“Never Stop Dreaming! Never Stop Breaking Through!”

Stir Your Faith!

Stop and watch this video that will stir your faith and help keep you continue advancing, little by little.  Daniel and Amber Pierce also share to help you find your enlarged boundaries in this new season!   

Never Stop Dreaming!  Never Stop Breaking Through! 

I just had to share what my daughter, Rebekah, wrote! This is awesome! 

When I was a little girl, there was no one in the world I adored more than Judy Garland.Well, unless you count my father. He was strong and intense and brave, and he was my fiercest advocate while also being my greatest challenger. We were very alike. Still are.  

Today, he sent me this dress in the mail. When I opened the box, unfolded the plastic wrap and unfurled the fabric from confinement, I felt by breath catch. It reminded me of a dress Judy Garland would wear. There were ruffles and polka dots, and I could almost hear her singing “Meet me in St. Louis, Louis…” on a streetcar filled with strangers. 

I cried when I put it on. Because I want to wear it somewhere, out there, somewhere beyond my yard. Because it was more than a dress to me.Still, somehow, my dad sees me as the little dreaming girl who wanted a beautiful dress to go off and become a star in.Still, somehow, I actually am that girl – woman now. 

We’re in a moment and it feels endless. Like we’ve touched the edge of a blackhole and time is warped, slowed down and maybe even broken.Don’t lose sight of your hope in the future.Never stop being the little girl (or boy) playing dress up when the whole world tells you it’s silly. Never stop dreaming, and most importantly, don’t stop doing everything you can to breakthrough. 


Chuck D. Pierce