Preparing for the New Year and Gaining an Extraordinary Spirit!

Key Prophecy: Shelter Your Place for I Will Be Removing Coverings!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are completing a year of transition and preparing to go through the door of a new year.  This is a crucial time to reconcile our past so we can step into a new beginning.  Yesterday’s Celebration Service was an incredible time of worship, revelatory release, and preparing for the new Hebraic year that is less than three weeks away.  Unlocking the mysteries of God is a vital part of this preparation.  As Robert Heidler taught, God is a God of mysteries and often chooses to communicate in ways we can’t easily understand.  However, He reveals His secrets to those who seek Him.  Be sure to watch the replay and learn six keys for unlocking God’s mysteries and gaining an extraordinary spirit. 

Shelter Your Place for I Will Be Removing Coverings!

Here in North Texas, many of us were awakened to the sound of rain yesterday morning.  I felt the heavens were stirring.   Ecclesiastes 3 says there comes a time for war.  There is a stirring of war throughout the lands, and these next two weeks are critical for the removal of coverings that are not from the Lord.  The King is in the Field, so allow the Lord to work with you. Stay focused on what He is doing in you, for it’s important that layers of lies are removed so we end our transition and come into a new beginning.  What follows is a portion of the prophetic release from yesterday’s Celebration Service.

“Shelter your place! Shelter your place! Find shelter under My wings. In the next two weeks there is a sheltering of My people developing. Fear not the atmosphere of conflict, for in the midst of sheltering I will see that you abide. Hear and ride, ride, ride out and ride into the new day ahead.  In that new day you will say ‘that is what was hidden in last season.’ Shelter yourself, for in the next two weeks I will be removing the coverings of what is not of Me.

“I Am removing the sheet off of men of African American descent in this country. Even now, Black man, it is time for you to rise and lead this country into freedom again. You have been imprisoned in your mind and your body way too long. The word of the prophet went forth five years ago saying African Americans will lead this nation in worship and in freedom; it is time now to rise from your homes. In these two weeks, I Am circumcising your eyes so you can see, and I Am circumcising your hearts so you can love again. America is on the comeback and the Black man in America is leading the way into freedom. 

“Watch the changing of the guards. Watch the changing of the guards because in the changing place is where vulnerability occurs. Watch now, for guards are changing; find your position along the wall. Find your call to be a runner throughout the earth. Find your position to spread the message that I have, for the guard is now changing. Refocus your vision. I have watched you put your hope in man when I am re-positioning an army throughout the earth. It’s that army, it’s those that I will be putting in place, that become the keys to breaking forth the future of lands. Watch, watch, watch for this is not a day where man is leading forth. This is the day where I have come to set a new guard on the wall.  I Am a God that dismantles. Did I not say to Jeremiah ‘tear down, that things can be rebuilt’? This will be known as the time that things became dismantled so that they could be established again.

“Don’t allow the shrapnel from the war and conflict in your atmosphere to penetrate your eyes. Don’t allow the judgments from your past bloodlines to cause your eyes to be planked up. For this is the time that I Am opening eyes. I Am opening eyes to things that have never been opened up. Watch the dragon, for the dragon is on the move. The dragon is blowing fire and the only way you can change the fire of the dragon is to have the fire and the Spirit of burning. My fire can overcome the fire of the dragon that is surrounding.

“I have had My eye on the silent assassin and what has slipped through the guard at night. Know that in the striking of the lightning there are seven hosts of angelic assistance that I am sending. Seven posts of seven hosts representing the manifold wisdom, the sevenfold Spirit, of who I Am. My eye has been on the silent assassin and I Am sending seven hosts to seven posts in My world that will establish posts of righteousness, posts of justice who carry My wisdom and My discernment. In the striking of the lightning and in the sound of the thunder, know that My host of angelic assistance has been released.”  (Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Marty Cassady, Tobias Lyons, Cedric Hatcher)



Chuck D. Pierce

Entering the Season of God’s Favor!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I never take for granted the ability to worship! Yesterday’s Firstfruits Celebration for Elul was an incredible time of gathering (onsite and online) to honor the Lord by giving back to Him the first and best of all He has given us. Although last month (Av) may have been narrow and trying, when we rejoice in God’s faithfulness it releases faith for the month ahead. If there is breath within you, allow Firstfruits to be your opportunity to sound your praise and thank God for what He has done, as well as His desire to meet us in the field! As Robert Heidler shared in “The Hebrew Month of Elul: Entering the Season of God’s Favor”, the King is very accessible. This is our time to choose to go out, give ourselves to Him, and receive His favor.   I declare you will walk in the shalom of God this month. Set aside time to watch our Firstfruits Celebration and meet the King in the field!

