New Hampshire in Focus!

Dear Focused Ones:

The eyes of the nation are on New Hampshire with today’s presidential primary. I can’t think of a better time for Surrounding the Nation to focus on that state. There is a freedom cry in New Hampshire that must be heard clearly. I invite you to join me online tonight at 7 PM CST as we gather revelation to watch and war for the future of this nation. I am grateful to have John & Sheryl Price, Ann Savastano, and Annette Tuttle as my special guests to develop a prophetic charge for New Hampshire.

On Sunday morning, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, Awakening can come to this nation! Do not get so caught in the political structure that you miss the awakening that I am bringing. I can awaken this land! I can awaken My people! I can cause My kingdom tribe to rise up and rule in every place there needs to be a rule.” Do not allow traditions or opinions to hinder you from your call to awakening. This is our time to watch after and war for New Hampshire so this nation responds to this Kingdom call. Invite your family and friends to join this state focus at 7 PM CST. If you are not able to join us tonight at 7 PM CST, the replay will be available on GZI TV All Access in the “Surrounding the Nation” section.

“Praying for a Nation” Begins Wednesday at 7 PM CST!

As I was flying home from Europe, I heard the Spirit of the Lord instruct me to stir up the war room again. This is a time we must align with God’s shift from heaven and pray with redemptive passion. Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, I invite you to join us online at 7 PM CST for a time of warring for New Hampshire and the future of our nation. Join us in resurrecting the war room and loosing the cry of heaven!

The Winds of Change Are Blowing!
I am so grateful for all of your prayers as I ministered in Europe last week. There were incredible gatherings in Amsterdam, Belfast, and England. I taught on the winds and then prophesied to each area how the winds would be a sign of changes to verify what was spoken. Rose and Kevin Sambrook, our hosts in Northern Ireland, sent this update on Saturday as I was flying home:

“The NI Weather & Flood Advisory Service has issued the following warning: A deep area of low pressure that is now a named storm, named by the Met Office as Storm Isha, will move in to affect the majority of the UK & Ireland during Sunday and into Monday, it will continue to deepen on the approach and is likely to cause some significant impacts. Extreme high winds up to 95 mph and extremely rough sea conditions are expected…”

In Hebrew, Isha (the name of the storm) means “woman,” and in Sanskrit it means “ruling goddess.” Join me in declaring the ruling goddess is being blown away! With these winds, I hear the Spirit of God saying, “I Am in the whirlwind, and I Am going to suck up chaff that needs to be sucked up and deposit it where it needs to go. There will be a new sprouting forth of My people this hour.” Let’s continue to watch for and welcome the work of God’s whirlwind from nation to nation to nation.


Chuck D. Pierce

Doorway to Going Beyond: Overcoming the Darkness in Ephesus!

England Arising with a Call of Redemptive Prophecy!

Dear Overcoming Ones:

The Lord told me to read the book of Ephesians every day this month.  I continue to see more and more revelation each time I consider what Paul wrote to the Church in Ephesus.  Ephesus was a hub for occult activity in the Roman Empire, and if the Gospel was to confront the demonic structures over the Roman world, Ephesus was the place to do it. I am grateful that the powers of darkness were overcome in Ephesus and the whole territory changed.  This Sunday, I have asked Robert Heidler to teach on the Church at Ephesus.  I hope you will join our Celebration Service at 9 AM CST for “An Apostolic Center Overcoming the Darkness!”

“A New Way Forward” Shabbat at 6 PM!

God is not in time, but He gave us covenant in time.  Shabbat is one of the dimensions of His blessing cycle, and when we align our life with God’s times, we gain clarity for our future. Tonight’s Shabbat service will help you pause and then find your way forward into a new week.  John Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Isaac Pierce, Amman Beeftu, and Simon Lyons will help you see from a new perspective.  We will also have worship with GZI Judah Team as well as Maria Gilpin, time in the garden with Tracey Liggett’s newest video, and a special “Hallelujah” presentation. Whether you join live at 6 PM CST or by replay, I declare you will be positioned to find your way forward.  

England Arising with a Call of Redemptive Prophecy!

