to see hope, to find hope in such a huge betrayal. Yes, those who have been guilty of destroying this nation, of plotting to take over this world, will be put to death. Many have been already. But others who have not known will be overwhelmed and devastated by what they hear. PRAY for them and pray for their families.

“More than you know or realize will come to light. More will be apparent than you can even imagine, and you know so much more than many. Hopelessness will be set free to move throughout people. Hopelessness will whisper and whisper. Shut it down. Say it will not be allowed to move freely. Shut its mouth. Address it directly. I will cover you in this. 

“My people will be a ray of hope in this devastation. Through My people, the light of Who I Am will shine … a single light in a very great darkness, but it will draw and draw and draw these to Me. Hope will arise in the midst of this. 

“Many have their foundation built on sand. They don’t have a rock to stand on when this storm comes. They will see everything they believed in and lived by snatched away in a moment, and it will be too much for many. The church has not provided the foundation of rock, My Rock, that it was charged to do. Some on purpose didn’t prepare their flock; others didn’t out of their own innocence, their own ignorance. They don’t even understand it fully themselves. Woe to those who didn’t teach them on purpose. Woe to those wolves in sheep’s clothing in my churches. It will not go well for them. 

“Pride and arrogance and unwillingness to admit they were wrong will hold some back from making the change. PRAY for those. You have seen this in your own household. PRAY that they won’t be governed by this and resist what I am doing. 

“Soon and very soon something will break. Soon and very soon something will occur that people can’t ignore. Rather than a little here and a little there, the dam will break and all will come out. The dominoes will fall. 

“When the flood comes, media will not be able to repress truth any longer. With some, I will change their heart so that they will report truth. With others, I will literally overwhelm them so that the truth will flood over and around them for all to see. 

“This day, like the other, will come like a thief in the night. I won’t tell you when, but you feel it getting closer. You feel it could be any day, and you are right. I have given you instructions. Obey them. Pray them. Speak out against things as I show you. Pray for patience for people to wait a little bit longer. Just a little bit. It will happen, and it will happen soon.”


Chuck D. Pierce

Avoiding the Snares of Dan!

A Breaking Open and Pouring Out!

Dear Advancing Ones:

What an overwhelming time of experiencing God’s presence and breaking open our worship before Him!  What an invitation to respond to the Waymaker and pour out our hearts of gratitude!  What a lavish expression of giving our best worship to the One who has never lost a battle … and never will!  All throughout our Celebration Service, the Lord was inviting us to go beyond – to allow Him to do something unexpected as we responded to His presence.  We are finishing the Hebrew month of Tevet, a key time of choosing to respond to the Light.  Receiving always merits a response.  As Robert Heidler shared, Samson is an example of someone greatly blessed by God but who did not respond to that blessing with a heart for God.  Similarly, the tribe of Dan did not respond to God in faith and obedience but refused to confront the enemy in the territory God had given them.  If you were not able to join us yesterday, I encourage you to watch the replay and respond to the Light!  I decree your thinking will shift to not only receive what the Lord is bringing you but to reply by breaking open your alabaster box of worship. 

Remember Today!

A Breaking Open and Pouring Out of Prophetic Revelation!

We never want to hinder the River of Revelation that is flowing from Heaven through this portal.  Here is a portion of the prophetic ministry that broke forth in yesterday’s Celebration Service.  When you encounter His glory this year, be determined to express your heart of worship! 

“This is the day and this is the hour that I Am requiring you to break your alabaster box before Me, and give Me all of your worship and cast all of your cares on me. For I desire to take your heavy burden and exchange it for My yoke. Roll your worship on Me!  Roll your worship on Me!  Break it! Break it! Break it – and pour it out! Pour it out, and trust Me for the future.

“Walk the tightrope with Me. You’re trusting in your own mind – but I am calling you to walk the tightrope with Me. Walk the tightrope with Me and see the blessings I will pour out when you reach the other side.  Do not fear the tightrope will break because My Spirit in you will make you buoyant like a hot air balloon. Be filled and walk, expecting Me to do something this year!

“There is redemption in the air — hear the sound of redemption in the air. I have redeemed you from and redeemed you into. I have put redemption in your hearts this hour – ask of Me. I have redeemed you for a purpose, and I have redeemed you to walk in a kingly and priestly anointing. Cry out to Me, for there are things you must understand and revelation I Am giving you in this hour – revelation to walk in the redemption that I bought for you.  Think beyond and let Me go beyond.  Let Me take you and do something you’re not expecting Me to do. Your faith moves Me!  Your faith moves Me!  Your faith in Me will bring your wholeness and redemption.  Choose to believe in Me as your Waymaker and Promise Keeper!

“California, you have been reeling and rocking under this atmospheric river of wind and water. I have not forsaken you, but I Am returning to you the revelation of who I Am. I Am here to restore your focus on Me. I Am here to build your trust in Me. I Am here to fill you with joy, peace, wholeness, and gladness because of My presence.”  (Brian Kooiman, Keevy Phillips, Chuck Pierce, William Cosey, Joe Burkett, Raven Vincent, Diane Roussel)


Chuck D. Pierce

A Psalm for the New Year!

