A Month to Choose the Lord in Your In-Between Place!

Dear Advancing Ones:

This is a month of determination!  Tammuz is filled with choices, and we must determine not to go back to an old place.  Although the enemy is oppressing and trying to stop us from rebuilding and coming into our future, the Lord says, “I AM fighting for you! Resist oppression, resist depression, resist accusation, and tell the enemy I AM is standing between you and what is trying to stop you.” Our Firstfruits Gathering was an opportunity to be FULL of the Lord and SEE His goodness on the journey that has brought us this far. Do not allow an invalid emotion within you to overtake all the Lord has done for you.  As you enter into this Rosh Chodesh Celebration, review the “filmstrip” of your life, allow faith to arise and escape the snare of the golden calf!

“The In-Between Place” … a prophetic word through Penny Jackson

During the amazing worship in our Firstfruits Celebration, I shared a prophecy I received from Penny Jackson.  In this in-between place of finding our way from the old into the new, this word will help you “fly and float” with renewed trust and expectation. 

“You are hanging between two trapezes. You have not lost your way; you’re just between two places. You won’t always be.

“I have the perfect place for you and I always have. I have known for all eternity where you will be next, and I knew that you would have this hard time getting there. I am strengthening you in this in-between time even though you don’t feel it or sense it. In a while, you will soon have a direction.

“You really can trust Me with this. Wherever I position you,  even if the place is where you presently are, will be for the new. Let go of all fears or concerns or speculations about where your new will be.  This will be right for you.  You will be at peace.

“The best thing you can do right now is to stay in contact with Me and in My Word. My call for you is that you will go here for a little while and there for a little while. With that call, there will be between times while I am transitioning you or getting you ready for the next thing. This will be your life. So learn to relax between times. Don’t  compare yourself to others. Rest in stillness. As each new thing reveals itself, you will know and you will know your role. You will revisit some places in your past and you will continue to be a part of some things, but don’t be surprised when there are endings to your connection with groups.”

Chuck D. Pierce