Record Your Revelation!

A Dialogue of Caution and Encouragement from Penny Jackson

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We are in a week of revelation.  As I shared in this video, revelation uncovers and help us move forward.  What follows is a great example from Penny Jackson for all of us on recording what the Lord is saying to you.  Penny’s dialogue with the Lord includes timing, caution, encouragement and how He is protecting us in all of the changes we are going through.  I encourage you to enter in as you read this word, and set aside time to record what the Lord is speaking to you as well. 


I have the perfect timing for the confusion and uproar in the nation and in the nations to break. It hasn’t gotten away from Me, and I am not thrown by any of it. I know that you know that, and yet the steady diet of lies makes you stumble a little bit at times. Is it any wonder that so many are deceived?  It is important for Me to put things in place because there are many righteous ones who have fallen for the deception and believed the lie. 

Can you even imagine how they will feel when the truth comes out?  The shock? The hurt? The guilt?  They won’t know what to do or where to turn. You must pray for them. It will hit them like a bolt of lightning. They will question Me and why I let this happen, not realizing that there were signs along the way, not realizing that people could speak such lies. They will be horrified by the depth of evil. The enemy will try to hide it, but there will be a revelation and they will be face-to-face with truth.  Many will be devasted, many will feel tricked, and as so often happens, they will blame Me for their decisions and choices.  There will be great anger: “Why did I let that happen to them?”

A Greater Grace and Measure of Forgiveness

I will need those who have understanding of Me and my actions to walk with great love and compassion during that season.  The enemy will try to increase the questioning of Me and will try to put great doubt in many where I am concerned. I will need those who truly know Me and My ways to guide them through this. I need those with the understanding and big picture to be there waiting. 

You will need to walk with extraordinary compassion because they will lash out in anger borne of shame and embarrassment and pride. For many, they won’t feel bad and will continue to track with the enemy even after he shows his true colors in all of this, but many will be rocked to their core by their deception and their foundations will shake. They will really begin to doubt themselves. Some will hold onto the deception because it’s easier than dealing with these doubts. You will be one of these that knows Me and will share My forgiveness and will let many know who I am and how I love them.

There must not be any shred of “I told you so” or pride that you did not fall for the lies. There can be none of that because it is by My grace that you were exposed to truth during this time. And no one has walked it out perfectly. My children will be heartbroken and feel like they have let Me down. There will be such sorrow. You will help with their restoration. You will remind them of My great love. It’s a time for the Body to unify in this, to unify in this healing process.  It is a time for the Body to understand fully My love and acceptance, My grace and mercy. I am preparing My Body for this time. I have called forth greater intimacy with Me through the prophets and their words.  I am calling you to know Me so well that you can represent Me accurately in this time. Be My heart on earth. 

A Walk of Caution

The timing in what will happen next is elusive, but close … so close. There will be such an uproar, such upheaval, when it occurs. People will feel angry but will not know where to put their anger. People will lash out but won’t know who to lash out at. Rage will ensue as they learn of cures that could have saved their loved ones. The hardest will be for them to accept the fate of the children … all those children for years.  It is even hard for you to go there, and you are already aware of it. People will be horrified. So much emotion will come up, and so many people are wounded and don’t know how to handle their emotions in a healthy way. Walk this out very carefully, not going anywhere unless you feel Me strongly pull that direction. Walk with great  caution. Don’t make a move, any move, until I tell you to.  To do so would be very dangerous because people will be out of control for a season. Then the sorrow will hit … such a sorrow that you can’t imagine.

You remember how you felt when you first learned about it. It was hard for you to sleep at night. And you were on the right side when you heard it. Think of those who have supported those corrupted ones, who have battled for them, who have built their lives on thinking they were doing the right thing. 

