A New Sound is Rising from Mexico! The Border Tour Moves On to El Paso! and Securing the Glory Along the Border!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dear Way Makers:

What an amazing start to the Border Tour last night in Monterrey, Mexico.  The Lord is saying, “The earth is crying out for liberty in Mexico, and this is the time that My voice will be heard across this land.  There will be a sound rise from Monterrey that will shake the mountains and change the course of Mexico!  This is the beginning of realigning heaven and earth in Mexico.”

We are now in El Paso, Texas getting ready for tonight’s meeting.  I believe if we worship down the border, the atmosphere will shift.  If North America is to experience His Glory, we must share our sound of the land.  That is why it’s so vital for our First Nations leadership to go first in worship.

We have a large team here.  In addition to those from Glory of Zion (Anne Tate, Chad Foxworth, Gerardo Ortega, and LeAnn Squier), we have our native leadership (including Apostles Negiel Bigpond and Joan Swallow, Ray and Richelle Garcia), as well as other state/regional leaders (including James Keller, Tom & Kay Schlueter, and Mark Gonzales).  For an assignment of this scope, we need you to stand with us in declaring something new will begin on the border!  Each day we will drive from city to city until we end up near the southernmost tip of Texas on Friday night.  We need your prayers and declarations to break open the way before us.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dear Securing Ones:

This is God’s time for the border between Texas and Mexico! We’ve seen major news reports emerge since we left on Monday regarding the situation here.  Only God could have so sovereignly timed this journey to help us focus on “stitching up” the border and bringing forth a new level of unity.  Although there has always been conflict along the border, the Spirit of God is calling all of us to see from a Kingdom perspective how our borders must come into a new order.  This pertains to those here in Texas as well as the borders of your state, province or nation!

Last night’s meeting in El Paso was powerful, and a new watchman anointing is being activated.  We need your continued prayers and support to pave the way for our remaining gatherings in Del Rio, Laredo and McAllen.  Join us in declaring a “breakthrough highway” is forming to secure the Glory of God along the border!

Chuck D. Pierce