Preparing for a New Season of Fruitfulness!

Dear Advancing Ones:

When we moved to the Global Spheres Center in 2011, the Lord told us to begin with a garden FIRST.  He said that the more we progressed in the Garden, the more we would display His kingdom in the Tabernacle.  God has an order, and unless we understand the power of firsts, we will not establish His foundation.  The Gardens here are expressing the times in which we are living.  We are in 5781/2021, and all years linked with 1 (one) are about reviewing roots.

As I shared in our “Watch Your Garden” Shabbat, we needed to make great shifts after the “Deep Freeze” that occurred in February.  Our fig trees did not survive, and other vegetation also had to be removed.  As a result of that record-breaking week, some things just died – they are gone and uprooted.  Other things died to their last form, but the root remained alive.  They are now coming back into a new expression of growth.  Still other things went into a state of deep dormancy, but are now bursting forth with a greater show of blooms and growth than we have ever seen.  The freeze and the root structures represent what God is doing in our lives. There are certain things that must end.  Certain things will express themselves in a new way.  And certain things that have been dormant will blossom more greatly than ever. 

Just yesterday, Pam and our Garden team planted our new fig trees and two olive trees.  As you watch this new beginnings video, ask for eyes to see what the Lord is “planting” in your garden.  Although your tendency may be to hold onto what prospered in the last season, I declare you will submit to the process that prepares you for incredible fruitfulness in this new season.


A Global Gardeners Graduation!

Earlier today, our “Global Gardeners” completed their Level 1 Program.  This new venture between Jr. Master Gardeners, Beulah Acres and Illuminate allowed 10 students to receive their achievement badges and be promoted to Level 2 for next year.  A special thanks to Daniel Arenas and Allison Lohse for all their hard work in mentoring and inspiring a new generation in the gardens!

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Chuck D. Pierce