Incredible Sunday!  Incredible Week Ahead!  Incredible Prophetic Download from Penny Jackson!

Dear Advancing Ones:

What an amazing Celebration Service!  Robert Heidler’s teaching on God’s Kingdom and being the Ekklesia was just incredible.  If you were not able to join us yesterday, watch the replay and be empowered as God’s New Wineskin Ekklesia!  Tomorrow, I look forward to sending out the prophetic revelation that was released during this service.

The Lord has been speaking to me about prodigals.  I had planned to share this Wednesday night, but with Robert’s absence next Sunday, I will instead minister on Sunday morning.  I encourage you to join me here at the GSC on November 6 at 9 AM CST for “It’s Time for a New Troop to Arise: Calling the Prodigals Home!” 

For this Wednesday’s Prophetic Empowerment, I will ask Chris Hayward to minister online.  He has a great teaching on “Claiming Your True Identity!”  This will be an incredible week, so find your times to enter in and advance with revelation.

A Download from Heaven!

Before the service on Sunday, the Spirit of God met with Penny Jackson.  As He began to visit with her, she began to write what the Lord was saying.  Reading through this incredible word, I saw it like an encounter experienced by the prophet Daniel.  I divided the word into the way Daniel prayed: morning, noon, and night.  I want to encourage you to read this word in three sections: Part 1 (morning), Part 2 (noon), and Part 3 (evening/night). 

Part 1: Morning

“A timing is coming. A timing is approaching. It’s not long now. You feel it hovering.  Be on alert. This will take your complete focus. I will speak in many ways. I will reveal in many ways. Before you do a thing, ask if I want you to be there…emotionally, spiritually, literally. I told you a long time ago that there would be a time when it would be dangerous to be where you were not to be. This is it. I told you that you would be able to hear My voice clearly for instructions. This is it. Don’t dare to do a thing unless I am saying it. Like you would avoid touching a hot stove, avoid those things that I am not in or am not a part of. No niceties. No obligations. No shame in cancelling. There will always be later if fences need to be mended. Right now, it is all about Me and what I am doing. 

“You were made for such a time as this. I have molded you and made you and fashioned you for what is ahead. Rest in Me in the midst of it and listen for My voice. Watch Me speak to you in rare and unusual ways. I will.  Don’t be afraid to share where I tell you.

“Look for hidden messages from Me everywhere. Nature itself will cry out as this begins. I will speak through the heavens and through the earth. I will speak through media, and I will speak through prophets. There is no place where I will not speak in this and through this.”

Part 2: Noon

“Prophets are talking of great celebration!  Celebration will come when you see your desire upon your enemies and righteous judgments come against My enemies.  Don’t underestimate the atmosphere that will be created when this happens.  There will be joy in the land again!  However, this will be an excruciating time for many, a scary time for many, a time when people’s props are knocked out from under them … their ‘safe’ props they relied on instead of Me. 

“Watch the Church as I perform My Word. Some will see and will seek understanding. Others will fall because they won’t seek, and you will have to watch that happen. Yes, ultimately a celebration, but not at first.  Many will be confused by what they are witnessing. At first, this will be very hard to watch. But that is when you will have to know that I am Almighty God, and I know exactly what is happening. I alone know the end from the beginning. I know exactly how to get those who are Mine to where they need to be to walk in victory. I know those who won’t choose Me…because of the commitment necessary, because of the fear of being mocked or harmed or even killed, or those who just choose the pleasure of the world…those for whom that is a greater draw for them than I Am. 

“There will be such a holiness in this…such a sacredness as you watch My hand at work. Even in the midst of the horror, there will be such awe of Who I am and how I work. There will be such signs of My mercy; My desire is that none should perish. There will be an understanding that when I move in judgment, it is the result of operating under the laws that have been put into place. 

“Only I know the true heart of man. Only I know true repentance. This will not be a time to take people at their word. For now, their word is not reliable. They don’t even know their own word.  It will be up to Me to divide out.  Only I can do this. 

“Be careful not to judge where others are walking. They might not even know themselves where they are walking but I know and understand them.  Don’t judge those around you or even in the earth — just watch Me move. Just watch Me move with the perfection of My judgment. If you find yourself being drawn toward judging others, immediately bless them so I am freed to work in them. Don’t tie them up with your judgment. Don’t put yourself in a position to have your judgment of them turn toward you. Hands off where others are concerned.”

