Preparing for Passover!

This is Your Turning Point Week!  Key Prophecies!

Dear Preparing Ones:

What a great service we had yesterday – filled with key prophecy and revelation for this Passover week. To help you enter in, begin by watching this video from our Island Breeze ohana in Hawaii. 

If My People Pray

Key Prophecies: This is Your Turning Point Week!

A “Divine Pause” has fallen on this planet so the Lord can rearrange many things.  Viruses are like demons – they must find a host. They don’t particularly want the host to die — they want to control the host, spread, and literally take over the world. Decree the dark spirit of COVID-19 is letting go, backing off, withering and dying. We command you to quit preying on the weak! Let new strength rise up in the spirits of God’s people! Let a new breath of the Spirit come forth! Break agreement with fear and death. In the midst of being cautious you can subtly come into agreement with fear and death like King Jehoash who went to see Elisha on his death bed (2 Kings 13).  The king would not press on through to the unlimited rule God had for him, and only struck the ground three times. Over these next weeks, we will not quit shooting life into the atmosphere or striking the ground until we have secured the breakthrough. 

“This is a turning point week for My people! My people must open their mouths and create an atmosphere that will cause these spirits to back away! Now is the time! I have worked a work, and I Am working a work, and I will continue to work a work in the nations.  I say to My Kingdom, command those spirits of darkness to not overtake the land. You are called to this land, My Kingdom is within you … the earth is Mine and the fullness thereof – so take a stand for My fullness! 

“I Am redefining boundaries this week. Find your new boundaries, stand in those boundaries, and decree the upper hand of the enemy must leave. This is the week of redefined boundaries! This is the week of atmospheric alignment! Stand and decree, ‘Now this land is God’s land!’ You are My ambassador — take your stand!You need a healer…I Am a Healer! Cry out! “Medical” cannot do what I can do in an atmosphere! It is you that sets the atmosphere for medical innovations to be created. You cry out, and the Healer will come!If you’ll go up, I’ll penetrate the ground and unlock the iniquities that are working in it! You go up – rise up – and tell death it must let go!

“I Am resting My anointing on My saints. I Am releasing them as a sharp threshing arrow to go and break the agreement of death. Where death thinks it has its say, I Am penetrating the darkness with the arrow of My voice and the positioning of My saints. I Am going to cut a pathway with My voice that will bring forth the light of a new day, change the atmosphere, and show the earth My kingdom reigns.

“The voice of faith has begun to be released in the midst of My people. When the voice is released darkness will lift, the mountain will move, and the sea will depart. Rise up, come out, come up and let Me set your feet on a solid rock. Release you voice; let your voice be heard because I have come to bring down the mountain. You will see Me break the grip of the false voice of fear with My voice of faith.  I will release the angel, Turning Point, that begins to turn this nation in a new direction! Passover is at hand. Arise, be prudent and wise, and pass over as I Am turning the land! Stand and decree your nation will shift because the remnant of God’s people will rise up. It’s not about nationalism, it’s about the remnant in a land rising and decreeing.

You’re watching with your eyes and you’re thinking with your minds. But this is a time the doors of heaven are beginning to come open and revelation is pouring down. Move from your spirit, and let your inner man stand up. Let the Standing King within you rise up. This is My time. China, I’m not looking at nationalism — I’m looking at the harvesters I will raise up and send forth. Be prepared for the confrontation ahead. America, and the earth-realm, but especially America, prepare yourself, for war is now operating on the horizon. Taiwan, get ready, for you must stand and surround that nation. This is My time, and instead of passivity, I Am calling generations to align. I Am calling generations to align for these next two years and three months. Align the generations! Align the generations! Prepare for war, for war is now breaking and moving in the earth, and I have a victorious army that will arise! America and all nations—CALL FORTH THE HARVESTERS TO PREPARE!

“Repent of passivity as part of your religious foundation. An active faith was required at Passover and during Yeshua’s time. Renounce fear in your bloodline; those giants have been waiting and waiting for you to confront them. This is a time you must advance. This is a time you must go forward, or passivity will be your new norm. In the midst of this testing, do not make passivity a new norm in your life. Rise up and break that structure in your life. 

“Giving (tithe, Firstfruits, memorial offerings, alms for the poor) is the greatest warfare tool of all time.  This will rebuke the devourer and allows Me to prove Myself to you. My people have grown comfortable in their passivity and listened to the bad news even though I Am a Father who brings forth good news. Let My voice be heard as the authority of good news and you will see a change in this land, this region, and this nation.

“The issue of crossing over is that I Am revealing My name to My people. My name WAS NOT KNOWN IN EGYPT! You must move for the next revelation. There is one thing that I will require of each of My children this week.  Doing that one thing will cause breakthrough from heaven to earth to start happening. There is a way for you to keep moving. Don’t ever let the enemy put a defeatist mentality in you. Don’t ever think that I AM not big enough to give you a creative idea to sustain you. I have ways! I have means!”  (Chuck D. Pierce and Keith Pierce)

Lord, We Turn to You!

God’s Word says that if we will humble ourselves, pray, seek Him and and turn from wicked ways, He will HEAL OUR LAND. Join together with this Judah group as they declare we are turning to the Lord!

Turn to You


Chuck D. Pierce