Encourage Yourself! God Is Opening You Up to Hear! Incredible Prophetic Word!

Dear Encouraging Ones:

I am so grateful for this prophetic portal! Several days ago, the Spirit of God spoke to me that “I want My people to encourage themselves.” However, what broke forth in yesterday’s Celebration Service was far beyond encouraging. From the first notes of worship, we were carried to a higher place of seeing, hearing and releasing Heaven’s voice for today. This incredible prophetic word is just a portion of what was released to open up our recovery:

“This will be a time that I put shunts within you. For you have blocked off things that you are not aware have been blocked off.  Watch as I penetrate and open up some blood flow within your body. This is a time of shunting what has been closing up on you, and because of that you will feel a rush you’ve not felt before!

“As you stand in My presence and enter into My worship, there is a portal that is opening.  The portal that is opening is releasing a new flow from heaven. As the deer pants for the water, let your soul long for Me. Do not be downtrodden, for deep calls unto deep. Listen to the voice on the sounds of worship and the waves ofworship, for My voice is coming with a new portal that a new flow can occur. Not only will it bring you up, but it will bring you out and into an enlarged place.

“Portions of your soul have closed off the rush of the Spirit that I want to bring you. Let Me open them up! Let Me do the necessary surgery that needs to be done so the rush of My Spirit can go through you!

There is a clarion call that will be so loud the next five days. You will hear a tone, you will hear a pitch, you will hear perfect tune – it is a clarion call. I Am saying, ‘Come up higher! Open up your ears to hear! Be able to see what I will show you in the next five days because it will be so clear you won’t be able to miss this!’

“Through this portal there is a rope coming down with knots on it. So many are hanging on at one place, but you’ve got to go up a rung. It’s not by power or by might, but by My Spirit. Reach up and grab above the next rung. When you grab, I will infuse you! When you grab, I will infuse you!’  

“Breathe in My Spirit in a way you’ve not breathed Me in before, and this will give you a new strength to lift up one more time. As you grab the knot above you, you will use the knot below you to stand on. What was yesterday’s weakness has now grown weary, but tomorrow is today’s strength. So breathe in, breathe in and breathe in again, and then lift one more time.  You will come up and hold on, and your feet will be planted on yesterday that you may receive the fullness of My presence.  Step into the vision of your tomorrow.” (Shatece McLeod, Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Stella Timmons)


Chuck D. Pierce