Part 3: Evening/Night

“There is such focus on the political side, the political goings-on. What an effective tool of the enemy this is… not that voting isn’t important, but not looking beyond politics. The enemy has drawn eyes off of Me through this. Satan has caused this to be too important. It is just a piece of what is coming. Just a piece and a piece that won’t stop My plan. While a ‘good’ outcome may release hope, while it may allow others to see that change may be possible, it is just a drop in the bucket of what I am doing. I can show My hand in the elections where things people never thought could shift will shift. But it’s not all I’m doing. 

“There has been such deception abroad.  Don’t be surprised at what you will hear. Those in high places in the world’s eyes – many of those who seemed on the side of evil will be exonerated and you will see they were just a player in My overall plan. Some of these you felt weren’t evil when the media said they were, when even their own called them turncoats. Think of the very best spy movie, the very most surprising and intriguing movie plot that you can…think of this and you will see that what I have been doing will be light years beyond. How I have pulled together My plan and all that I have connected together and worked through will cause many to fall down before Me in wonder. Others will respond differently and be more ‘comfortable’ holding onto their lies, holding onto those things they turned to instead of My ways, of My principles, of Me.

“Yes, many will die. Some will be martyred. Many more will die because they would not turn away, did not choose to turn toward Me. Some of those will come to heaven; others will not. 

“You will get through these times, but only as you walk closely with Me, so closely that nothing can be seen between us. No gaps, because the enemy will be working hard to take those gaps and enlarge them to insinuate himself in there. As You see My power on display, so you will see the manifestation of his power.  Greater am I than he, but the revealing of how he has used his powers will be shocking. But he is defeated.  Remember that. No matter what he manifests in days ahead, he has already been defeated. What you see will be surprising, so hang onto that truth. 

“I will lead you through this season, and while you may come out of the fire smelling like smoke, you will come out of the fire.  Encourage those around you.  Encourage those who were called for such a time as this. Teach, advise, admonish from a place of gentleness and love. Help them see truth where they haven’t, but don’t judge. I have shown My forerunners for My purposes, but there are many of mine who weren’t forerunners and haven’t yet seen. Deal gently with them as their eyes are opened, as I reveal to them what I have been about and am about.”


Chuck D. Pierce

Alabama: Leading a Nation in Divine Recovery!

Watch Historic Presentation That Changed the Course of America!

Dear Recovering Ones:

I recently joined Kent & Bev Mattox in Alabama for one of the most incredible meetings of my life – a time when my faith exploded and became sight as a state assembled to present itself to the Lord.  What they, and a team of leaders, orchestrated by the direction of Holy Spirit was the fulfillment of what the Lord showed me on May 31, 2008, when He pulled me up into the heavens for four hours.  During that gathering in Liberty Park, New Jersey, He caught me into the future to show me the issues confronting each state, as well as the glory He longed to pour out.  He showed me that every state had a Triumphant Reserve, but in order to come into fullness, every territory and sphere of a state would have to come together.  The Lord showed me Alabama would be the first state to present itself to Him in this manner and would be a firstfruits glory carrier that would change the course of America.  When I entered the “All In Alabama” gathering on October 8, I knew I had entered a moment of seeing our future manifest.  This will set the course for our year ahead. 

This is a year of divine recovery – individually, corporately, generationally, and territorially!  I encourage you to watch the replay of this historic service that shows an entire state moving in divine recovery – beyond plowing and into a place of supernatural demonstration. When one state is honored by the Lord, we can all rejoice with it.  Wherever you live – in whatever county, state, province or nation – declare you will align for divine recovery and exhibit the fullness of who you were created to be.   

The Angels Are Now Positioned for a New Order of Glory!

The war over harvest has shifted, and the Lord is positioning His angelic host, as well as His people, for a new order of glory.  A few days before I was in Alabama, I was privileged to join Dutch and Tim Sheets for a special taping of Give Him 15 for Dutch Sheets Ministries. What the Lord showed us about angelic visitation and positioning is probably one of the most important things to hear for the coming year.  If you have not seen that taping, I encourage you to watch the replay and pray for the supernatural changes that will accelerate in the harvest war of the future.


Chuck D. Pierce

Prepare to Dig a New Well with Prophetic Empowerment   Cheshvan Firstfruits Celebration This Sunday!