Prepare with Prayer 

The saddest to watch will be those who can’t go there — who can’t face the enormity of it all. They will choose to remain deceived.  It takes courage to face something like this … a great deal of courage.  Pray that your family will not be among those who will continue to be deceived. Pray that they will have the courage to face this and walk through it. Pray that they will hear truth, receive truth, and that they will allow their pride to go so that they can admit truth and walk through the aftermath. Pray for a heart of repentance for them.  You can’t even imagine the horror of this. But it is a pulling off of the scab so that the wound can heal, so that the infection can be removed. It will come off quickly, and it will be ugly. 

I have the way to do this in place. I have the timing for this. I am working with My people to get them ready. The churches will be in amazement; to find the wickedness within My churches will be so hard for people.  Pray that they will turn toward Me instead of away from Me.  Declare that the enemy will not get his foot in the door with those.  He longs to draw them his way. Declare that will not happen and cry out on behalf of those. 

Don’t expect people to come to you in repentance … your family, your friends. They will be dealing with the aftermath of all of this. You don’t need that anyway.  In time it may come. It may never come. 

A People Made Ready

The timing on this is close. Make yourself ready.  Stay as close to Me as you ever have because it will be so necessary. I have gotten My people used to upheaval as I have prepared for this; I have walked people through challenging times they have never experienced before. Finally, most have gotten the understanding that things will never be what they were.  

Put aside every distraction. Put away anything that would keep you from hearing from Me, from hearing My voice. My plan is a strategic one, and there are strategies you must know to walk it out rightly. 

I am your protection in this.  I will keep you safe as the rage comes forth. I will keep you in a safe place, in My shelter until that storm passes. When the sorrow comes, that is when you will make your move … not during the rage, but during the sorrow. Then you will reach out with My heart and My compassion. Then revival will begin.

A New Stand in the Midst of Complacency

There is coming a time when My Body will have to take a stand in a way they haven’t in the past. There is coming a time, but it is not to be a time of fear. Haven’t I always shown Myself at what appears to be the midnight hour?  Haven’t I always shown Myself?  I will again. But these things will need to happen for people to see My miracles and My signs and wonders. Who I am will be seen through the brightness of these wonders in the middle of much darkness. There will be great revival but at a cost — at the cost of great darkness.  Many will need the darkness to turn them toward the Light.  Many will stay complacent until things are so dark that they can no longer stay in complacency. Many have been the frogs in the pot. It will get so hot that even they can’t stand it anymore. You are seeing the beginning of that in these days, but it will increase in days ahead. Know that I can direct you clearly in times like this. Know that this must happen for people to turn to Me. It’s not my heart that this must happen. Some will be lost in this, but that is just on this side of heaven. They will not be lost to Me at all. 

There will be a time when it seems that you (the Body) are losing.  Turn your eyes on Me and stay fully focused on Me then. I am not a man that I should lie, and I will be victorious. Darkness will try to draw you down, and will try to draw My people away.  Hide yourselves for a little while. Run under My wing. It is the only safe place. You are victorious in Me.  You will be victorious in Me. 

An Awakening Awaits

Not many are seeing the battle that will precede the great third awakening. Yes, the enemy is losing and there will be no doubt that I am victorious in this.  But many are not seeing what will need to happen first — that it will have to get so dark that people will turn toward Me in their despair. As one who has that understanding, as one that knows My light will shine brightest in great darkness, I will need you to be so close to Me. You will take chances that are scary, but you will know that they are from Me.  This is not a time when you will struggle to hear My Voice. You will recognize My voice clearly and immediately.  Others will hear My voice through you.  That responsibility won’t be scary because you will be so sure of Me in it. You will be so clear that it’s Me. But stay so close to Me that nothing can wedge its way between us. Don’t judge others for where they are and what they are doing. I am an individual God who has unique things for each of My children. Just put your focus in Me and what I require of you. I will unify My Body, but it will be made of many unique parts.  As you look up together toward Me, I will draw you closer together.

