Hong Kong Update: The Power to Change!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I’ve been privileged to come to Hong Kong since the late 1990s, but never has there been what was here tonight!  The power to change has come!  In this New Era of declaration, this trip to Asia has exceeded my expectations.  As we prophesy and prophesy again, we are seeing the Spirit of God bring incredible change from nation to nation to nation!

We have begun the journey back home, so please pray us in safely.  On these long flights, I have been reading the book of Acts, and encourage you to do the same through our “28 Days of Prayer” to activate a Kingdom-move of the Spirit!   We want to embrace the Spirit of the Lord so that what happened in the book of Acts will start manifesting in a greater form today.  Be sure to join the daily webcasts or watch the replays, to help unlock this power.

Chuck D. Pierce

Malaysia Update: The Region of God’s Awakening!

Dear Awakening Ones:

We had an incredible meeting in Cuching, East Malaysia on Borneo Island. People gathered from the north of East Malaysia to here in the South.  Since 1993, I have prayed for Borneo, the third largest island in the world consisting of East Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. Indonesia is moving their national capital from Jakarta to Borneo in 2 years. This is the key central island of the Central Maritime Asian islands. This is the region of God’s awakening, and I am so grateful for your prayers. Here is a small presentation of their First Peoples tribe portraying The God of Harvest Warring over the Bride.

We are now preparing to fly on to Hong Kong for our next New Era gathering on Tuesday night, before flying home on Wednesday.

Chuck D. Pierce

On to Asia … Malaysia and Hong Kong!

Dear World Changers:

I am on my way to Asia for two key gatherings in Malaysia and Hong Kong.  This trip will be one of my most demanding of the year, but I know the Spirit of God has called me to declare the Body of Christ in Asia is moving beyond!  Please pray for a Holy Spirit empowerment to align peoples and nations in this new harvest season.  John Mark Pierce is joining me, and Allen Faubion (who coordinated both gatherings) will be meeting us there.  Continue to declare a new era has begun … in Kuching, Malaysia on Monday night, in Hong Kong on Tuesday night, and wherever you reside!

I could not continue advancing without your prayers and support.  If you would like to sow into “moving beyond”, you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your gift to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.

Chuck D. Pierce

Time to Plow Regional Gatherings Continue!

Dear Advancing Ones:

This is era of Holy Spirit movement!  What amazing reports are coming in from our 28 days of prayer to activate a Kingdom move of the Spirit.  We want to embrace the Spirit of the Lord so that what happened in the historical book of Acts will start manifesting in a greater form today.

If you have yet to enter in, it’s not too late!  I encourage you to begin reading a chapter of Acts each day, as well as attend/watch the daily watches at noon. The first two watches have already shifted our expectation for how Holy Spirit desires to meet us.  All watches are livestreamed as well as replayed for a week.

A Time to Travel….A Time to Plow

I am once again preparing to travel internationally, and leave this Saturday for two New Year’s gatherings in Malaysia and Hong Kong.  Joining me are Aaron Smith and John Pierce, with Allen Faubion meeting us in Asia.  I could not continue advancing without your prayers and support.  Upon my return, I will resume the last of our Time to Plow regional gatherings that I am doing with Dutch Sheets.  If you are near one of these cities, I would encourage you to join us.  If you are further way, please continue to declare an acceleration into the restoration that God has decreed over America!  My complete schedule through December 1 is below.

  • Oct 28 (7:30 PM)
    • Moving into 5780 and Beyond!  Kuching MALAYSIA  +60 012 888 8532
  • Oct 29 (6:30 PM)
    • Moving into 5780 and Beyond! HONG KONG  +852 5111 7175
  • Nov 2 (9 AM – 6 PM)
    • Fall Festival at Global Spheres Center, Corinth TX (940) 382-7231
  • Nov 3 (9 AM)
    • Firstfruits Celebration for Cheshvan, Corinth TX
  • Nov 6 (7 PM)
  • Nov 13
    • Global Prophetic Consultation, Red Oak TX
  • Nov 14 (7 PM)
  • Nov 15 (7 PM)
  • Nov 20 (6:30 PM)
  • Nov 21 (6 PM)
  • Nov 22 (6:30 PM) – 23 (9 AM)
  • Dec 1 (9 AM)
    • Firstfruits Celebration for Kislev, Corinth TX
  • Dec 1 (6 PM)

New Advances in a New Era

We have stepped into a season where we must go beyond in our expectation of God’s power manifesting in our lives.  In this new era, it is critical that we declare the divine return of what has been scattered.  We saw a great example of this with Sam and Linda Castor.  Their testimony should encourage each of us to allow the Lord to rearrange our lives and gift mixes so we begin to express our identity in powerful new ways.