Psalm 23: A “No Lack” Faith Declaration for 2023! 

Dear Declaring Ones:

One of the most vivid pictures of a covenant relationship in the Bible is the relationship of a shepherd with his sheep. When David wrote, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not lack anything”, he was expressing an incredible faith that our God can be trusted in every situation. Psalm 23 is a standard for all of us in this new year. Robert Heidler’s teaching on the blessings of knowing the Good Shepherd could not have been better for expressing how the Lord wants us to experience His covenant character. If you were not able to join the amazing worship and message in yesterday’s Celebration Service, I encourage you to watch the replay and enter into the Psalm 23 faith proclamation for 2023.

From Empty to Full!

During worship, the Spirit of God began to speak an incredible prophetic word to Norma Urrabazo. When she texted me what He was saying, I knew it was for us corporately. Let’s agree that 2023 is a year of shifting into fullness!

It’s time – to grab it all! Don’t be so polite that you leave your blessings behind. There is a time to pull on the hem of His garment… but NOW is the time where you will walk WITH His garment among you. You are a child of God and this IS your inheritance.

It IS a new season. You are going

… from crying to courage.

… from deception to deliverance and walking in freedom from any of last season’s residue.

… from fear to the FRONT LINE

The Holy Spirit will define you. Allow Him to sharpen you and fill any area of dryness and FILL you up!! Allow Him to take you from empty to FULL!

He will dust off dullness and shine you up. This is your time to shine!”


Chuck D. Pierce

Korea Is Entering Its Whirlwind Season!

Join Us Online Today for Best of 2022 Worship at 9 AM and Best of 2022 Shabbat at 6 PM!

Dear Advancing Ones:

Korea is entering its whirlwind season!  By the time you receive this email, I will already be flying back from “Turning Our Nation Back to God!”, an incredible HIM Korea conference hosted in Seoul, Korea, by Apostle Che Áhn and Dr. Hong.  This is the first nation I have gone back to worship with in the last three years.  This year Korea goes into its whirlwind season, and for the next three years it will be turnaround, turnaround, turnaroundWords the Spirit of God has spoken over Korea the last 70 years will now begin to come alive!  In a year of Kingdom war, there will be a redefining of the Kingdom of God in this nation. Korea will shift from the prayer movement into apostolic-prophetic conquest, and many who rejected the church will be drawn to the Kingdom.  Join me in declaring over Korea, “Your new portion is coming!”

Starting the Year Off Right Continues with Best of 2022!
We have a great online schedule for you today, beginning with our next daily devotion for maintaining and recovering your spiritual life at 9 AM.  Today’s focus is on the spiritual discipline of worship.  Expressing our love for the Lord personally and corporately is so key, and you will find the real war in divine recovery revolves around worship.  This devotion will be followed by a special compilation of the best worship from our 2022 conferences.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with new expressions of worship as you develop your spiritual life in 2023.  Then at 6 PM, we have some of the best from our 2022 Shabbat services to help you enter a new dimension of rest in the year ahead.  Enter in and declare, “The best is yet ahead!”

I hope you also set aside time tomorrow (Saturday) morning for our final devotion as well as a 2022 Prophecy Review.  We war with our prophetic words – so I encourage you to hear what has been released and be reminded of the mind and heart of God for your future.  And don’t miss joining us on Sunday at 9 AM for a special Celebration Service here at the Global Spheres Center.  I look forward to Judah going first in worship and Robert Heidler’s teaching on Psalm 23 and the blessings of knowing the Shepherd!  All of you are welcome to join this concluding service online or by webcast (live or replay). 

Friday at 9 AM: Devotions with Chuck Pierce; TY Bello, Julie Meyer and GZI Best of Conference Worship from 2022

Friday at 6 PM:  Best of Shabbat 2022

Saturday at 9 AM:  Devotions with Chuck Pierce; 2022 Prophecy Review

Sunday at 9 AM: Onsite Celebration Service with Robert Heidler teaching on Psalm 23

Chuck D. Pierce

Warring with the Word to Start the Year Off Right!

Join Saundra Dalton-Smith and Malik Edwards at 9 AM and Tom & Jane Hamon at 7 PM!

Dear Warring Ones:

We go to war with the word that God speaks to us – and session after session of Starting the Year Off Right is establishing an arsenal of revelation to thresh down our enemies as we mature into new sharp threshing instruments with teeth!  As you enter in day by day, I declare you are being activated to prevail in the battle for your portion! 

We have another amazing day ahead to help you accelerate into this new year.  At 9 AM, I will be sharing our next daily devotion for maintaining and recovering your spiritual life.  Today’s focus is on the spiritual discipline of fasting.  Although it’s not something we enjoy, it will cause our communication with the Lord to come to a new level.  When we allow the Lord to choose our fast, then we can look forward to His breakthrough in our lives.  After this devotion, we will enter into amazing worship and hear from both Saundra Dalton-Smith and Malik Edwards.  These are two messages you don’t want to miss on the power of rest for divine recovery and the year of the greater flow.  I hope you also join us online at 7 PM for more worship and Psalm 23 decrees by Tom and Jane Hamon.  Let’s continue to war with God’s word!

