Celebrating the Passover Seder!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

We just recorded Robert Heidler’s Passover Seder message to help all of you enter into Passover 5780.  Many of you may have never attended a Seder, or may have questions on how the Hebrews celebrated.  This teaching is already posted on our website so that wherever you are in the world (since many of you watch us in different time zones), you can watch this as Passover begins on Wednesday at sundown.  What Robert shares will help activate your expectation for this week like no other.  Enjoy your Passover, and declare, “I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, out of the hand of the enemy!”

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A Note from Robert Heidler on Preparations for Passover Seder

You may wish to watch this video just to learn how Passover is celebrated.  But we would encourage you to participate in our Passover celebration and actually celebrate Passover with us!  To do that, it will be helpful to have several things prepared ahead of time:

  • Two candles.  (Light them at the start of the seder when we pray the prayer for candle lighting.)
  • Horseradish (or horseradish sauce)  You may wish to have breadsticks or small pieces of matzo to dip into the horseradish.
  • Lamb (cut into small pieces)
  • An optional light meal to share together as you celebrate the seder.  (For those who want to include a meal, you will be prompted on when to pause the video while you eat.)
  • Unleavened bread (Matzo)
  • Wine (or grape juice)

(Only the bread and wine are essentials.  Everything else is optional.)


Chuck D. Pierce