The Awakening will be glorious. It will be exciting and thrilling when it gets here. However, it’s going to mean giving everything to Me, sacrificing to a different level – time-wise and involvement-wise. My hand is now and will be always on you wherever I call you to go. You will not doubt Me or My presence for a moment. All that you have and all that you are you must lay before Me.  I have prepared you for such a time as this.

Ready for Battle

It will truly be the best of times and the worst of times, but it will lead to the holiest of times. Things that have kept My people in place will fall away, and My truth will be left standing. The world won’t give up without a fight, but I have made My people ready … ready for battle.

Chuck D. Pierce

Kingdom vs. Kingdom … Understanding the Rule and Will of God!

Dear Advancing Ones:

The message of the Bible is an account of two contrasting kingdoms: the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world.  Many perceive “kingdom” to be a geographical territory. However, kingdom means “rule”, and the Kingdom of God is the rule and will of God manifested on earth.  When you begin with the way God set up His Kingdom, the world will not be able to conform you to its lower expression of kingdom.  That is why it’s so vital we understand KINGDOM FIRST!  Yesterday’s Celebration Service was an incredible opportunity to respond to the call to be ambassadors of God’s Kingdom in the earth realm.  If you were not able to enter into the worship and revelation, I encourage you to watch the replay and declare the Kingdom of God will manifest in you. 

The Rights Moves Will Win the War!

We are in a KINGS war!  As I said yesterday while sharing about a checkers match I played with my grandson, Elijah, if you make your moves right then you will win the war.  This Prophecy Center video will encourage you to become a game-changer. Be about your Father’s business … the Kingdom of God is within you!

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Chuck D. Pierce

The Feast of the Holy Spirit … Let the Fire Fall!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are being divinely positioned with a new identity this Pentecost!  Each session today has been incredible, and we still look forward to Isaac Pitre ministering at 7 PM CDT.  We will conclude in the morning with a special Shavuot Celebration you won’t want to miss!  Robert Heidler will be joining me in culminating this harvest feast and teaching on “The Feast of the Holy Spirit!”  We will begin at 8 AM with water baptisms, and our Celebration Service at 9 AM.  Whether you join us online or here at the Global Spheres Center, prepare to welcome Holy Spirit fire! 

Threshed: The Story of Ruth!
Last night’s musical production was just amazing.  Here are just a few pictures that will bring you to the threshing floor and to God’s promises for you today!

Particularly for those of you in other time zones around the world, all of our sessions are being uploaded and made available for replay for 24 hours.  Later next week, we will provide yet another opportunity to watch our replays.  Find your times to enter into this harvest celebration weekend!

4th Watch Garden Now Complete!

Just in time for Pentecost, our renovation of the 4th Watch Garden by the Prayer Tower entrance is now complete!  After the “Deep Freeze” in February, we needed to remove the old, to prepare for a new expression.  With a focus on Micah 4:4-5, we declare this will be a place to sit and know the LORD. 


Chuck D. Pierce

Removing Old Roots to Prepare for Future Fruitfulness!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We each have a portion that we have been allotted by God. Our destiny has boundaries meant for multiplication, increase and fullness.  Satan’s temptations are meant to keep us from multiplying and increasing in the portion that each of us has been allotted.  Three demonic strongholds that we deal with most of the time in our lives are povertyinfirmity and religion. Since any one of these can stop us from walking in victory, you can imagine the impact when all three of these demonic strongholds align with each other.

Removing Old Roots to Prepare for Future Fruitfulness!

This has been a time of uprooting and replanting!  Earlier this week, Pam and the Garden Team removed all of the freeze damaged and dead plants from the Prayer Tower Garden (also known  as the 4th Watch Garden).  In doing so, they were left with a mass of old roots. Before the replanting process could begin, they had to clear the ground of the old to make way for the new.

This is an example for all of us.  Just as we must be diligent to clear and prepare new places of fruitfulness in our gardens, we must do the same in our hearts before we can advance into the new.  Only then can we be prosperous plantings of the Lord!


Chuck D. Pierce