I am loving Starting the Year Off Right!  I can’t think of a better combined message through worship and the word to send us into the warfare of 2023 than yesterday’s beginning session with our First Nations leaders and Daniel and Amber Pierce.  If you were not able to join that livestream or any other of the amazing sessions, each replay is available on GZI TV All AccessIf you are not an All Access subscriber, I encourage you to consider investing in this unique online treasury.  And if you are uncertain, we have a seven-day trial subscription to help you review this on-demand service that allows you to watch anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

Seeing from a Fresh Perspective!

I so appreciate how the Lord speaks to each of us in such unique ways.  Here is a fresh perspective from Penny Jackson that should encourage all of us.  Penny is hearing what the Spirit of the Lord is saying in 2023.

“Several days ago I was working an online digital puzzle. There was one piece in the middle of the puzzle that wouldn’t move. I thought that the screen had frozen but discovered that the pieces around it would move. Suddenly it dawned on me that this piece was ‘stuck’ because it had somehow found exactly where it belonged. It had connected and was firmly in place.

I found myself seeing this from a prophetic point of view. We are entering into a new calendar year. We are entering into a new season of this world. People’s places in what’s ahead are shifting and changing. People are moving, taking new jobs. Many have lost loved ones. Circumstances are changing.

But as we go into this new year, at least from a spiritual standpoint, there is a place for us…maybe a new church, a new job, a new friend set, a new city, a new ministry, a remodeled home. We may not understand yet, but when we find our place, once we get there, we will fit perfectly.

This one piece could not be moved. The piece ‘knew’ the right place happened and waited securely there as the other pieces filled in around it. When they all filled in, a beautiful picture appeared with each piece in its right place. Happy New Year! May we all find our perfect place in this new year.”

Here is another engaging New Year’s insight – this one from Tracey Liggett, our GSC videographer.

“… and a happy new year. See ya, 2022. Can’t say I enjoyed you, can’t say I hated you. There was a lot of good, a lot of really hard things too. I’m not going to say this year is going to be grand and wonderful and fabulous cause, well, the last few years have proven that wishing it does not make it so. If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that you can’t wait for circumstances to be joyful to choose to be joyful. You’ve just gotta be joyful in the midst of it, no matter what it is. So I can’t promise myself that 2023 will be awesome and wonderful and fabulous, but I can say that I’m going to be awesome and wonderful and fabulous, whatever 2023 holds.  God is awesome and wonderful and fabulous regardless of what’s going on, so why shouldn’t I be?”


Chuck D. Pierce

Elevation for Activation: Coming Up Higher at

Starting the Year Off Right!

Join Daniel & Amber Pierce and Venner Alston at 9 AM and 7 PM!

Dear Accelerating Ones:

What an incredible start to 2023!  The level of revelation and activation in each of our sessions is raising us to new dimensions of Kingdom authority — and we still have six more days to go!  I hope you once again will join us beginning at 9 AM when I share our next daily devotion on maintaining and recovering your spiritual life.  Today’s focus is on the discipline of prayer.  Then we will advance with a new sound of worship from the First Nations of the land, as well as Daniel and Amber Pierce’s incredible message on the war over your portion.  You will also want to join us at 7 PM for more worship and an apostolic mandate from Venner Alston, followed by a prophetic charge to Latinos from Pasqual and Norma Urrabazo and words to the nations.  Join us online and allow the Spirit of God to start your year off right!

Each day of this week-long virtual journey is very important.  If you are not able to join a livestream, each conference replay is available on GZI TV All AccessIf you are not an All Access subscriber, I encourage you to consider investing in this unique online treasury.  And if you are uncertain, we have a trial subscription to help you review this on-demand service that allows you to watch anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

A Perspective of the New Year!

During our New Year’s Eve service, the Spirit of the Lord was very present among us.  LeAnn Squier, one of our Judah leaders, heard a train coming down from heaven.  The dancers then interacted with the sound.  Emma Moore, a devoted servant in the ministry, sent me this observation that I wanted to share with all of you:

“Happy New Year! One thing about trains I’ve seen over the years is that they usually have two locomotives, one on each end of the train facing opposite directions. If the train stops and goes the opposite direction it is still moving forward. There is no backwards in a two-locomotive train. When I was a child, we pretended we were trains making sounds like a train whistle warning everyone to get off the tracks. So today we are the second locomotive behind the first locomotive-Holy Spirit who is leading us forward in the direction we are to go in this new year. When it seems like He has disconnected from us and we are going backwards – not so because we are positioned to keep going forward. Blow your whistle, move forward, plow down every wicked lying thought the enemy uses to stop you from being all you can be and do this new year.”

Another great visual I received to start my year was from Lisa Lyons, one of our prophetic seers. 

“Do you know the old saying… ‘Red sky at morning, sailor take warning’? … But what a gorgeous introduction to a tumultuous year!”


Chuck D. Pierce