Say Yes and Come with Me! A Key Prophecy!

Dear Advancing Ones:

Don’t miss this Sunday!  We are planning on a great morning beginning at 7:30 AM with Melinda Richardson ministering on “Kingdom is Counterculture: Believing from Victory!”

During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, Robert Heidler will be teaching on “Hanukkah: The Feast of Light 5779!”  Following both services, we will have our 2nd prayer thrust for our 21 Days of Gaining New Access.  (Tomorrow, Saturday, at noon CST, I look forward to initiating these three weeks at noon in the Tabernacle.  I hope many of you will enter in here at the GSC or online.) 

Say Yes and Come with Me!

“Come with Me for I am pouring heaven down into you. In other days, what I poured down has leaked out. Come with Me!  I am opening the portals over you and pouring down!  What leaked out in the past season will now rise up within you and cause you to become buoyant in faith. Come with Me now and I will fix the leaks that have allowed My spring to run out of you. You will not just have springs, but you will enter into a river. Come with Me now, for I am pouring the river through the portal.  Will you allow Me to penetrate through layers you’ve not allowed Me to penetrate in past seasons? There is much within the layers of the strata within you – much abundance and prosperity deep within you.  Will you allow Me to drill and access the portal that goes down deep within you?  Will you allow an enhanced recovery of everything that is within you? 

“Look at the doors set before you – Door #1, Door #2, and Door #3.  I am The Way, so be wise and do not turn to the left or to the right.  As you knock, you will find Me there to open.  I will open and usher you in, for you have been faithful to invite Me.  Go forth and see the pathway, knock upon the door, and then receive and eat of Me.  New wine, new oil, and new grain is waiting for you.  Stay steady through that challenge and remain on the path that is before you, for you will find your entryway right on that path. This is your time to choose Door #2 and the double portion that awaits you. You have looked before and sought the double portion in the house.  But look outside the house and beyond that door because that is where the double-portion is waiting for you. Awaken! Arise as straight as an arrow! Let Me send you so the arrow will turn the key as you knock and see the opening to your double portion. 

“Too many of My children think that My Way is ‘either-or’, ‘this-or-that’, ‘here-or-there’. But My way is ‘yes and amen’! Say ‘yes and amen’ over the doors ahead of you and watch Me map out your path!  For your horizon line is changing!  On your horizon, your ship is coming in!  Not only is your ship coming in, but look for Sheba’s ship!  Where Sheba once questioned My word, she has loaded her cargo and is now coming forth; she will even leave her ship in the dock of your name!  Begin to declare, ‘My ship is coming in and filled with double-door booty!’  This is a season when I am breaking off a poverty spirit.  No longer say, ‘There’s a lion in the road and I need to stay home.’  Do not allow poverty to hold you captive, for I am breaking fear and poverty out of My people. 

“My destination is to be at home in your heart. I have a place to call home, and I long to be at home in your heart. I have you on a journey to your place called ‘home’. Many of you think that you have been lost or captured, but watch and listen for this week you will hear me say, ‘Home is this way!’  If you will come toward me, I will run to you!  This is an hour when I am ready to run towards you and break the fatherless and bastard spirit off of you. The reproach that has kept many wandering and uncertain of where they came from is being broken off My Body.”  (Chuck D. Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Keith Pierce, Rebekah Faubion)

Chuck D. Pierce

A 21-Day Intercessory Thrust: A Time to Gain New Access!

Dear Advancing Ones:

Many words came forth this past Sunday about unlimited access. Before you can have unlimited access you must first have access. When I awakened Tuesday morning, the first thing the Lord said to me was, “Pray for 21 days so that what is blocking my people’s access will be removed.” We will begin this incredible intercessory thrust of 21 Days to Gain New Access on Saturday, December 1. Why 21 days? The principle of Daniel 10 was praying for 21 days to remove a principality that was blocking future revelation. When Daniel gained access the Lord showed him the future and gave him revelation that is still pertinent for us today. Daniel 10:12 says, “Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before God your words were heard.” The Lord then sent and visited him with angelic help.

Access is
• the permission, liberty, or ability to enter, approach, or pass to and from a place or to approach or communicate with a person or thing
• freedom or ability to obtain or make use of something
• a way or means of entering or approaching
• an outburst of intense feeling
• an increase by addition
• the act of grasping hold of your future

Three Weeks of Pressing Through to Gain Access from Earth to Heaven!
Yeshua came to become THE DOOR of access for you! I am asking the Lord to give you ACCESS. In the new covenant dispensation, the enemy is blocked from entering into the Throne Room. However, YOU HAVE ACCESS! The access will release power that will cause the enemy to flee! This is a year of firsts, new beginnings, and Kingdom demonstration. 1 Corinthians 2:6-9 talks about God’s secret plan and wisdom that did not originate from this present age, but before the ages, to bring us into glory. No matter how established you are, there will be new beginnings in your life, ministry, and spheres of authority. We, the Body of Christ, must manifest who we are and who we represent! The Father is revealing how the Lord’s Prayer actually works.

