A Blessings from the Lord this Season! Do Not Miss Watching “HE CAME … WAR BEGAN!”

Message from Chuck Pierce

“This is a day of seeking. This is a day that I Am nearer than you know! This is a day to come! This is a day to stand! This is a day for you to receive a grace beyond where you have ever received grace! I give you the grace to fight! Receive My grace, for you will triumph in the war you’re called to! Say yes! Say yes! Say yes! Your future is already being processed!”

I want you to leave with one message as you go forth into the season ahead: it’s time to let go, it’s time to trust, and things will be better than if you had tried to do it yourself.

If I have one wish for this holiday, I want you to have the story deep within your heart. And know that in days ahead, we are headed into times more interesting than what we have been in. Through the presentation of He Came … War Began!, we have seen that God has a plan and the world is fine. There will always be war and rumors of war, but He will always have a remnant who triumphs. I send you forth into this season ahead, knowing that you will triumph and there is supernatural grace to fight.


Chuck D. Pierce