Four years have passed since I last ministered in England, and I can see how things have shifted. The Leaders Day training in Dudley earlier today helped call forth their redemptive purpose in the land.  There is a prophetic depth coming out of England that has never been expressed before, and it will produce an apostolic awakening.  The next seven months are so key for a new momentum in the spiritual realm of this nation.  I decree redemptive prophecy will come alive in all of England!

I just finished my final meeting here in England in Burton-on-Trent.  Although I already had a full schedule, I knew the Lord directed me to minister with Steve and Jenny Watson at their apostolic prophetic hub.  Kingdom Advance Network (KAN) is an important house of vision, and an important house of decision for this nation and the nations.  The Spirit of God declared, “From this house, you will speak and you will walk in a way you have never spoken and walked before.  You will hear an understanding of My code from the Kingdom, and you will be able to decode the paths that I send you on. I gathered you here tonight to offer My redemptive plan here in England to the United Kingdom, and from the United Kingdom to the nations of all of Europe. The next two years, I assign you to redeem My plan in these lands!”  Let’s declare the sound of redemptive prophecy will arise in Burton-on-Trent for England and the nations.  Aaron and I fly back home tomorrow and appreciate your prayers for our travel and to rearguard what the Lord has spoken to each of the countries we visited. 

The Performance of His Word!

The Garden is a place to help us see our way forward.  This new video by Tracey Liggett reflects the past week in North Texas.  Before you watch it, I would encourage you to mediate on Psalm 147:1, 15-18: “Praise the Lord!  For it is good to sing praises to our God; for it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful … He sends out His command to the earth; His word runs very swiftly.  He gives snow like wool; He scatters the frost like ashes; He casts out His hail like morsels; who can stand before His cold?  He sends out His word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow, and the waters flow.”  On this Shabbat, may you be reminded to praise Him for the performance of His word.

Shabbat shalom,

Chuck D. Pierce

Pennsylvania in Focus! Surrounding the Nation … State by State!

A Restoration Update from England!

Dear Focused Ones:

What a great “first” state launch of Surrounding the Nation with our focus on Pennsylvania!  I am so grateful for all of you who joined to gain fresh revelation so we can watch after and war for Pennsylvania in a new way.  If the United States is to have a firm foundation again, we must review the incredible impact Pennsylvania had in our nation’s beginning.  If you missed last night or could not sign onto GZI TV due to a technical glitch, we are re-airing this Pennsylvania focus tonight at 7 PM CST.  We are developing a dynamic, online platform to share revelation from each state, and as you will hear tonight, we already have an update to add to what was shared by John & Sheryl Price, Abby Abildness, Bob Walls, Chris Stark, and Julie Turck.  Don’t miss tuning in tonight at 7:00, and then following along week by week as we pray from state to state with key leaders from each territory.

This focus on Pennsylvania and each new state will be found on GZI TV.  You will want to go to the “Surrounding the Nation” section regularly to view the latest updates, as well as the online platform.  Let’s continue to watch and war for the covenant root of our country. 

A Restoration Update from England!

What an incredible start to our gatherings here in Dudley, England, with Trevor & Sharon Baker!  I first came to Revival Fires 14 years ago because it had a revival anointing, and they have been faithful to see that identity mature and develop for the future.  Tonight was a time of restoration to go through the “door” of 2024.  The Spirit of the Lord is restoring the voice of His prophets through England: “I will restore My prophetic voice all through Great Britain, starting with England.  Because you are an apostolic nation, you will hear what the prophet says if you want to rule the way I want you to rule in days ahead.  You are on My radar!” This year sets the course for the next two generations.  Let’s declare God’s people in England will use their voice to unlock the events of their future. 

Tomorrow morning, I continue ministering to leaders here and then look forward to joining Steve & Jenny Watson in Burton-on-Trent for our final gathering on this whirlwind trip.  Declare that we will finish strong!


Chuck D. Pierce

“First” State Focus: Pennsylvania — Covenant Root of Our Nation!

On the Plane Again: From N. Ireland to England with the Winds of Change!

Dear Rooted Ones:

What an incredible start to Surrounding the Nation and securing our foundation for the future.  Since the war over covenant is so vital, I knew Pennsylvania was to be the first state we focused on to watch and war for this nation.  Pennsylvania is a seed for awakening and if we understand the model that’s been created there, then we can see an entire nation changed.  I invite you to join me online at 7 PM CST as we focus on the “Keystone State.”  If you know others in that territory, encourage them to join in as well. 