Chuck D. Pierce

Taiwan Trip Update: The Apostolic Prototype!

Dear Advancing Ones:

INDESCRIBABLE!  Words are hard to find for the Apostolic Kingdom Advancing Conference in Taipei!  Taiwan is definitely a prototype nation, and the apostolic movement that has developed there is just amazing! Leaders are working together to advance the Kingdom, and the decrees we have made over this nation are bearing great fruit with the commissioning of 15 new apostolic centers.  Continue to declare that Taiwan will be a prototype that impacts the world! 

Aaron and I just arrived back in Texas, and I look forward to ministering this Sunday morning at the Global Spheres Center.  I then fly to Israel to join Daniel and Amber for their Sukkot Celebration at the GZI Ministry Center in Jerusalem.  They are flying home from Taiwan now, whereas Robert and Linda flew to Tokyo to minister in Japan.  I am so grateful for your prayers in sending us to the nations. Without your support, we could not keep advancing with the impact we’ve seen across the globe.

When I return from any trip, one of the first things I do is visit the Israel Prayer Garden.  This latest video will bring you into Ephraim, which is the tribe associated with the month of Tishri.  As you prepare to enter Shabbat, I encourage you to watch this video and find His peace in the Garden.

Chuck D. Pierce

On to Taiwan … the Prototype Nation!

Dear History Makers:

I am presently flying to Taipei, Taiwan for the national gathering, The Apostolic Kingdom Advancing: Taiwan, the Prototype Nation!  The Chinese Church is in a three-year window of accelerated rearrangement of vision, and it’s vital we continue to watch and pray for China during this time.  The eyes of the world are focused on this region, and I don’t believe it’s any coincidence we are here at the start of this new era. Accompanying me on this assignment are Aaron Smith and John Price,  as well as Robert Heidler and Linda Heidler (who flew out on Monday).  Daniel and Amber Pierce, in addition to Alain Caron and Paul Viglo, are already in Taiwan and we look forward to joining them there.

I will be ministering all day Thursday before flying home on Friday. We greatly value your prayers for the release of wisdom and revelation that will help develop this prototype nation.  We also appreciate your support for an international assignment of this nature.

Chuck D. Pierce

Setting Your Course for Glory!

Dear Advancing Ones:

Yesterday afternoon I landed in Dallas after returning from incredible meetings in Accra, Ghana.  Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams of Action Chapel International Ministries, along with Rev. Betty King, hosted our team.  The clarity of wisdom and revelation that came forth by the Spirit of God was just beyond.  In just a few hours I will be flying to Taiwan for The Apostolic Kingdom Advancing.  I could not continue pressing on from nation to nation without your prayers!

Chuck D. Pierce

On to Ghana: Commanding a New Opening for Africa!

Dear Commanding Ones:

I am presently flying from Israel through London to Ghana for a National Gathering in their capital city, Accra.  This will be my first time to minister corporately since Head of the Year, and those gathering are expectant for a word to direct their nation. In essence, they have put a demand on the Lord’s gift within me, and I am asking that you pray for a portal of revelation to be established to command a new opening for Ghana and all of Africa (Is. 45:11). This is actually the 400th year since the first recorded slaves from Africa arrived in North America to work plantations in English colonies.  In addition to speaking on Saturday night and Sunday morning, I am also scheduled to meet with the President of Ghana.

Joining me on this assignment are Anne Tate, Chad Foxworth, James Vincent, John Price, Marty Cassady, and Melinda Richardson.  On Saturday morning, Anne will be part of a team ministering at the Wailing Women’s Gathering. Without your prayers and support, we could not break forth as a new, sharp threshing instrument with teeth.  Please begin to speak into this nation, and declare new beginnings are to be established (Job 22:28).  You can also sow financially into our ministry for Ghana and the impact this gathering will have for Africa and the nations.

When we conclude here, I will travel to Taiwan for The Apostolic Kingdom Advancing, and then back to Israel for the Sukkot Celebration that Daniel and Amber are hosting at the GZI Ministry Center, “New Vision for a New Era!”  At the end of the month, I will be in Asia again when I minister in both Malaysiaand Hong Kong during this Tabernacles season.  Only a supernatural anointing will enable me to press through, but I am expectant for how the Spirt of God will establish a new Kingdom order from nation to nation and continent to continent.

Chuck D. Pierce