An Invitation to Know and Move with Holy Spirit!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

The Lord is regathering and realigning us to know Holy Spirit in a new way.  Our Firstfruits Celebration for Sivan was an incredible invitation to experience His movement as we have not in the past. Do not resist the Lord resetting your order.  Only the Spirit of God can remove the scattering about us and enable us to embrace our new identity in this time of gathering.  Align with His order and agree with His immersing movement!  Declare you will not come into agreement with scattering or going backwards!  Get to know Holy Spirit in a new way as we approach Pentecost, and allow His colors to rush through your heart all week long!

This will be a different week for us.  We may not be certain where we … for we are progressing differently now.  This is not just about a Pentecost message, but a time to embrace God’s Spirit and boldness in a new way.  Watch and re-watch this replay to allow the Lord to minister and speak to you.  Then plan to join us this Thursday at 6 PM and all-day Friday for our online-only Pentecost Celebration.  You will hear from many incredible leaders, as well as Robert Heidler’s message on “Unlocking Pentecost Provision” that he had prepared for yesterday before our service was redirected.  Allow your expectation to grow –  we have already begun an incredible new journey. 

A Time to Honor

Today is Memorial Day for the United States.  I want to encourage you to take time to honor the men and women who fought and gave their lives for this nation’s freedom, and thank God for the liberties we still enjoy in the USA.
Chuck D. Pierce