If the United States is to have a firm foundation again, we must review the incredible impact Pennsylvania had in our nation’s beginning.  John & Sheryl Price, Abby Abildness, Bob Walls, Chris Stark, and Julie Turck will be my special guests to develop a prophetic charge for Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is not only bringing forth the history of this nation, but the history of a nation for the future.  Let’s watch and war for this covenant root of our country. 

On the Plane Again: From N. Ireland to England with the Winds of Change!

Oh my – what an incredible meeting here in Belfast tonight with Kevin & Rose Sambrook!  Northern Ireland is on God’s radar and the sound of the remnant in this nation will help set the course of history. Through their voices, trade will be released in a new way and a new rule of justice will be set!  Join me in declaring this remnant will see clearly, and their voice will penetrate the atmosphere and be heard in the nations of the earth.

Tomorrow, Aaron and I fly on to England to join Trevor & Sharon Baker in Dudley.  Please continue to pray that our steps are ordered and anointed as we travel with the winds of change that are circling Great Britain.


Chuck D. Pierce

The War Over Covenant in Surrounding a Nation!

On the Plane Again: From Amsterdam to Belfast with Shouts of Grace!

Dear Warring Ones:

There will always be a war over covenant!  If we desire to see the fulfillment of what God intended for our nation, then we must evaluate our covenant roots.  Since covenant is a progression, we must uncover and “dig” the next release of that covenant in every generation.  I hope you join me online tonight at 7 PM CST as we discuss the importance of carrying on the Lord’s covenant in the earth realm … state by state by state.  This will provide the foundation for tomorrow’s webcast when we look at Pennsylvania – our covenant state.

If you were not able to watch last night’s introduction to Surrounding the Nation, I encourage you to watch the replay.  This foundational teaching will establish our course as we look at each state, beginning tomorrow at 7 PM with Pennsylvania.   We are starting with the 13 Original Colonies and developing an online platform to share this revelation.  By gathering revelation on each state, we can evaluate, watch after, and war for each one.  Follow along week by week … praying from State to State with key leaders from each territory. 

On the Plane Again: From Amsterdam to Belfast with Shouts of Grace!

What an amazing night here in Amsterdam with Dick and Arleen Westerhof!  We are so grateful for your prayers that helped unlocked shouts of GRACE! I declare the grace that arises from The Netherlands will cause the nations of Europe to swing toward the Lord this year!

Tomorrow, Aaron and I fly on to N. Ireland for a regional gathering with Kevin & Rose Sambrook.  The last time I ministered with them in Belfast was over five years ago, and I am expectant for how this glory highway will manifest throughout that region.


Chuck D. Pierce

Back on the Plane Again!

Key Gatherings in The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, and England!

Dear Advancing Ones:

When you receive this email, I will be en route to Europe.  The Lord has me back on the plane again to minister internationally.  I am grateful for the highway He is forming, and I ask you to join me in declaring that highway will have GLORY at every stop!  Aaron Smith is joining me, and we begin tomorrow (Tuesday) night in Amsterdam at a gathering hosted by Dick and Arleen Westerhof.

Almost four years have passed since I was last in the Netherlands, and I am expecting to hear the sounds of victory in that nation. Later this week, I look forward to ministering in N. Ireland with Kevin & Rose Sambrook, and in England with Trevor & Sharon Baker (Dudley) as well as Steven and Jenny Watson (Burton-on-Trent).

Jan 16 (7:30 PM)

Coalition for Apostolic Reformation Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS

Jan 17 (7:30 PM)

Rhema Restoration Ministries Belfast N. IRELAND

Jan 18 (7 PM) – 19

God Will Restore in 2024! Dudley ENGLAND

Jan 19 (7 PM)

Europe Restored: Open Door in ’24 Burton on Trent ENGLAND

We greatly value your prayers for the revelation and anointing that will unlock reformation and restoration throughout Europe. We also appreciate your support for an international assignment of this nature. If you would like to sow into a harvest in the nations, you can donate online, call our office at 1-940-382-7231, text gloryofzion to (833) 710-7111, or postal mail your gift to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.


Chuck D. Pierce