“Faith that Goes Beyond” Firstfruits Celebration!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

When I woke up this morning, I heard the Spirit of God say, “FAITH THAT GOES BEYOND!”  We cannot operate in yesterday’s level of faith to gain vision for where the Lord is calling us – particularly as we cross into Av, a month that can be our “high point” or “low point.”  This Sunday will be a special opportunity to express our first and best to the Lord and receive the revelation that will help us journey off the “plateau.”  Begin to develop your expectation for worshiping this Sunday at 9 AM CDT as we celebrate Firstfruits and hear Robert Heidler’s message on “Faith That Goes Beyond: Moving Forward in the Month of Av!”

I am already preparing my Firstfruits offering for this Sunday. You may wonder why Firstfruits giving is so important to me and what it accomplishes. Here are four reasons:

  1. Firstfruits giving honors God as your source … a declaration that your blessings come from God!
  2. Firstfruits giving sanctifies (makes holy) the rest of your income!  (Rom. 11:16) 
  3. Firstfruits giving releases the fullness of God’s blessing.  (Ez. 44:30)
  4. Firstfruits giving opens us to receive God’s overflowing provision.  (Prov. 3:9-10)

    Since I was 18, my whole life has been built around the principle of Firstfruits. I fully believe that understanding and celebrating Firstfruits is the key to prospering in God’s time and order. I hope you will join me this Sunday at 9 AM for our Av Rosh Chodesh Celebration!  Following the service, we will have tours of the Israel Prayer GardenShabbat wine and olive oil from Israel at The Vine, and fresh produce and more at the Beulah Acres Farmers Market in The Branch.


Chuck D. Pierce

Enter God’s Rest! Gaining Strength to Prevail in the Battles of Life!

Key Prophecy: Turning the Label of Famine into Prosperity!

Dear “Resting” Ones:

In times of conflict and controversy we need to understand the blessings of Shabbat. Our Sabbath rest is not meant to be a religious ritual or painful observance, but something we celebrate to gain strength to prevail in the battles of life. Robert and Linda Heidler are two people who take great delight in the blessings of Shabbat. They understand that Sabbath was made to meet the needs of the people, and not people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath. When I asked Robert to teach on the importance of entering God’s rest on a weekly basis, I knew he would help all of us embrace the joy of God’s blessing in an incredible way. What he shared yesterday on Shabbat rest and dominion rest was just amazing. God has a rest for you! If you could not join our service yesterday, I encourage you to watch the replay to express your heart of worship and then “Enter God’s Rest!” I declare you are being sent forth to gain Sabbath rest through His work so you have the strength to enter dominion rest through your work.

Turning the Label of Famine into Prosperity!

We are a people who walk by faith and not by sight. Although your climate may seem hostile to new life, the Spirit of the Lord does not want the signs of drought to hinder you from sowing. This prophetic word from yesterday’s service will encourage you to change the label attached to your land!

“The land that you stand on you have called ‘a famine’, but as soon as your feet and seed go into that ground, I say it is prosperous. Until you put your foot on that land that has been dry and sow your seed, it will be barren. But by demarcating that land with your seed and with your feet touching it, it becomes prosperous! No matter how dry it is in the natural, I’ll bust the ground from beneath it and water it if I have to. Put your seed and plant your feet on the land, and I will change the label of that land. Take territories and plant seeds and plant your feet on the land for I will water it supernaturally. I am turning the label of ‘famine’ into ‘PROSPERITY.’ Plant your seed in the land! I am making you like rain. Ascend with Me so I can bring you back down. Ascend with Me so I can descend on the land, and you can quench the land!” (Josh Black, Keevy Phillips, Chad Foxworth)


Chuck D. Pierce

Renew Your Expectation and Develop Your Faith for Rain!

“Roll Up Your Cares and I Will Rain Down Results!”

Dear Expectant Ones:

There are times when we must develop child-like faith to see our atmosphere change! I never want to lose an expectancy for God to manifest in our lives … whether it’s to enjoy a blackberry cobbler or for the sky to cloud over and pour down rain.  Yesterday’s service was a celebration of our faith in a miracle working God!  He not only opens the floodgates of heaven and restores our expectation, but He also gives us authority to break curses.  If you could not join us, I encourage you to watch the replay, move in a way that causes the heavens above you to change, and receive “Keys to Overcoming a Curse!”

“Roll Up Your Cares and I Will Rain Down Results!”

If we cast our cares on the Lord then we are able to see how He intervenes and changes our circumstances.  As this Prophecy Center video from yesterday’s service demonstrates, we can gain authority and a renewed expectation for our atmosphere to change.  Watch how the Lord waters your future!

A Changing Heavens Testimony!

After yesterday’s service, I received this testimony from Corina Bowery on how the Lord changed the atmosphere over her home:

On June 25, I was talking to the Lord and said, “Lord, please put a cloud over my house and let it rain because I need my yard watered. I know Your Word says that we would decree a thing and it would be established, and to take authority over the atmosphere that we could speak to the wind and the waves and they would obey us.  But nothing has happened.” The very next day it clouded up in the afternoon out of nowhere — it wasn’t predicted, it wasn’t on the radar, and there wasn’t even a chance of partly cloudy skies. Around 2:30 PM it started sprinkling and I got so excited.  I was talking to the Lord and praising Him for what He had done.  It started raining harder and it rained for about 15 to 20 minutes solid at my house in Lake Dallas.  I FaceTimed my friend Cyndi and told her about what was going on, and she said to send the cloud to her house!  I knew this experience along with everything that was being said this morning on the theme of rain coming down was to be shared.  What Chuck started speaking about taking authority – that was exactly what I had experienced. God is awesome!

Renew your expectation for the heavens to change and continue to call forth the “rain” in your atmosphere!


Chuck D. Pierce