The Water is Alive!

This is a month when what has seemed complex will be made simple, and what has clouded our vision will be washed away. This amazing Illuminate dance video set to the original GZI song, The Water is Alive, will help wash you clean and raise you from the deep. As you watch it, declare that you are not afraid to go deeper!

The Water is Alive


Chuck D. Pierce

Possessing the Promised Land with Joshua! The Days of Being Ravished Are Coming to an End!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are in an hour to aggressively press for the promise ahead!  Yesterday’s Celebration Service was an amazing time of bringing our worship from the last season to a new dimension of enlargement and anointing.  When we recognize our ending is also our new beginning, we can declare the narrow place must give way to increase, opportunity and a greater expression of identity. 

As Robert Heidler so wonderfully taught, this is our time for “Possessing the Promised Land!” We must be like Joshua and break through to the promised revival.  You choose how much of the promise you will receive; you can have as much of God’s glory as you want by seeking His face continually.  I declare you are being repositioned and empowered to step into your new beginning!

The Days of Being Ravished Are Coming to an End!

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 7.32.50 PM

You are coming into a great glory …

  • into a place you have never been before
  • a place that you will experience Me covering you in a new way
  • a place where your soul is going to be filled with prosperity in a new way

Where the enemy tried to ravish you, the days of your ravishing are coming to an end. You will ravish the enemy! From your soul prospering, you will wear a glory realm you have never worn before.

I encourage you to visit the Prophecy Center weekly to hear and meditate on some of what the Spirit of God is speaking through this portal. 


Chuck D. Pierce

This Sunday: Breaking Through to the Promised Revival!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We look forward to an amazing online-only service tomorrow, Sunday, when our Judah Team of singers, dancers and musicians will lead us forth in live worship, sound and movement.  I will be administrating the service, and Robert Heidler will be teaching on Breaking Through to the Promised Revival: Entering the Promised Land with Joshua!  Continue pressing forward – this is our time to cross over! 

When I was in the Tabernacle yesterday with our Judah Team, I was amazed at how much has changed. The Lord has truly blessed us in establishing a new vessel for worship and communication in this new era.  As you join us tomorrow by livestream at 9 AM (CDT), I declare you will be progressing into your new identity just as we are pressing into our new corporate identity at the Global Spheres Center. 

Then don’t forget on Sunday, August 23, we will host our first corporate gathering to celebrate Firstfruits.  Elul is the Hebrew month when the King is in the Field – so we want to invite all of you to come next Sunday (August 23) to experience a new expression of identity and celebration in the Tabernacle.


God’s people are continuing to watch over their regions and go on prayer journeys.  I urge you to keep interceding fervently for your cities and territories.  Here are three great examples that should encourage you! 

Shaking in the Carolinas

Many of you may have heard about the recent 5.1 earthquake in North Carolina – the largest to hit the Carolinas in over 100 years.  In this 4-minute video, Susie Zeigler shares how they have been watching, listening and welcoming the presence of the Lord into their region.  She and Anne Romanello serve faithfully as visionaries in pulling together the remnant in the Carolinas in intercession, revelation, fellowship, and warfare strategies.  What Susie shares here is just incredible! 

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 1.05.52 PM

Journey to the Center of the United States

Dan and Mary Reese help oversee our ministry finances, and I am so grateful for all they do as watchman over what the Lord has provided us.  In June, they took a trip to South Dakota with their family, and I asked Mary to write up this amazing report.

Our family vacationed in South Dakota where Dan grew up and both sons were born.  It was an opportunity to reconnect with family there and introduce all the grandsons to the land they are connected to.

We went to the geographic center of the United States, located in a field near Belle Fourche, South Dakota.  The center shifted to this location in 1959 when Alaska and Hawaii became states.  Our entire family of 12 was there – three generations of Reese boys.

