Crossing Over into Your Destiny! Key Prophetic Words!

Dear Advancing Ones:

The sounds from Judah going first in yesterday’s Celebration Service were a wake up to prepare for war. We must allow the roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to rise up within us. The voice of the Lord is setting our course, and these prophetic words from yesterday will help you gird up for this Passover week:

“Many waters are being troubled. In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will learn how to stand. In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will learn to walk through the waves. In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will begin to rise and not sink. Many troubling waters are around you, but in the midst of it, you will be one who surfs to a new shore.

“Some of you are grabbing hold of the plow, but you’re looking back. When you put your hand to the plow, keep your eyes focused on the field ahead. Many new fields are forming, and if you keep looking back at the field you were in then you will never see the harvest of the field ahead. I Am calling My people to grab hold and move forward into their new field. Do not keep looking back at that field that once produced, but jump into the field that is ahead and watch this field be cultivated. Many of you have fear that you will not have the strength to plow that new field. The fear is making you confused over how I can infuse you. Let go of the fear of the new! In that new field you will find the treasures that you’re looking for.

“‘Comfortable’ is the enemy to the strength that you need … so be careful! I Am producing new strength as you expand into the future. I am digging deep in you because you have no idea of the field I’ve been working on in you. And yet, you are limiting Me with (your) vision. You are limiting Me with (your) ideas. You are limiting Me based upon your own knowledge. I’m digging deep because you’re going to dig deeper. Many think My presence is sweet and angelic, but My presence can blast through mountains. My presence can uncover minefields. This is the day of knowing My presence so your gift that you are nurturing can explode into what I intend it to be.

“Many of you have chosen to like ‘vanilla’, and many of you have chosen to love ‘chocolate’. But I Am sending a fire to melt them together, and then I’m adding My own flavors that you know not of. I Am a creative God, filled with flavor and creativity. Your choice will be to taste and see the new taste that I am producing.

“I Am sending you into some rough territory and rough terrain for I have lost sheep that I Am hunting. You’ve grown comfortable in trying to harness and shepherd the boundaries that I have, but I Am hunting for lost sheepSo develop a new cry within you because you have no idea of the wolves that are on the path. The cry that I put in you will disperse the wolves that have surrounded those that I Am intending to bring in. Get ready! You are headed into new terrain!

“Some of you are being pressed greatly, but don’t get weary in the pressing. Stop along your pressing journey and taste the wine that’s being pressed out of you. You have no idea of the sweetness that’s coming out of you. Honey will eventually come out of you. Stop along the journey and taste and see that I Am good. I want you to press through until I expand you into a place you’ve never been before.

“My people always hear My voice, and they are always in alignment with Me. But the enemy whispers in your ear and tells you to pick up your old chains and wear them like jewelry. You walk in My authority! Walk with Me now and pull off those chains. I will put them in the fire and they’ll never be picked up again.

“Be watchful the next 10 days because I Am coming to wobble your ox cart. When I wobble it, are you going to try to touch it with familiarity to upright something that I Am pouring out? These next 10 days I will shake your ox cart, I will shake it, and I will shake it again. Then when you come into a realization that your order is not going into the fullness of the order that I have in store for you, pull aside and let Me reveal to you the new order. When I reveal the new order to you in your spirit and you rise up outside of your might, it will usher in My presence not only in your life but in your neighborhood, church and office. When I usher in the new order and judgment rises up for many who would not let go of their order, let them stand in the judgment of barrenness. But you go on in with Me because I Am calling the city to rejoice. When I call the new order, the city will rejoice in a way that it has not rejoiced in the last two years. Watch the next 10 days, watch the next 90 days, and then you will see a breaking that your heart has truly longed for.

“This week, I’m going to take you by eminent domain. Because I live within you, you will take your sphere of influence by eminent domain. Greater am I in you than you are in you. Therefore, I Am calling you to yield yourself this week. Yield yourself and take all that I point out in front of you.” (Chuck D. Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Mark Waldrep, Keith Pierce, Suzanne Harrington)


Chuck D. Pierce