I Am Drawing Up My Treasure From Within You

I have dropped a bucket down deep within you. If you will allow that bucket to fill in a new way, what I draw up will be filled with a treasure you have never seen. You are a treasure, and I am now going to draw up buckets of treasure that are already inside of you.  You may be  thinking buckets of water, but I am drawing out new wine to satisfy My desire for face-to-face communion with My people.  When I draw wine from deep within you, I will not only have communion with you, but you will break bread with many in days ahead.  

“Some of you have known there is treasure within you, and asked, ‘Lord, why did You put this here if I’m never going to get to use it and nobody sees it?’  But there’s been a refining work and aging process that I needed to complete before this was ready to be brought out.  There is treasure within you, and I will not bring it out prematurely so that you fall short of the ultimate destiny I have for you.  You will not need to press to open the door to the treasure I have developed within you.  Rather, I will open double doors to draw out what is mature, perfect and complete.   

“My Kingdom is like a field with a treasure within it, and My treasure is worth searching for and finding.  You have been worth Me searching for, but first I had to prepare the field to deposit the treasure.  I am drawing you, and not only will you find the treasure in your new field, you will BE the treasure in your new field!  

“I’m drawing you out because there’s another shore for you to go to. If you will keep pressing then you will see the land to put your feet upon. I am completing the season of your voyage and announcing your land is ahead.  I am drawing!  I am drawing!  I am drawing, and will open your eyes to the footing on your new land.  

“My people are on the edge of moving into their new place.  I am going to begin to turn things around for you, and cause things to move on your behalf in ways that will astound you.  What you were unable to do and see in the past season, I’m going to bring you up higher so you can accomplish what I have for you.  You are on the edge and ready to cross over.  Do not allow fear to block you from advancing.  Even as you stand on the edge, I am delivering you from fear so that you go through, go in, and go to a whole new place.  

“Do not fear the lots, for the roll is in My hand.  When the lots are rolled, the name of Matthias is going to come up.  [He was the disciple chosen by lots to replace Judas (Acts 1:25-26).] This is the day of Matthias, so watch for those who have been on the outskirts but now are coming into a new position.  Some of you have been waiting to be called up, and now I am drawing forth the destiny that is within you.”  (Chuck D. Pierce, Linda Heidler, Brian Kooiman, Marty Cassady, Lisa Lyons)


Chuck D. Pierce