Chuck gave us a word to make a statement from that center point “that the Lord would realign the issues of America” and to use Isaiah 59:21.  Janice Swinney said to declare release of the troop of Healers in line with Barbara Wentroble’s word that the Lord is releasing  Healers to heal people, lands, and nations.

We placed a plumb line with an inscription of Isaiah 59:21 on the flag pole (which had no flag) and made those declarations as a family.  Dan read a portion of Isaiah 59,  blew a shofar and each of us poured anointing oils on the base of the pole, making declarations after each one.

America the Beautiful Prayer Journey

Here is another great report from August 2-9 when Mildred Bean, Diane Isaacs, Linda Davis and Anita Anderson travelled through several states in our nation.

What started out with two friends as a getaway to enjoy the land in South Dakota (one of two states not mandating face mask) ended up with four friends and an eight-state prayer adventure to bless and pray for America. After talking with Dan and Mary Reese, we knew one of our stops would be in South Dakota at the center of the 50 states outside of Belle Fourche so we set out asking God to direct our path on this journey. After going through Oklahoma and blessing the state, we entered Kansas where the Lord started speaking to each of us. The phrase “national miracles” was mentioned. This set a tone of anticipation of adding our prayers and declarations to the synergy and convergence of those who went before us to see national miracles for our land. And in each state, we called forth the God-given destiny for the land and the people and declared His Kingdom come!

God also started highlighting prayer points and reminded us of phrases like from “sea to shining sea”. While researching the phrase from America the Beautiful, we all realized that the eight stanzas were a blessing, prayer and declaration over. American the Beautiful is a prophetic picture of God’s grace over America, freedom, brotherhood, and unity that colored our prayer and decrees for the entire trip.

The Holy Spirit reminded us that the center of the 48 states was located in Lebanon, Kansas. While taking communion there, we noticed a crack in the foundation of the monument for geographical center of the forty-eight states and poured the elements into this area and declared that the rifts in America would be healed, and proclaimed the blood of Jesus over our nation. The shofar was blown directly facing above the memorial marker to reopen the portal to truth, justice and liberty, as well as engage angelic activity. We were also able to pray for and prophesy over Eric Johnson, an Apache Indian from Arizona who was holding meetings there for seventy-seven days, June 1 to August 16. He had seemed discouraged due to the lack of support from the area pastors and stated that we were like the ravens that God sent to Elijah to encourage and provide for him.

Going through Nebraska we declared that boldness and courage would arise in Christians and that fear and intimidation would be dealt with. In South Dakota we enjoyed God’s creation and visited historical sites (Mount Rushmore, Geographical Center, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer National Park and Badlands) to pray and declare, particularly over our nation’s history with its First People.

The time at the Geographical Center of the United States outside Belle Fourche was an amazing time of communion and prophetic decrees. SD state representative, Sue Peterson, joined us by phone and legislated with us.

While in intercession at the Wounded Knee memorial, Holy Spirit spoke to the Native People, “Call the warriors to rise up and take their place.  Stop being pulled back into the pain of the past but rise up and war for the Kingdom!”.

We blessed Wyoming on our way to Colorado. While on Pikes Peak, we took communion and read all eight verses of America the Beautiful. We also prayed for Neil Gorsuch, who is from Colorado, and the Supreme Court for justice to be established.

The last declaration from Pikes Peak was that Jesus voice was speaking Liberty/Freedom over the land and the people because He is the fulfillment of Jubilee! Interesting that the last word of America the Beautiful is the word “jubilee”. God bless America! America! America! God shed His grace on thee!


Chuck D. Pierce


Dear Advancing Ones:

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without a vision a people perish.”  Essentially, without prophetic utterance we begin to go backwards.  That is why we have prepared a special service for this Sunday: LET THE PROPHETS SPEAK!  Don’t miss hearing from key voices like Bill Johnson, Ché Ahn, Patricia King, Daniel Pierce, Norma Sarvis, Rick Joyner, Tom & Jane Hamon, John & Sheryl Price, Sean Feucht and Melinda Richardson who will provide the unction for all of us to continue pressing forward in this key month.  We are decreeing that you are progressing as we are progressing here at the Global Spheres Center.  Join us by webcast this Sunday at 9 AM (CDT) to grab hold of the revelation needed to overcome all month long.  Since there is so much to share, we will take a short break during the live service and then offer the replay in two parts. 