Dear Digging Ones:

One of the wars in the year ahead is digging new wells.  Therefore, our focus for Prophetic Empowerment is preparing to dig!  In the Word of God, a well can refer to a spring, fountain, a living fountain fed by a spring, and also a pit or prison.  But as I will share tonight, there is great spiritual understanding to be learned from wells.  In addition to this teaching, we have an incredible example from Daniel and Amber Pierce’s experience in digging a new well, and a prophetic exhortation from Barbara Wentroble on what the Lord is saying about wells.  To further empower you, Kevin and Rose Sambrook release a charge for the year ahead and prophetic encouragement from global events.  Finally, Simon Lyons will close with an impartation for the year ahead.  Join us online at 7 PM CDT and prepare to dig a new well!

Cheshvan Firstfruits Celebration This Sunday!

There is great power in coming together – particularly when we celebrate Firstfruits and honor the Lord with the first of our time and increase! When we choose to gather and seek Him first at the beginning of each month, we receive the Lord’s anointing on our “whole lump.”  The month of Cheshvan is reserved for the anointing, so this is a key time to assemble and receive the prophetic revelation that will enable us to move from blessing to blessing until blessings overtake us. Join us on Sunday at 9 AM CDT with a heart to express your best praise and gratitude, and hear Robert Heidler teach on “The Hebrew Month of Cheshvan, 2022: A Warning of Judgment and a Promise of Grace!”

A Joy Movement!
This is a time of great movement!
 A prophetic portal formed during worship on Sunday, and a fresh stream of revelation broke forth.  As we press beyond our Tabernacles season, declare that you are advancing with a new turning, a new exchanging, a new wind, a new movement, and a new giving! 

“I am going to turn you like I turn a key! I’m going to turn you just like I turn a key and cause your eyes and ears to open up. Keep your eyes open when you turn. As you keep your eyes open, I’m going to cause that shift in your whole body to cause a shift to be turned around so that you could be like the key that turns the lock that opens the doors. 

“I am exchanging keys!  Satan has used a key of death against you, but I am the God of death, hell and the grave. I am giving you a key to exchange for the death structure that is working against you.  This key may appear as an old jail-like key chain, but it will sparkle and drip with gold.  Old places of captivity in your life and bloodline are being unlocked by My glory. 

“You’ve been distanced, but come to Me. Come visit Me at My well, and I will show you how to look through My eyes at each other. As you love Me, you will love each other, and that is an army invincible.  For the enemy has even come to wear out the saints. But I am the God who is about to blow a second wind.  Even as it is with an athlete, when that athlete senses that he can no longer finish that race, I come with a second wind to bring strength and to bring energy so that athlete can meet the goal that is set in front of him. I’m coming with a second wind of My spirit and I’m about to blow on you in a new way.  Let the weak say ‘I am strong’, for the strength of the Lord will cause you to finish the race that is set before you.  My second wind is blowing upon you now in this hour.

“I’m changing your footprint on the earth. When you are not in joy, you walk and you trudge in a straight line and you cause furrows in the earth.  These lines are very easy for the enemy to follow.  But when that turns to joy and you begin dancing, you create footprints all over the earth in circles, up and down and back and forth. The enemy is not able to see which way you are going, and which way you are moving when you move in joy and dance.  The shift has begun and the wind has begun to blow. I have My Judah, the company of Judah at the line across this nation, and the portals will be open and My glory will be seen upon My people like never before.”

“I so loved the world that I gave. There’s a new giving that’s coming up and out of My people, and it’s the generosity of the sound of love that I’m getting ready to penetrate this world with like never before. Open up the gate of your heart and let the wellspring of love flow through. As you choose to give in this season, decree your well will fill up and you will drink from it all year long.  I have created a new opening up of resources and supply lines for My people in the natural and in the spiritual.  Continue to praise Me and I will open them up supernaturally in more and more ways.”   (Brian Kooiman, Norma Urrabazo, Chuck Pierce, Jamie Spears, Mark Waldrep, Barbara Wentroble, Lisa Lyons, Pasqual Urrabazo, Susan Shaulis, Eleanor Roehl)


Chuck D. Pierce

Celebrating the Benefits of Going Beyond Doubt, Unbelief and Trauma!

Dear Advancing Ones:

The Lord has benefits that we can celebrate each time we gather.  Yesterday’s service was an incredible time of expressing the joy we have in Him, as well as remembering His benefits.  Too often, we only see what is negative in trauma, doubt and unbelief; but there are benefits to be found if you partner with Holy Spirit and allow Him to change your thought processes to see those circumstances in a whole new way. If you were not able to join our Celebration Service and hear what the Lord showed me on “Expressing Joy! Going Beyond Doubt, Unbelief and Trauma!”, I encourage you to watch the replay. In this year of divine recovery, declare that He is anointing you for restoration and thrusting you into the future!

