From Passover to Pentecost, With an Issachar Anointing!

Dear Advancing Ones:

Iyar is my favorite month, since the Issachar anointing is so important to our future! Yesterday’s Firstfruits Celebration was a divine reset for every blessing the Lord wants to bring us as we cross over into the new. The Spirit of God declared, “If you will pour out, and seek Me first and worship Me first, I will reset the biorhythmic clock within you, starting today.” Do not miss this kairos opportunity to begin Iyar by pouring out your best to Him and aligning with His cycle of blessing. You are being sent forth into secrets, revelation, healing, perfect timing, a new place, and a new Issachar anointing!

Our Rosh Chodesh Celebration for Iyar was an incredible time of connecting, in God’s calendar, to cross over into the new. God has an order for your prosperity, built around His covenantal principle of “first”. Our worship and Firstfuits giving created a portal to acknowledge His faithfulness and thank Him for all of His provision. This helped unlock Kingdom revelation to cross us from Passover to Pentecost. As Robert Heidler shared, this month is a special time for understanding hidden principles of how to live in God’s favor and experience His promises. Be equipped to leave the old and press towards a new season of outpouring. During this month, I would encourage you to read Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20-21, and Acts 1-2. These passages will activate you to what is happening in the spirit world during Iyar, and help form in you a declaration that you are crossing over from Passover to Pentecost with an Issachar anointing!

Beulah Update: Connecting with the Community!

On Saturday morning, we were able to partner with Keep Corinth Beautiful in hosting a Rainwater Harvest Class at Beulah Acres CenterDaniel Arenas and Chris Davidson taught 14 students from our local body, as well as master gardeners and others from the community, on understanding watershed, rainwater and the residential benefits of using it properly. They also included a rain barrel demonstration in this first-time class.

Later that same day, they provided a tree planting demonstration at the Keep Corinth Beautiful Arbor Day in Corinth. Around 45 people, including many children, participated in that hands-on training. We are grateful to initiate new beginnings in the region – both in the land and the generations!


Chuck D. Pierce