Impacting the Land: Beulah Acres Agroforest Update!

In the beginning, God began with a Garden.  That is the reason when we first purchased this property that we began by developing a Garden.  We also have worked to connect the Garden into the Tabernacle and the rest of this complex.  As God’s remnant here in the earth, we are called to enforce His covenant that was established in the Garden. 

Late last fall, Beulah Acres Center was approved for a new Agroforest program.  Agroforest is a land development method based on the symbiotic cooperation of trees, plants and wild life that are vital in generating a sustainable ecosystem for the harvest of organic produce.  Daniel Arenas has been teaching this new program, and we are excited to be at the forefront of helping develop sustainable models of stewardship. 

July projects focused on irrigation efficiency (cutting back 85% of irrigation time by putting together a moveable system in part of the agroforest) and a swale/dam project to collect rainwater to reduce city water use.  We had 35 Denton County Master Gardeners, Texas Master Naturalists, Illuminate and independent volunteers onsite.  Additionally, a 5-class Permanent Garden Series on the basics of vegetable gardening was hosted for the community, as well as a Global Gardeners class for Illuminate students (7 – 11 years old) that featured watermelon, cantaloupe and zinnias.  As you can see below, we had an amazing harvest!  We are now working on a full year calendar with recorded classes to include lesson plans and home activities. 


Chuck D. Pierce

A New Thing is Happening! A New Era – Press Through!

Dear Advancing Ones:

This is a time when we are declaring you will press through! We are coming out of the Dire Straits and pressing through the narrow place! Yesterday’s Firstfruits Celebration for Av was a key ending and beginning time in the history of our lives, territories, and the nations of which we are a part. God is doing a new thing – do not miss this service!

Coming to Your “Beyond!”

Seasons of transition are times that many would prefer to avoid. In fact, because of the challenges of pressing through a difficult place, many people never move into all that God has for them. Yet it is transition that moves us from the wilderness into restoration. Because transition means crossing over to a new place or passing from one condition to another, we must travel through a “narrow place” as we venture through the process. The narrow place is where the paths we are used to walking suddenly becomes more confined and precarious—much like crossing over a deep ravine on a swinging bridge. During these confining times, we commonly find ourselves under the Lord’s scrutiny. But God always has a purpose and strategy for you to make it through. Let me summarize the narrow place of transition:

  • A time to move from WILDERNESS into RESTORATION
  • Where our path becomes confined and precarious
  • Where we are tested so He can trust us with a new level of STEWARDSHIP (Luke 18)
  • An “eye of the needle” type place … like where the camel’s load had to be totally removed so it could crawl through, into the walled city
  • The place of bringing forth the new
  • Where we must travail to press through
  • What brings us to our “BEYOND”

As we are coming out of the Dire Straits, I am declaring you are pressing into your BEYOND!

We are making incredible progress here at the Global Spheres Center. Although next Sunday (August 9) will still be webcast-only, we are hoping to record the service from the new Tabernacle to provide your first full glimpse of how we will worship and communicate coming out of the Dire Straits.


Chuck D. Pierce

Av Firstfruits Celebration at 9 AM – ONLINE ONLY! Coming Out of the Dire Straits: Inheriting the Promise of Caleb & Rahab!

Dear Advancing Ones:

God has a calendar, and if we choose to celebrate His appointed times, we align with His cycle of blessing. Don’t miss tomorrow’s online-only Firstfruits Celebration for Av. Rather than celebrating during the Dire Straits, we will be entering into the revelation of this new month coming out of the Dire Straits! Plan to join us online at 9 AM (CDT) for an incredible morning of worship, videos, prophetic declaration, giving, and revelation that will propel us into the blessings of this month. I will be imparting, and there will also be key messages from Amber Pierce and Robert Heidler to help you continue advancing in this month of Av. Be sure to enter into, “Coming Out of the Dire Straits and Inheriting the Promise of Caleb and Rahab!”

Refreshed in the Garden!

This week we received two amazing rains, and the Israel Prayer Garden couldn’t be more radiant. Take a few minutes to be refreshed by the rain of His presence, and enter into His rest in the Garden.


Shabbat shalom,

Chuck D. Pierce