THE LIFT with James & Robyn Vincent at 7 PM!

This is a week to reach new heights in worship.  If you need to be “lifted” to continue expressing joy, then you will want to join James and Robyn Vincent this evening.  They will begin hosting THE LIFT, a monthly prophetic gathering to experience the law of lift in worship.  Everyone is invited to join them in the Upper Room (formerly known as the Prayer Tower) at 7 PM CDT for this time of ascending through the portal and reflecting the blueprint of heaven in the earth.  If you cannot attend onsite, this ecclesia worship will also be live webcast, as well as available by replay through tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.  Of course, we will also make THE LIFT available on GZI TV All Access.  As we ascend, let’s declare that oppression, depression and every restraining force will let go as we establish a new heavenly trajectory in worship.

Bringing Some “SHINE” to Corinth’s Pumpkin Palooza!

This past Saturday afternoon, over 50 Illuminate performers from our Music, Theater and Dance training programs were able to provide incredible entertainment for Corinth’s Pumpkin Palooza.  What an honor to be a portion of that day-long festival, connecting, and aligning the generations to bring God’s glory into our city. We are so grateful for how you enable us to be a light to our community!


Chuck D. Pierce

Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles with Jesus!

Rejoice in This Week of Experiencing God’s Glory!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

The Feast of Tabernacles is an appointed time to experience God’s glory.  As we choose to surrender all and come into His presence with thanksgiving, our hearts are liberated to celebrate His goodness. Following yesterday’s worship and personal ministry, Robert Heidler shared, “God gave us a foretaste of Tabernacles this morning by visiting us with His presence!” As Robert taught, Tabernacles is a time of celebration with family and friends, enjoying extended times of meeting with the Lord, and experiencing the overflowing joy of His presence. The primary instruction the Lord gave for this feast is to REJOICE! If you were not able to join our Celebration Service and hear Robert’s teaching on “The Word Became Flesh!”, I encourage you to watch the replay and join us in celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles with Jesus.

Our Decrees Bring the Will of Heaven to Earth!

This “pey” era is about the voice that comes out of your house. You are determining the rule of your future through what you declare. Here are two testimonies of how our decrees are bringing heaven’s will to earth.

“There is a home in Lubbock [Texas] being built for pregnant women. You are part of what is happening there. The building was used for abortions but a woman that had had an abortion there felt led by the Lord to purchase this building and rebuild it for these mothers …. now called Heritage House. Chuck, you came to Lubbock, I believe in 2013, and prophesied over Lubbock, “the City of Refuge.” Planned Parenthood closed down in 2013, so it has come full circle to a place of life, abundant life.  Thank you!”   Sherry G.

“I wanted to let you know that I had an assignment to make decrees in and across the state of Florida last week. My husband transports yachts for a living across the USA. As he was coming home from the East Coast, he said they were sending him to Miami this week. I felt in my spirit I was to go with him. This is no vacation as my husband drives straight there and back.

“I knew this was an assignment, but what? On the way Dutch Sheets put out on Give Him 15 about decrees being made on I-95. I knew in my spirit that was the assignment. 

“Here is the decree I made across the Florida turnpike and into N Miami and then up I-95 – ‘I decree and declare this is a time that God is filling His people in FL, all along I-95, from FL to Maine and west to every state … with His Glory. God is bringing the reign of Christ to the nations, including the USA … Satan shall fall like lightening as God’s people reap a great harvest of souls like none that has ever been seen before! In Jesus Name.’”
   Cindy T. 

Continue to open your mouth and decree your atmosphere will align with the will of heaven.


Chuck D. Pierce

The Angels Are Now Positioned! Watch Today’s “Give Him 15!” and See Where We Are Headed in the Supernatural Harvest War of the Future!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We have entered a year of supernatural confrontation and warring for divine recovery! Earlier this week, I was privileged to join Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets for a special taping of Give Him 15 for Dutch Sheets Ministries.  What the Lord showed us about angelic visitation and positioning is probably one of the most important things to hear for the coming year. The war over the harvest of America has shifted and, wherever you live, I strongly encourage you to watch today’s Give Him 15 and pray for the supernatural changes that will accelerate in April 2023.  


Chuck D. Pierce