• Gain ACCESS to the THRONE ROOM! Read Luke 11.
• Gain ACCESS to your GARDEN! That was the first premise of boundaries. Within our new boundaries are the manifestations of glory and the communion of our future.
• Gain ACCESS to the Kingdom of God! We will understand the Kingdom of God within us and demonstrate Kingdom power within our sphere.
• Gain ACCESS to the blessings of Abraham’s covenant and align with Israel – God’s First Nation!
• Gain ACCESS to mysteries held in His Word! There must be a revival of the Word of God in the Body of Christ. (Father gave Torah to Israel and then the Son demonstrated His HEART and MIND to us.)
• Gain ACCESS to a new timing, linked with harvest!
• Gain ACCESS to the ark and understand the procession of Glory in our region!
• Gain ACCESS to understanding the Government of God in Heaven and Earth. This will mobilize an army for war!
• Gain ACCESS to new sound that will produce movement. Judah goes first! We are poised to gain ACCESS to NEW SONGS that will break old cycles!
• Gain ACCESS to the understanding of God’s order in our land!
• Gain ACCESS to the place where new provision and wealth exists. Remove the enemy’s covering and possess your inheritance.

There is a great war over the inheritance of our future. Many times our warfare is centered around internal issues. Like Peter, we are having to get beyond ourselves so that we can be sent into God’s mission and the destiny that He has for us. Another thing to understand is gaining access to enter your breakthrough portal! Gain access to strategies to war for the promise ahead! Enter with a MIND to TRIUMPH! If you are moving in the new, you will see several changes: His fullness will be seen in your personality; your soul will be restored from the last season; all fear and manipulation that have crowded your identity and confined you to your past will leave your personality; your new identity will reflect His ability to overcome the mountains that stopped your progress (see Isaiah 41 and Zechariah 4). He has given you power over the enemies that would hinder your progress (see 2 Corinthians 10:3–6). Gain ACCESS and steer the course of history with your prayers and acts of faith.

We must rely on the Holy Spirit as we enter a new season. He must become our rear guard as we advance. Unless the Holy Spirit is enfolded in the history of any land and continues directing its covenant with God, evil will overtake the society, causing the covenant root with our Creator to wither. The Holy Spirit enables us to triumph as we go through great change. In approaching the future, the real issue always concerns the change of heart and unified expression of His people, since this will release an anointing throughout the earth. The anointing breaks the yoke (see Isaiah 10:27)! God always has a triumphant reserve from generation to generation that will come forth with new strength and power.

These are times of visitation. Please watch the two messages from Sunday. I spoke on “Recognizing Your Time of Visitation!” This is a key time to dethrone hope deferred and expect God to visit us.

ACCESS COMES IN A MOMENT OF TIME! David had many encounters with the Lord, but he gained access to his prophetic destiny and kingship in 1 Samuel 30 by pursuing the enemies who had robbed him of everything and recovering all. I believe his access came when he took a portion of what he had and gave it to those who had blessed him. Over the next 21 days, record your “moments”. We will be leading corporate prayer here for these 21 days to encourage you in revelation, but you need to keep a record of how God meets you each day. I will lead the first session this Saturday at noon (CST) in the Tabernacle.

Chuck D. Pierce

A Thanksgiving Message from Chuck Pierce

Dear Giving Ones:

When I think about Thanksgiving, I think about God, the land, and the people I am aligned with – which is all of you. This has been quite a year!  Without you, we could not do what we do!  I have flown over 450,000 miles this year and you have been with me every step of the way. I have just recently returned from Borneo and Hong Kong.  It is amazing how, together, we have covered the earth this year – fulfilling the Lord’s request that His glory cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.

But you have also had a great impact in the community here with Beulah Acres, the Israel Prayer Garden, Illuminate, Shiloh, and the list goes on. We are getting ready to have another community event on December 7-8 with our Beulah Market Days, The Movement, and Festival of Lights, and concluding with a blowout Firstfruits celebration for Tevet on December 9. You are making all this possible with your prayers and support.

When we all mobilize together, we see Heaven and Earth move. We have seen the American Embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem this year, establishing it as the capital of Israel and aligning it with the Word of God. This means that America is now in alignment and we have access to blessings. I decree those blessings over you! The first portion of what you give always goes to Israel first!

The whole concept of giving thanks in the Word of God can be seen in the Hebrew word “lehodot” which is where we get the word “Yehuda” or “Judah.”  Judah goes first in giving thanks and praising Him for what He has done! So today, I am giving thanks and praising Him for each one of you.  I decree this Thanksgiving a new dimension of wholeness will overtake you. I decree fragmentation broken! I decree healing over your families!

Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! Please come visit us at Global Spheres Center when you can. I look forward to advancing the Kingdom of God with you in days ahead.

Chuck D. Pierce

Borneo Update!

Dear Anointed Ones:

Our time here in Kota Kinabalu (Borneo) was so powerful.  This city is a miracle gate for all of Malaysia!  The glory will start from east Malaysia and spread to the west and beyond.

I am now preparing to fly out to Hong Kong for the second leg of this Asian tour.  On Thursday afternoon/evening and Friday morning, I will be ministering at Reap the Harvest on All the Earth!  Please continue to cry out for an unlocking of revelation that will accelerate harvest in Asia and the nations.

Chuck D. Pierce